Pub Night Review

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that ended for most of you at the Cambie for our weekly pub night. However before we went down to the Cambie some of us went to the dance practice.

At 5.30pm we gather in front of the Art Gallery for the dance practice with Lee. We were around 25 people, all excited to get our dance moves on. After we had our “dance-meeting”, Lee put on the music and the show was on. We did two rehearsals before we want a dance-off were you could win two backstreet boys tickets. Our own Crazy Alex was the lucky winner of the tickets! Congrats to you. For those who weren’t at the rehearsal, I hope you practiced at home before the big day! Also a video will be soon released of the rehearsal.

After the rehearsal we went down to the Cambie for our weekly pub night. We were lucky enough the get a table outside and to enjoy the warm weather. After the dance practice we were of course hungry so we ordered some nice burgers with fries (btw, there are pretty cheap $9). Since the sun was setting down, it became a bit fresher outside so we went inside for some more drinks.

We hope you all will join us for the Flashmob! It will be a fun experience and something to tell your friends & family about back home. Here is a video on how to learn the music and if you click here there is even more information!


Backstreet’s back, alright!

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