How was the weekend?

This weekend was full of different activities. Some people spent their time together, some enjoyed the first few days on their own e.g. at a lake, in Toronto at a concert, or elsewhere outdoors in the sun.

A few INTERNeXers went to a line dance lesson at The Yale Saloon. It takes place every Friday, so hopefully we will be there more often! The lesson was from 7pm to 9pm and everybody 19+ could join for free. Afterwards there was a party at the same location where you can show your new practiced dance moves besides other performances, like bull riding. 

Saturday some of us enjoyed the nice weather at the beach, some strolled through the city or went shopping. In the evening we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of one of our INTERNeXers Stelle!! It took place at a beautiful restaurant at the Shipyards in North Vancouver close to the water and with an amazing sunset in the background. We had lots of good conversations, food and drinks. 

Our weekend event turned out sooo good. Yeah, it was a photo scavenger hunt!
Stay tuned for the upcoming video on instagram and tiktok to see some results! If you’re not following already, just do it, also to be up to date. First, we have to say that it was so hard to choose the winner of this contest, but it wasn’t impossible. Let’s start at the beginning: we all started at the INTERNeX office and randomly put together two groups for the scavenger hunt. Both groups got a sheet with different tasks on it e.g. building a human pyramid, solving a quiz about INTERNeX and taking a picture with an animal. Some took it a bit too seriously and they went all in for it – one bird wanted to be part of their photo and decided to dispose of their (pardon me) sh** on all of them which you recognize on their white stained clothes 🤣. Nevertheless after the hunt we all met at a pizza place where there is a big wall with lots of board games. We started playing immediately and ordered a few drinks with our delicious food. This was a nice way to end the weekend. 


Anna & Chiara 🙂

How was the weekend?

As expected the weather was a blast! It went up to 31 degrees with loads of sun, so of course we took advantage of it.

On Friday we explored more of the beautiful Vancouver, created some social media content for you and enjoyed the great weather. Stay tuned for what’s coming next😉

Saturday morning started calm when we met at the English Bay Beach. After a bunch of INTERNeXers came together we started preparing the beach volleyball field and set up the net. After that ‘hard’ part was finished we just built two teams and finally it was time to play😎. At first we just played around for fun and explained the rules for those who haven’t played yet. As soon as everyone got used to it we started playing our first little match while actually counting the points. All we can tell you is that it was a very close match😉 and that everybody had fun. After that intense match we took a short water break in the ocean where we went for a swim to cool down from the heated game. One thing we have to mention: the water was super cold but at least refreshing. We continued to play a few more rounds but as the time passed by we all got really hungry and decided to grab some food. Luckily there are enough options close to the beach 😍. We decided it’s gonna be a Burrito day. Some more friends and former INTERNeXers joined our group and we decided to switch and explore Sunset Beach. We brought some snacks, drinks and of course a good mood with us. Then, we spotted the perfect place to settle down and enjoy the sun. We also brought some German culture to Canada and played a typical German  card game with an inappropriate name. We definitely used the sunny weather for a perfect beach day and collected some really good memories, but also a sunburn😬.

Now let us tell you more about our weekend event at Lynn Canyon. First of all we definitely have to mention: It was a success. For us it felt like a little school trip 🚌 because nearly half of the group already met on the bus on the way to our meeting point. With a group of 12 people we started the adventure and walked the trail. Our first stop was the Twin Falls Bridge which has an amazing view over the waterfalls. We continued our hike with beautiful nature, the sound of the waterfalls and a lot of stairs. Next destination was the suspension bridge which was so stunning but very crowded, followed by the highlight of our hike: the 30 ft pool. As fast as we dipped our feet in the water they came out again. Yes, that’s how freezing cold it was! Some of us were brave enough and did some cliff jumps (tbh there are bigger and smaller rocks to jump off😉). We did an open end event so everybody had the opportunity to stay there, go for another hike, or do whatever they wanted to do. Most of us decided to go home, so we took the same bus and our fun ‘school trip’ came to an end.

We definitely recommend that beautiful hike. What about your weekend? Let us know more about it at the upcoming Pub Night this Wednesday!

Anna & Chiara 🙂

What to do on the weekend:

This weekend is going to be super warm, up to 30 degrees. So the A/C has to be turned on, for sure.

Here are a few great things to do on the weekend.

Of course INTERNeX planned a cool activity for you.  On Sunday we are going on a hike at Lynn Canyon. The trail contains waterfalls, beautiful nature and clear turquoise water. You also have the option to jump off the cliff into the ’30 foot pool’, as long as you are brave enough! The name ’30 Foot Pool’ is a reference to the depth of the water which varies with flows and by location. After our cold plunge we’ll finish the trail and might get some good food as a reward. We think that’s a great opportunity to escape the daily routine and enjoy the great weather.

