How was your weekend?

How my weekend was? Hmm.. I can’t decide which word describes this weekend the best: great, wonderful, awesome, perfect, gorgeous, fabulous, fantastic, spectacular or exceptionally good? At least I had a lot of fun, because this weekend was our trip to Kelowna. Oh, now I got your interest? Well, sit back and read all about our adventures in this beautiful city.

28080563_1888898747818262_1858428207_o1.jpgThe adventure started Friday at 12 pm at the Pacific Central Station. People showed up with their suitcases and bags to get in the bus. And there we go, a five-hour ride to Kelowna! We saw some beautiful views on our way. After a long sit we arrived in Kolowna. We dropped our stuff in our rooms and walked to this awesome steakhouse. One of the hardest decisions was: What are we going to eat? So many nice choices like burgers, chicken and ribs. When the hunger was gone and we finished our meals it was time to have a little party at the hotel. We played some fun games and, since it was carnival, we played some nice carnival music.


*BIEP BIEP BIEP* At 6:45 the alarm went of. Time for all the skiers and snowboarders to get some breakfast and prepare ourselves for a day in the snow. After one hour in the bus we arrived at the Big White. In the lift to the top we realized how beautiful the view is from there. A sky as blue as a millionaire’s swimming pool. We went down a lot of times from different slopes. The area was very big, so we could do every time a different slope to see them all. The trials where not crowded at all, so many times we had the mountain for ourselves. We ended the day with a beer during the après ski next to the campfire. Then it was time for us to take the bus back to our hotel. We had a little time to prepare ourselves for another dinner and night out. This time we went to an Asian restaurant next to the hotel. Also here we enjoyed some delicious food. We decided to taste our wines we bought at the wine tasting tour and do another fun game before going to Sapphire, the biggest club in Kelowna. A 00’s party was going with a DJ who played all our classic sing-alongs.

27990347_1888900691151401_1024515969_oRise and shine, a new day has arrived. We woke up fresh and energetic to start the day with a boost. Ok, maybe not, but at least we stood up to have breakfast. When the rooms were clean and the luggage was packed, we took the bus to Kelowna downtown. In the city we did the scavenger hunt game. The groups had to do as many fun assignments as possible to get points. So we proposed, hugged, fished, danced and so on. After three hours, we met at the bus again to get our luggage and go home. This time we could enjoy a bus ride for 7 hours. Since we did not sleep that much this weekend, we could catch some sleep during the ride.

It was really great to hear that all of you had a great time! And so did we! Thanks to you, it was a really nice weekend. If you did not went on this trip, I am happy to tell you all about it tomorrow at PuB NiGHT in the Lamplighter. See you then!

– Bart

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How was your weekend?

And it is Monday again! Wow, that weekend passed by quickly. Before we are preparing our backpacks for our trip to Kelowna next weekend, I will tell you what I experienced in the last days.

My weekend started off Friday afternoon, when the office was suddenly full of enthusiastic people, ready for our game night. We laughed a lot about the creative inputs while playing “What do you meme?” and “Pictionary”. The game “Boys vs. Girls” showed which gender has the best skills. Hot discussions and tricky challenges later the winner was clear (girls, of course). The international mall was already empty, when we changed our location to Blarney Stone’s to enjoy some drinks and live music.


The next day started early, but with a nice surprise: it did not rain! So, we took the opportunity to explore the nature around Vancouver. Half an hour in the bus and 20 minutes on the ferry later, we arrived on Bowen Island. This island pictures exactly what I had in mind when thinking about British Columbia before I travelled to Canada. We hiked around a lake for three hours, enjoyed the amazing views and took hundred of pictures.


Trees, ferns, mountains, sdrwaterfalls, squirrels – we have seen all what you can expect from a proper nature day. We deserveda good lunch after this active day, so we visited a cute restaurant in the small village on the island. It got already dark again, when we arrived back in Vancouver. What a great day! I am still surprised how easily you can escape the busy city life here.


My Sunday morning began with breakfast, before it was time to depart to the pub. To a pub on Sunday midday? Yes, Super Bowl it was. Of course, I did not want to miss this received_10213862331466114American sports highlight when I had the chance to see it in the middle of the day. Many of you showed up at the Malone’s to see the game, the 7-minutes Justin Timberlake half-time show or to have a good reason to drink beer on a Sunday afternoon. Some of us even joined the game of chance the pub organised, but no one was lucky enough to win. Nevertheless, it was really fun to follow the spectacle with you. So, what team are we supporting next Sunday?!

I hope you also had a great weekend. See you all on Wednesday for our PuBNiGHT at the Beaver Bar!

– Kerstin

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Victoria Tour Guide: Schedule

On Canada Day we are planning a trip to Victoria, the capital city of BC. With this blogpost we would like to inform you a bit more about the trip.

We will be meeting at 7.30 at Tsawwassen terminal where we will take the ferry to Swartz Bay. We will be taking the early ferry of 8 AM to Victoria, as it takes a while to get to Victoria itself. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for buying your own ferry ticket. From Swartz Bay we will take the bus to Victoria, which takes us about an hour. When we arrive in Victoria, you all have free time to do one of the optional activities or to go to the free music festival. To give you a better overview, we made a schedule which you can see below. The schedule is an estimate, which means that we could also arrive earlier or later in Victoria.


07.30 AM – meeting at Tsawwassen terminal
08.00 AM – ferry to Swartz Bay
09.30 AM – arrival at Swartz Bay
10.00 AM – bus to Victoria
11.15 AM – arrival in Victoria
11.15 AM – free time


We would like to remind you that the fireworks in Victoria start at 10.15 PM and that the last ferry back is at 9 PM. If you would like to see them then it might be a better option to stay the night, like some of us are doing. Others are taking a ferry back around 5 PM to see the fireworks in Vancouver. Otherwise, you would need to take the bus back around 7.30 PM to be able to catch the last ferry to Vancouver.

We hope you are all as excited about the trip as we are. See you on PuB NiGHT!

– Iris

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INTERNeX goes Rockies May 2015 – Part 1

Our four-day trip to the Rocky Mountains with West Trek… this weekend was absolutely amazing! Thanks to our tour guide Papa Wolf we know a lot more about these beautiful mountains and its surroundings, we know more about bears, fun facts about villages and besides, we have many new friends.


On the first day we started our journey to the Rocky Mountains. We first went to Hope, which is located about two hours from Vancity. Hope is a cute little village, where the famous movie Rambo was filmed. After a short stop for some coffee and breakfast we continued our journey to Kamloops where the we, the baby wolves, could buy lunch and snacks for later that day.

Papa Wolf had prepared some games which we played on the bus. The bus was divided into two teams: Team Beavers and Team Snakes. Papa Wolf would name an object after which both teams had to find this object in our bags, pass it through all the way to the back of the bus, pass it through to the front, hand it over to Papa Wolf and make the sound of their animal team name. The team making the sound first won. Haha, imagine half a bus making a beaver sound. Quite hilarious. Besides playing games we sang – and we sang loud. Avicii – Wake me up and Grease – Summer Nights. Oh, a bus full of nightingales.

After our stop in Kamloops the bus headed to the Spahat falls, a nice little waterfall where Papa  Wolf offered to take some immature pictures. That turned out hilarious I guess, can’t wait to see all your photos.


After this stop we got back on the bus and drove to our first hotel in Valemount. When we were arriving there the sun was out and people were feeling good. So we sat down, drank some beers, had a pasta dinner and then we played street hockey! A campfire was built and people got to know each other better. A good way to end the first day.


IMG_20150518_123726Rise and shine early because we were about to officially enter the Rocky Mountains National Park. The first stop was Mount Robson, the highest mountain in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The peak of this mountain is higher than the altitude at which a sky diver jumps out of their airplane, namely 3,954 meters. Also, this lovely mountain creates its own weather because of its elevation. We were told that often the mountain is surrounded by clouds, but our group was lucky to see most of “her face”, as Papa Wolf would call it.

After Mount Robson we headed to Jasper to get some lunch supplies and then drove further to the Athabasca Falls followed by the Columbia Ice fields. At the Columbia Ice Fields an optional activity was offered, which was the SnoCoach. The SnoCoach is a huge bus, specifically designed to drive on snow, which has enormous tires taking passengers all the way up to the glacier. On the glacier we had an amazing view on the surrounding mountains and the huge ice fields.


On our way back from the Glacier Papa Wolf introduced another game. Everyone on the SnoCoach had to stand up, hold the shoulders of the person in front of them and while the bus was driving up a steep slope, both teams on the bus had to try to remain standing as long as they possibly could. The team that collapsed first lost. I think to remember there was a tie!

After some people had done their jumping jacks because they said a certain word, we continued to two lakes. One of those lakes was Bow Lake; absolutely beautiful. The lake was still partly frozen and that created a very winter like landscape. JAPANESE GIRL!

After having visited these amazing hotspots we checked into our hotel and we all got sexy for our night out in Banff. Papa Wolf, all dressed up looking swish in his too tight yellow pants and suspenders, first took us to a pub located right next to the hotel. Together with baby wolves from the other bus we played an absolutely awesome drinking game after which we went to Banff’s best night club! As far as I could notice everyone was having a great time and I wondered who would make it to the next morning’s wild life loop at 8 a.m.

Want to know what happened the following two days? Tomorrow part 2 of the Rockies review will be released!

WOLFPACK 1.. 2.. 3..



What to do on the weekend

The weekend is almost there again and this time it’s a looooong weekend, so no work on Monday,guys!

Vancouver’s fourth Beerlesque Festival

The tickets are not that cheap, $49, but all entertainment and beer is included. If you’re 19 or older you’ll be able to join a celebration of burlesque and BC craft beer on Friday, 10th of October, from 6 pm to 11 pm at Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre.
Some of Vancouver’s top burlesque artists will perform. While you’ll behold these great performances you’ll be able to sample some of BC’s best craft beer.
Click here for more information.


Fright Nights at Playland

From October 10 to November 1 Fright Nights possesses Playland offers 7 haunted houses, 13 rides, the Monsters of Schlock, fire performers and other terrifying shows and attractions.
If you already want to get a kind of Halloween mood, you are able to purchase tickets for this event from $25.
Get further information here.



Don’t forget to eat some turkey this weekend, becaaaause it’s Thanksgiving on Monday, October 13.
I’m curios about your Thanksgiving- stories after the weekend.


Enjoy the long weekend and the plenty of turkey.

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Highlights of the Month July

July was a packed with activities and nice weather and august will be even better. The Summer Rockies trip is coming up. We started July with celebrating Canada Day by watching the parade and enjoying the fireworks in Stanley Park. On the 6th of July we went to Deep Cove. Even if it is rainy Deep Cove is a beautiful place to go to and you certainly have to try the famous honey doughnuts. On the 12th of July we went to the street festival in Kitsilano. There were many little markets and we walked from burrad to McDonald and ended up on the beach in Kits. The following weekend we went to a distillery in Granville island where we tasted their gin, whiskey and vodka. We also enjoyed some cocktails before and after the tasting. On the last weekend of July it was time for our monthly overnight trip to Victoria. Due to skytrain problems we missed our ferry and had to take a later one. Once we arrived in Victoria we went straight to the Canoe Pub for lunch, afterwards we walked to the empress hotel and parliament building. After taking pictures of the stunning harbor we went to Fisherman’s Warf were we enjoyed an ice-cream. We had dinner at spinnakers and afterwards went to a local pub. The next morning we went for typical american breakfast and rented bikes. We had lunch at the spaghetti factory and took the ferry at 6pm back to Vancouver. Now that July is over it is time to inform you about our activities in August. We already started August of this Sunday with the Pride Parade. From the 8th to the 11th we will join the Summer Rockies trip and visit Revelstoke, banff and Valemount before heading back to Vancouver. The next weekend we will explore Granville Island where you can rent a kayak or SUP board and paddle along the False Creek. On the 29th of August we will have another Pub & Club night. And of course we have our weekly pub nights on Wednesdays.

We hope you enjoyed July and we will see you in August

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Smart Saver

It’s Sunday again, time for a new smart saver! Since the weather is going to be sunny and warm, way not cooling off in one of the lakes near Vancouver.

Lynn Canyon
Lynn Canyon is easy reachable by transit (cost on the weekend only $2.75!) with many places to cool off. Lynn Canyon even has a suspension brigde. The main swimming hole is at the top of the trail where you can watch, if you are lucky, some cliff jumpers jump. However this is also a very busy place, so keep walking on towards the twin waterfall, there it is more quite and also a really nice spot for a picnic.

Cabin Lake on Cypress Mountain
A perfect combination of hiking and relaxing. Check here to see which trail you want to take up to the lake. After the hike you will find yourself in a beautiful place with a nice lake and a perfect spot for lunch. Take a dip in the water before you head back down again.

And than there is pool99. A very popular spot for cliff jumpers, the water is freezing cold. It’s is a bit tricky to find your way there, you might have to jump over a located gate, however since it is weekend you won’t be the only one going up there.

So enjoy your weekend and to give you the heads up for next weeks smart saver: Free Transit on BC Day.

Free Transit on BC Day
Due to the delays on the 23rd of July on the expo and millimim line. Translink offers compensation to everyone who want to use the services of translinke on BC Day, you can travel for FREE! So look up what is going on on BC-day in Vancouver and around and get your free transit day!

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