INTERNeX Canada: Expose of the Week

Our expose of the week today features Marten from The Netherlands. He worked in the finance industry and finished his 5-months internship two weeks ago. After the awesome INTERNeX trips to Seattle and the Rockies, and his car tour on Vancouver Island he is getting ready to see much more of Canada by taking a train from Vancouver to Toronto. Read our interview to learn more about his time in Vancouver.

Why did you choose to go to Canada?

I had two options to choose from for my time abroad, either Canada or Australia. I heard a lot of good things about Canada from people back home, so I decided to go to Canada. Although Toronto is the financial centre of the country, I was offered an internship in finance in Vancouver. It was the perfect place for me because it is exactly my area of study.

What kind of internship were you doing?

I worked in finance industry in the area of private wealth management. The company deals with private capital of people, for instance, invests it and manages different accounts. They also take care of the will of their clients.

What kind of tasks were you responsible for on daily basis?

I helped with opening accounts for our clients, prepared paperwork and assisted with other administrative tasks. I also had to contact financial companies and institutions that we work with or invest in, gather information depending on the issue and the clients. At the end of my internship my task was to teach the next intern and hand over the responsibilities I had.

Is your internship useful for your education and career goals?

Yes, the internship was required for my school and job training at home. It counts for my program and I had to write an evaluation, a report on my improvements. It will definitely be helpful because I got to know so many different and new things. For example, Canada’s financial system is very different to the European; I had to learn a lot of new English words from the finance area, which will be very useful for my career.

What do you like most about Canada and Vancouver?

I like the people in Vancouver; they are very open-minded and talkative. I also love the open spaces in the city, there is a lot of green and parks, and it’s not crowded. It is interesting to experience a rather new city, compared to Europe. There is not a lot of history and I like to see this difference to home.

What is the most memorable thing you did in Canada?

The most memorable thing for me was the whole experience of being abroad, this huge step of going to a foreign country, dealing with new challenges and experiences, and at the end managing to succeed.

Did you attend the weekly Pub-Night organized by INTERNeX and do you think this is a good way to meet new people?

I attended a lot of pub nights at first, but the job took a lot of time in my schedule. In the beginning it was definitely a good way to meet people. I think INTERNeX does a good job by arranging social activities like pub nights, it helps people to connect.

Why did you choose INTERNeX International Exchange?

INTERNeX was recommended to me by two people at the same bank I worked for at home. I did research and it seemed to be a good advice. I liked that there are additional social activities alongside with the internship assistance. INTERNeX takes the service one step further.

How did INTERNeX International Exchange help you to organize your trip to Canada?

INTERNeX got me started in Vancouver, gave me an overview of what I have to do. They helped with the visa and set up the contact to the company where I got my internship. They also arranged my first accommodation in Vancouver, which was very helpful.

Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange?

Yes, I already told my supervisor about my experience with INTERNeX in Canada. I would definitely recommend going with INTERNeX. They help to arrive and settle abroad and they connect people!

Thank you, Marten, for sharing your Vancouver experiences with us. Have a good trip through Canada and keep in touch with INTERNeX!



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East is East

I am totally about trying new things and with the summer coming up Vancouver has endless opportunities, more than i think could possibly fit it anyone’s schedule. I love the fact that Laura pushed herself to try something new, and sushi too! I know plenty of people who have never eaten sushi before because they are terrified of eating RAW fish, and most of the time they stand firm in their beliefs that they’ll just hate it! But you never know….if there is anywhere to try sushi, Vancouver is the place to do it!

As most of you are aware of i am all about FOOD (*hint since a lot of my blogs have been about new restaurants i’ve frequented) and i want to let you guys know about all of Vancouver’s hidden gems that unless you’re a local you might miss out on. Since i am a student and am currently unemployed lol i need to find cheap options that wont break the bank but are also delicious and healthy. So i want to introduce to you all…EAST IS EAST!

This small restaurant has two locations; 1) East Is East on Main Street @ 4413 Main Street (Main and 28th), 2) Chai Gallery-East Is East & Silk n’ Spice @ 3239 W. Broadway. Known around the city for its amazing roti wraps, unique drink options (fruit smoothies, eastern shakes and boasting the best Chai in the city!) and just a calming aura, this hot spot will offer you with a unique experience that is rarely found around the city.

After being introduced to East Is East 7 years ago, i have become a dedicated weekly customer. When i first walked through the dimly lit doorway i was hesitant, what was this Indian/Afghan food?! Never heard of it before, never tried it before, wasn’t even sure what would be presented to me on the plate! But trust me i was not disappointed…everything i saw on the menu seemed to catch my fancy, so i made it my vow to try just about everything on the menu.

Whether its the summer of the winter, i’m there to enjoy their hand crafted benches and tables out front when the sun is shining, otherwise ill head in through the doorway and take cover in their carpet draped dining area for those wet days we see so often out here. Still not convinced?! Take a look at their website and see exactly what they have to offer in terms of their menu, events, galleries, etc.

“Nothing is what you expect as you walk into the chai gallery so welcome to a new world where you can have the dining experience of your dreams”