INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock

I had a real culture shock a couple of weeks ago when we went to the Richmond Night Market and I saw a food cart offering… deep fried Mars bars! Really, fried a chocolate bar in hot oil is one of the most unhealthy things that I can imagine.

So I decided to investigate a little about this strange custom… The dish is said to have been invented in 1995 in the Haven Chip Bar in Scotland. The recipe consists in cover a Mars with a batter commonly used for frying other kind of food like fish or meat. The trick is to chill the bar before fry it, because if not the chocolate can be melted into the frying fat. Yummy.

But this isn’t the only deep-fried thing that you can find! Basically, you can find any chocolate bar brand like Snickers or Twixs. But you can find a big variety of deep-fried foods… like deep fried Twinkies, deep fried Oreos, deep fried ice-cream and even deep fried pizza!

Another strange food that I found is… Maple bacon donut (a donut with bacon and maple syrup on the top). This “original” combination was originated in Nebraska. It seems like in USA and Canada there is an obsession called bacon mania . Inside this phenomenon I also found bacon bubble gum, baconnaise, chocolate covered bacon…

I don’t know you guys but I really want to try something of this, only for the experience, but I don’t know if I will be able of try that… What do you think?


Take care!


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Exposé of the week – Kelowna

Kelowna, a beautiful place located in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and also a place that you should definitely visit when you are in Vancouver. It counts a population of approximately 112,775 inhabitants. This city is famous for its warm temperatures in the summer and therefore also known as the Summer City. However the winters could be quite cold though. The city of Kelowna is one of the Canada’s most popular vacation destinations, because of the good weather.

No matter what time of the year, in Kelowna there is always something to do. Many of the touristic attractions you can visit them year round. If you like water sports – sailing, house boating, kayaking, rafting and fishing – you will love Kelowna! It offers a breath-taking landscape of lake, mountains and parks. The city counts a large number of cafés, bars, restaurants and vibrant nightclubs. For the people under us that like some culture, Kelowna offers a wide range of unique boutiques, heritage buildings and modern architecture, art galleries and museums and music and theatre.

Visit Kelowna in the summer and go to one of the beautiful beaches you can find there! Kelowna is around a 4-5 hours ride from Vancouver, so definitely worth to visit!

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Enjoy Yerself This Weekend At This Irish Pub!

If you’re feeling green this weekend, head on over to the Blarney Stone. This Irish pub is celebrating it’s 38th anniversary on Sunday, May 23. Many bars will be packed this long weekend, hosting parties on Sunday night but charging expensive cover rates. The Blarney stone is offering free entry after 8 p.m. if you join the guest list.  The real deal will be their drinks, $3.80 mimosa’s, caesars, beer and highballs – all day and all night!

Not a big drinker? No problem! Head over there for a great brunch menu! The Blarney Stone will also have Irish dancers and live music! Be there Sunday to eat, drink and partying like the Irish!

The Blarney Stone
216 Carrall Street, Gastown
Vancouver, British Columbia



Tiger Woods Party!!

So as i have previously mentioned i’m doing some promo work for the cellar. This pub/club is located at 1006 Granville Street and is one of the new places to be for the summer! Boasting some of the craziest most unique parties ever, like their recent hit the Jersey Shore party and their upcoming Tiger Woods party, the cellar will never disappoint.

Next week, May 19th 2010, the cellar presents…

taking “just do it”…just a little too far

You may know him as that sleezey dude who hangs out in bars sending filthy text messages… but believe it or not, he also plays golf.

So as part of our “celebrities who make poor decisions” program, we’ve decided to throw a massive party in honour of this World Famous Swinger!

Come dressed as…
A golf pro, a cocktail waitress, or an angry ex-wife… for your chance to win A TRIP TO VEGAS!!! And the GREEN JACKET

This party is the event of the month, so don’t miss out people! I have tickets for just 5 BUCKS!!! If you purchase these tickets beforehand you will have the security of NO LINE, NO COVER & A FREE DRINK!!! These tickets are going fast so email us at for tickets!

New INTERNeX PuB NiGHT Location

Happy Friday everybody! So this week seems to have flown by once again but i think that is because of all the Olympic buzz flying around the city. What kind of events have you all been to or are planning on going to? I encourage you guys to send me some of the pictures that you have taken this past week so we can show off just how beautiful our city truly is. I’m downtown nearly every day morning and night and it seems like its never truly quiet down here anymore. We definitely ran into some troubles last PuB NiGHT because The Cambie was exceptionally busy due to the fact that everyone was out on the town to watch some of the live Olympic events. Since there was absolutely no room to sit at at this location Shinya and I headed over to several other bars, including the lamplighter, to try and find somewhere that had enough room for us. No luck…until we  found The Metropole (320 Abbott Street). The place had lots of booths and hightops available, pool tables and other games for us to play, and great food/drink specials. $3.50 Sleeves, $5 Doubles and $8 for a Can of Beer and a Shot! If you want to take a closer look at this pub visit their website but trust me it’s a great place and it actually used to be one our PuB NiGHT locations in the past. Just so you guys know this bar has no cover charge until 9pm. If you arrive any later then 9pm you will have to pay $8 so i recommend all you late comers to head down a little earlier then usual so you don’t waste any of your drinking money! lol. As always Shinya and i will be at the Waterfront sky train station from 7-730 for those of you who are unsure as to where The Metropole is located but if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to text or call either myself or Shinya. This might also be Shinya’s last PuB NiGHT with him so let’s give him a  nice big farewell guys!

If you have any more questions or queries about our weekly PuB NiGHT on in regards to other events you can contact us at the office

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