You can’t go wrong with going to the beach, right?
Especially English Bay Beach! 🏖 That’s a great spot for young people to meet especially when the sun comes out. Just take a towel with you, go for a swim, relax with a book, play volleyball or enjoy the sunset, maybe you’ll even make new friends.

Another cool activity you can do is renting a bike and riding through Stanley Park, it’s a 10km ride if you go around the seawall. You can rent a bike e.g. at Spokes Bike Rental or Jo-E Cycles right on Denman Street, next to the park.
If you’re lucky enough you can see some seals, otters, or beavers on your way through the park. One of our INTERNeXers even saw an Orca once! When you need a little break you can go for a swim or have a picnic at one of the beaches or grass areas. So, better bring your picnic stuff with you to strengthen yourself for the rest of your ride.

Stanley Park bike ride

Whatever you want to do, just enjoy the coming summer! ☀️


Anna & Chiara 🙂

How was the weekend?

Was this summer? Is it over already? The past weekend Vancouver was blessed with sun and temperatures up to 23 degrees. The first taste of summer which unfortunately already passed, but we used our time wisely I’d say!

On Friday I spent some time on my balcony enjoying the sun and relaxing before going out to a concert at night followed by a great ending at the Roxy with some of you guys. In case you don’t know, the Roxy is a night club on Granville Street that offers amazing live music every day of the week in combination with a DJ playing the best tunes. I really love coming to this place. It’s always a fun night where you can sing your lungs out, dance your butt off and make new friends. They also have a pool table and photo booth, what else could you ask for? – That’s right, affordable drinks! There’s nothing this bar lacks in my opinion. 🙂 We sure had a good time and stayed until the lights came on and the bar was closing. If you haven’t been out in Vancouver yet, I highly recommend you try it and see how different it might be from your home country. Here’s a party guide I’ve put together in case you need some inspiration on where to go:

Since we went out Friday night, Saturday started quite late, but not too late to enjoy more rays of sunshine. INTERNeX met at Jericho Beach next to all the cute bunnies (have you seen them yet?) to experience the feeling of a BC summer by the city. Lots of people came out for BBQ’s by the beach, volleyball and swimming, so did we. Ricky was brave enough to dive into the cool Pacific Ocean as a way to escape the heat the sun was forming upon us. After all this activity (;)) we started to feel a little hungry and checked out a rooftop patio restaurant right at the beach with views over downtown and the mountains. They serve food like burgers, fish & chips, tacos and ice cream. The price is not necessarily cheap, but I think it was really worth the experience. The portions were big and the food delicious, plus the view was great! There’s not really any other restaurant around the area that offers anything like this. Strengthened from our break we decided to go back to the beach and hang up our volleyball net for a couple of games during sunset. It was a lot of fun, but some people got quite competitive. 😀 We made new friends who joined our games and in the end just sat down and talked about life with music playing in the background, debating on what to do next. The sun disappeared more and more, it got a little chilly so we decided to leave the beach. A bunch were planning on going out that night, I still have to ask how that went. 😉 I was just happy to go to bed because I could still feel the consequences from the night before. 😀

Let’s hope summer returns soon to Vancouver and we’ll have many more of those amazing beach nights. 🙂

What was your highlight of the weekend? Did you like the sun? Or were you hiding from it?

Tell me about it at our next Pub Night!

See you then,

Laura 🙂

How was the weekend?

There were two INTERNeX events this weekend! On Saturday we went to see the Honda Celebration of Light which is a firework competition. Japan did a great start on Saturday! With Spain on Wednesday and Canada on next Saturday there’s three contestants in total. If you enjoyed the fireworks, or you couldn’t go with us last time, there’s chance to go after next pub night to see how Spain is doing! We got a pretty good spot at Sunset Beach that wasn’t too crowded and gave us a great view of the sunset and the fireworks! They were going on for 25 minutes and displayed many different colours and shapes, creating a magical glitter in the sky. Maybe we can try English Bay on Wednesday, since it’s probably going to be less busy. I’m definitely down to watch some more! What about you?

On Sunday INTERNeX went on a trip to Playland, which is the amusement park here in Vancouver. The day was spent riding extreme roller coasters which felt like you were on top of the world with the wind rushing through your hair, the blood pumping through your veins and a scream escaping from the depth of your soul! A scream of excitement, exhilaration, fear and pure heaven. Everyone enjoyed it and after two rides we grabbed lunch and spent more time with each other.The table was full of laughter and grins. The torrid heat of the afternoon weather was wonderful. It was extremely hot however, the park displayed a lot of fans nearly everywhere. When you line up for rides they entertained you with music, so it was easy to vibe and kinda forget the heat. To conclude, the group had fun, it was a lovely participation that we really appreciated.

How was your weekend? What did you do? Let’s chat about it at pub night on Wednesday, 7pm at Relish.

See you there!


Laura 🙂