INTERNeX Canada: Rocky Mountains Trip Review!

Last weekend was an unforgettable experience for all 17 of us who went to the Rocky Mountains trip. Watching the beautiful scenery of snowy mountains and lakes really made me think how much I took Canada for granted. The bus we went on was named the “party bus” and it was a perfect fit.

Our West Trek tour guide, Lee, was amazing. Man, I don’t know how this guy had so much energy, considering we partied every night and woke up super early. And quite honestly, it was Lee who really made this trip so special for all of us. He has got the BEST jokes, music, games, and impressions of different accents with a comedic spin to it! Some inside jokes I will always remember are: BeCARFEUL monsieur! Japanese girl: ahhhhh~ and hi-cheese~!

Another great thing about this trip was the gorgeous weather. We really were a lucky bunch because it was sunshine and blue skies everyday! And because of this, we got to see all of Mount Robson, which is super tall! On our way to Valemount, we got off to look at spahat falls. It was so nice there!

The second day, we made our way to Banff, Alberta. This place was my favorite hotel! During the evening we went to their local pub and club for another night of partying! It was a lot of fun because everyone was drinking and having such a great time. One of the most memorable experience for me personally was the Columbia icefield. It’s a huge place and it was so windy! I thought I was going to be blown away by the wind. Regardless, the icefield was one of my favorite places in the Rocky Mountains. One person said he would come back to get married there…I won’t say who it was 😉

During this trip we went to so many beautiful places such as Lake LouiseBow Lake, Emerald Lake, and of course Banff Gondola! On the way home, in Kelowna, we all stopped for a small lunch break. Unfortunately, someone from the other tour bus wandered off! We all tried to look for him..our tour group suddenly turned into a huge search party. The police got involved and we waited for a couple of hours. Although it was stressful…I think it really brought all of us on the tour even more closer. We really bonded…and like Lee said, we were a wolf pack.

Overall…this trip is something that will be with me forever. I had such a great time and I hope everyone who went did too. If you missed out on this, don’t worry because I am 100% sure there will be another one quite soon!



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