How was your Weekend?

And there we go, it’s Monday again. I hope you are having a great start into the new week. Maybe your weekend was as good as mine, so you are able to take all this positive energy to face the upcoming challenges.
Well let’s start with Saturday. What a beautiful weather… again! We are so lucky to get all this sunshine at this time of the year, aren’t we?! 
I went to the Cypress Mountain and actually did a real nice hike up there. In case you haven’t been there yet, definitely consider it!

Even tho we had 11 degrees, sun and blue sky, nearly nobody was there. And after only about 2 hours we made it to the top. And this view was just breathtaking. You could see downtown and Stanley Park from above and besides that you got an incredible view over the ocean surrounding it. Everything seemed calm and peaceful and I could have stayed there for hours. As the sun began to set we started to make our way back down.

Sunday the INTERNeX crew got together again. We took a nice walk along the waterfront in Yaletown, catching up with everybody. After a nice ferry ride, we made it to Granville Island.

The beautiful sun, as well as many live artist made us feel like we are on a holiday, far away from the big city life we are currently used to. This was the perfect chance to get some souvenirs and obviously some real good food. We started to make our way through the market and got ourselves delicious cupcakes and cakes.
Oh sweet heaven!

Even though most of us have already been in Canada for a few weeks, there were still some left who haven’t gotten the chance to try Poutine yet. And that’s just not gonna stay like that under my watch folks ;-)!
With the warm Poutine in our hands we decided to sit outside right by the water, facing the Skyline and watching the beautiful sunset. We were so lucky to catch such a nice day with a one of kind sunset.

So it was us, the lovely purple coloured sky, the calming sound of the ocean, some soft sounds of a guitar and it’s owner giving it a beautiful voice, the calls of seagulls above our heads and the warming feeling of being surrounded by friends.

Thank you so much just making this a beautiful Sunday. It was lovely!


— Nadja

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Hey Guys,

this is the second part of the interesting fact’s about the provinces Canada’s. Hope you’ll enjoy it again 🙂


Capital: Iqaluit

  • In Nunavut live 50% of the polar bears in the world.
  • Nunavut contains 1/5 of all the land in Canada
  • A human figure made of stone, inuksuk, is featured on the Nunavut provincial flag.
  • The inuksuk is used to mark important places or to guide the people across the land.


Capital: Regina

  • Daylight Saving Time does not occur in Saskatchewan. The clocks remain on Central Standard Time.
  • 54% of Canada’s wheat is produced in Saskatchewan.
  • Estevan, Saskatchewan is with 2 540 hours of sunlight a year, the sunniest place in Canada.
  • The world’s most northerly sand dunes are in Athabasca Provincial Park and 30m high.

Northwest Territories

Capital: Yellowknife

  • The longest river Canada’s is the Mackenzie. It flows for 4 241km and drains into Beaufort Sea.
  • In 1998 the first diamond mine in Canada started its production.
  • Great Slave Lake is the deepest lake in North America and the tenth-largest in the world.



Capital: Edmonton

  • Over half of Alberta is covered by forests.
  • The beef capital of Canada is Calgary.
  • Every summer, Calgary hosts the Calgary Stampede, bringing in over one million people.
  • In 1962 in Pincher Creek, Alberta experienced a Chinook, a warm wind that blows trough the Rocky Mountains, where the temperature rose from -19 C to +22 C in one hour! Chinook winds can gust to 171km/h (106mph).

Yukon Territory

Capital: Whitehorse

  • The highest mountain in Canada is Mount Logan, which has an elevation of 5 959m.
  • The northern light, also called aurora borealis, can be seen in the Yukon’s night sky.
  • The sun shines almost non-stop for three months during summer in a portion of the Yukon, above the Arctic Circle. During the winter, that same portion of land does not see the sun for three months.

Beautiful British Columbia

Capital: Victoria

  • The raspberry capital of Canada is Abbotsford, B.C… It produces 15.6 million kg of raspberries every year.
  • The world’s largest octopus, scallop and sea star are found in B.C.’s ocean waters.
  • Canada’s oldest tree, a 1 300-year-old Douglas Fir, is found in B.C.
  • In 1994 the world’s largest totem pole was raised in Victoria and is 54.94m tall.
  • B.C. is home to more varieties of plants and animals than any other Canadian province.

Hope you enjoyed it just like we did. Wish you a pleasant Sunday.

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Stumped on What To Do for the Weekend?

Horse Drawn Carriages

Stanley Park Horse Drawn Carriages!

If it is expected to be sunny during the weekend, we have the beautiful horse-drawn carriages taking place in Stanley Park.

I will write some articles introducing Stanley Park in the near future, but for now, I would like to give you a closer look at an old tradition since the days where transportation was provided by horses.

The carriages give you a tour through the beautiful Stanley Park.  Included is a guide that explains the highlights, such as Vancouver’s Harbour, Lions Gate Bridge, the Rose Garden, and many other scenic landscapes.

Because the horse-drawn carriages are only available until October 31st, you would only have one more month to experience why we would call our place “beautiful british columbia” in broad daylight, and in the mosaic colors that only autumn would bring.

Keep in mind that the maximum seating capacity is for 20 passengers.

Click onto the following link for pricing and time information: