How was the weekend?

There were two INTERNeX events this weekend! On Saturday we went to see the Honda Celebration of Light which is a firework competition. Japan did a great start on Saturday! With Spain on Wednesday and Canada on next Saturday there’s three contestants in total. If you enjoyed the fireworks, or you couldn’t go with us last time, there’s chance to go after next pub night to see how Spain is doing! We got a pretty good spot at Sunset Beach that wasn’t too crowded and gave us a great view of the sunset and the fireworks! They were going on for 25 minutes and displayed many different colours and shapes, creating a magical glitter in the sky. Maybe we can try English Bay on Wednesday, since it’s probably going to be less busy. I’m definitely down to watch some more! What about you?

On Sunday INTERNeX went on a trip to Playland, which is the amusement park here in Vancouver. The day was spent riding extreme roller coasters which felt like you were on top of the world with the wind rushing through your hair, the blood pumping through your veins and a scream escaping from the depth of your soul! A scream of excitement, exhilaration, fear and pure heaven. Everyone enjoyed it and after two rides we grabbed lunch and spent more time with each other.The table was full of laughter and grins. The torrid heat of the afternoon weather was wonderful. It was extremely hot however, the park displayed a lot of fans nearly everywhere. When you line up for rides they entertained you with music, so it was easy to vibe and kinda forget the heat. To conclude, the group had fun, it was a lovely participation that we really appreciated.

How was your weekend? What did you do? Let’s chat about it at pub night on Wednesday, 7pm at Relish.

See you there!


Laura 🙂

What to do on the weekend?

This weekend INTERNeX is going to the Honda Celebration of lights, an annual musical fireworks competition between different country representatives. The first one will be Japan this Saturday! We are meeting at 8pm at Sunset beach to set up some blankets, play some games, watch the sunset and then enjoy the fireworks, which are shooting from a boat located at English Bay. Bring some snacks and layered clothes since it’s still getting cold at night.

On Sunday INTERNeX is planning a trip to Playland which will be so much fun! We’ve got Thrill passes that allow us to go on almost all the rides. This day is only for the brave ones amongst us. 😉 Are you coming? Which ride are you looking forward to the most?

Are you more into chill activities, like arts and crafting? I’ve got the perfect activity for you. The Eastside Arts Society (EAS) presents CREATE! Arts Festival taking place on July 23rd at Strathacona Park. It brings together local visual and performing artist and the community to explore, learn, and create art together through a series of affordable workshops and public art activities. There’s also beer and wine trucks around 😉 Tickets and information:

Have you been to Granville Island yet? If not, then I’d recommend you go. It’s a really nice area underneath the Granville bridge with a big market, cute shops and really good food! The area reminds me a small fisher town, surrounded by water with industrial manufacturing. I like to go to the food court, but there’s also many restaurants around. You can get almost everything there, e.g. Salmon candy. Yes, that’s right I said Salmon candy. In fact, my quest for you is to go to Granville Island, find it and try it! Let me know what you think. 😉

I look forward to hearing about your weekend!

See you around.


Laura 🙂

What to do on the weekend – Canada Day Edition

This week is short, which means it’s already weekend, and it’s a special one! Tomorrow is Canada Day, the national holiday which celebrates the anniversary of Canadian Confederation from July 1st, 1867 where the three separate colonies of the United Canadas, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were united into a single Dominion within the British Empire called Canada.

There are a few options to celebrate Canada Day:

You could come celebrate with INTERNeX at Wreck Beach. The weather will be sunny and there’s a big party going on. Everyone is welcome to join. Just make sure you bring enough food and drinks with you since the beach is not too easy to access with it’s 490 steps. The walk is worth it though, from here you can see the most beautiful sunset in Vancouver. The vibes are immaculate. It’s definitely something you have to see for yourself, but be aware: at this beach clothing is optional, so it’s nothing for sensitive eyes. 😉

Another option would be Canada place. Each year there’s a bunch of food trucks, live music, and entertainment. Performers include Johnny Reid, The Boom Booms, Omega Mighty, and many more.The event at Canada Place is the second largest Canada Day celebration, next only to those in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. To be honest though, it seemed very small to me when I went. If you look for a parade, jazz concerts, street performers, and craft activities, Granville Island is the place for you. It’s a little more family oriented than other locations, but still a fun place to visit, even on regular days.

I think in general you just need to go outside and you’ll find a celebration somewhere! Your dress code should be red and/or white, the same colours as the Canadian flag, for the full experience. 😉

There’s also another side to Canada Day that I want to talk about. It attracted a negative stigma among some Indigenous peoples in Canada and their allies, who feel that it is a celebration of the colonization of Indigenous land. That’s because prior to European colonization, present-day Canada was inhabited by Indigenous peoples, with distinct trade networks, spiritual beliefs, and styles of social organization. You’ve probably noticed signs in and around Vancouver that refer to the Indigenous peoples and their language. This topic is very complex and takes some time to explain, but I think it’s important to spread awareness and talk about different sides of this country. If you are interested there’s lots of things to learn!

Here are, for example, some links for you to check out about Indigenous languages in BC:

I think it’s good to acknowledge the different feelings Canada Day sparks amongst the population. For many, it isn’t about history though, it’s a day to celebrate people, diversity, and inclusion in a beautiful country, and that’s what I like to celebrate!

Whatever you decide on, I’m sure you’ll have a great weekend, and an even better Canada Day! 🙂

As for a few others of us, we’ll go to Las Vegas on Sunday for even more celebrations! But that’s a different story. I’ll tell you about it once we’re back. 🙂

Can’t wait to hear about your weekend!


Laura 🙂

How was the weekend?

Hot, Adventurous, Fun. Those words describe my weekend best.

As you know, the sun was shining the entire weekend. For some it might’ve been too hot, but I loved the sunny weather. One reason I liked it so much might be that I spent my days near the water, so I could cool down easily.

On Saturday some friends (including their big puppy) and I went to Cultus Lake in Chilliwack. We brought some snacks, a big blanket, lots of water, air hammocks and a floatie with us, everything you need for a perfect day at the lake. I recommend going early, since it gets really busy on hot summer days and it can be difficult to find a good spot. I really enjoyed just relaxing in the sun, float on the lake and refresh in the cold water. There was also the Cultus Lake Festival going on, with lots of little booths and food trucks. If you ever get the chance try some cinnamon rolls from SinAmen Bun & Co., they are delicious!

After my rest day I felt ready for our Bubble Ball match with INTERNeX! We met at Charleson Park and started our adventure. Raul, the coach, explained the basics to us, for example to never bump someone from the back, and how to get in and out of the bubble, before we started our first game: “Bubble Soccer”. My team won both rounds (wohoo), but we weren’t ready for the next game. It’s called “Protect the General”. Each team had to choose one general and the goal for the other team was to knock them down, or push them outside the lines of the field. We lost every single round and got bumped to the ground pretty hard. Nevertheless it was super fun! We had some free time to try out a few stunts in the Bubbles, like front flips, or back flips, before we finished with our last two games: “English Bulldog”, and “Musical Bubbles”. There was a lot of running and bumping involved, so it got pretty hot in the sun, even hotter in the bubbles!

To cool down, some of us went to Kitsilano Beach, where we met more people from INTERNeX. Apparently not everyone was tired from Bubble Ball yet, so they played a round of Volleyball. It was super busy at the beach, but we still found a nice spot to relax and enjoy the sunset with good music and a couple of beers. 😉 It was the perfect way to end the weekend, it just felt too short. But good news, this week will be a short one! Friday is Canada Day! Are you ready to celebrate?

I hope your weekend was great and you enjoyed the first days of summer in Vancouver.

See you at Pub night on Wednesday!


Laura 🙂

What to do on the weekend – Sunny Edition

We’ve all been waiting for it and finally it’s here: Summer. At least this weekend the weather is expected to be spectacular in Vancouver! Here are some ideas on how to enjoy the sunny days.

I) BC Bubble Ball with INTERNeX Join us for Bubble Ball this Sunday, 1pm at Charleston Park! We are going to play a bunch of fun games encased in transparent big bubbles. It’s recommended to everyone who is comfortable playing sports, falling over and laughing until their abs hurt. 🙂

II) The VIMFF in North Vancouver Also on Sunday, from 3pm-9pm there’ll be the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, celebrating Canadian Multiculturalism with a free outdoor event at the Shipyards, right at the Londsdale Quay in North Vancouver. We’ll head over there after our Bubble Ball match, so if you’d like please join us! There’ll be award-winning mountain films, live music, giveaways, fun activities, like an outdoor climbing wall, a beer garden, snacks and more! A perfect way to end a sunny weekend.

III) Beach day Of course the sun screams for a beach day! Vancouver has a lot of them! Take a buddy and tan, play volleyball, or go swim in the ocean. For a more relaxed beach atmosphere with a little more space I recommend to go to Spanish Banks. The beach is wider and the water clearer than at the other beaches, plus you have a great view of the mountains and the city skyline. If you want to stay close to bars, restaurants and other shops I recommend Kitsilano beach. It’s such a hip area! A lot of younger people go here to play some beach games and enjoy the sun. At night you can sometimes find street artists playing their music and people just start dancing to it. To me, that really feels like summer.

IV) Lake day If you’re not into salty water, there’s also a few lakes around. You’d have to go a little further, but you could make a whole day event out of your trip. My recommendation is Cultus Lake in Chilliwack! Nearby there’s also the Cultus Lake Water Park, Castle Fun Park in Abbotsford and more. It’s a nice little getaway from the city and popular amongst many locals. A good way to explore the Canadian country side a little more. If you’re hungry on your way back stop by at Brodeur’s Bistro in Abbotsford for the best Chicken Waffles you’ll ever have (trust me on this one). The only downside: you’d probably need a car, since the public transit is not too good outside of the city.

V) Get some ice cream! Vancouver has a bunch of (n)ice cream shops. Here are my top 3 must-tries this summer:
1.) While you are in Kits, get some Rain or Shine ice cream before, or after you go to the beach and thank me later. 😉 They have some really good vegan options as well and all cones are made in house! You can smell it when you get close to the shop.
2.) Earnest Ice Cream is one of Vancouver’s favourites when it comes to the frozen dessert. They have rotating flavours that make you return all summer (and winter) long.
3.) If you are looking for a place with many many different flavours, you should check out La Casa de Gelato, with it’s 238 varieties of ice cream! This place actually won a world record.

Which ice cream are you going to try first? Are you Team Beach or Team Lake? Are you excited for summer, or are you more of a winter person?

I’m definitely excited!

Have a great weekend!


Laura 🙂