Candidate Exposé – Alan Bittencourt

My name is Alan, I’m a 22 years old guy from Brazil. Currently I’m studying Mechanical Engineering in Salvador – Brazil.

I always had a dream of living in another country and also the English became a necessary language in my future working area as a mechanical engineer, so I mixed a dream with a necessity and… I found Canada. I had to choose between some other countries and Canada, but I saw something more interesting in Canada and definitely I’m happy that I chose the best.

img_4280.jpgI didn’t choose INTERNeX, it was a partnership between INTERNeX and the company from my country. But if I had to choose, INTERNeX would be my choice. INTERNeX was extremely helpful introducing Vancouver to me and giving me support to find a job in my first days. I participated in the program Working Visa Holiday. I chose this program, because it gave me a working visa, giving me an opportunity to live in Canada by myself with my work, while I studied English and travelled in Canada. I worked at The Chopped Leaf in Downtown Vancouver. It was a salad restaurant which had a big variety of salads, sandwiches etc. The work wasn’t easy, because we didn’t have time to stop, but the good communication with the costumers and co-workers always made my work and my English better everyday. Working in a restaurant seems to not have a specific necessity of characteristics and skills, but it’s wrong. You need to be energetic, a good listener and always open to learn new ways to do things.

When I arrived in Vancouver I lived in a homestay for a month and after that I found a basement on a website which I stayed until my last day in Canada before coming back to Brazil. Cold and rain, that was my first impression about Vancouver, but shortly after I fell in love with every detail of Vancouver. I could check why Vancouver was one of the best cities in the world to live. Beautiful mountains behind the big buildings, green area, good people and multiculturalism made me impressed. The safety always made me impressed with Vancouver and Canada. As my first time living far from my family and in my own place, I had to learn everything about housekeeping and cooking and also mix working and studying, what made my routine sometimes too tiring.


I attended to several activities with the INTERNeX team. Every Wednesdays were full of good moments and unforgettable times. The Rocky Mountains trip stays in my mind everyday. Definitely my best moments in Canada, INTERNeX was present directly or not. If I make a real list of activities, it would have more than 20 pages. But my favourites activities were: Hiking, snowboarding, pubs, nightclubs, cycling and outdoor activities. I was always open to new activities though. In Canada I travelled through the Rocky Mountains and stopped in some cities like: Jasper, Banff, Kelowna, Kamloops etc. And also visited some cities to the north of Vancouver such as Whistler and Squamish.

The most memorable thing about Canada are the friends I made. I arrived in Canada alone and came back to Brazil leaving a family in Canada and spread in the world. I made friends I can count on them and they will be always in my best memories of Canada. The first thing I thought I would do when I came home was enjoying my family and the beach, but I just study everyday so far hahaha.

After this experience I definitely know that my travels will not stop. I didn’t decide yet, but New Zealand and England seam good places to travel, but for sure Canada will be one that I want to go back.

– Alan

INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 6N9-

Smart Saver Vancouver

This week’s smart saver is probably more something for the girls, but we need that once in a while, don’t we? J

From time to time we all need some girly pampering, right? However, too often going for a manicure or pedicure is way too expensive to afford, not even thinking of combining the two. And then when you go, you might end up in a place that is affordable but the service is not what you expected and also not what you want for a relaxing hour or two. I think I found something different.

Katie’s Nails is right across the street from the Tinseltown mall (INTERNeX office building) and is not one of the shiny places, but has a homey feel about it. The staff and Katie herself are very nice; you can just walk in if you like to and do not necessarily need an appointment.

The reviews this place gets are amazing and basically every woman came out of the place happy as a clam. Katie and her team pamper your hands and feet and you can watch girly movies while relaxing in a massage chair.

And the best part is, it is one of the cheapest places I have come across so far (Mini manicure & pedicure $ 35). That combined with the service you get is pretty amazing! Check out her website online and judge yourself. I will definitely be one of her next customers.

See you around,


INTERNeX International Exchange
International Village,
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-

INTERNeX Canada: Smart Saver Vancouver- Where and what to buy in Downtown

Our student´s budget are not that big and I am pretty sure that we all prefer to spend our money enjoying Vancouver that buying in the Supermarket.

That´s why I think is important to know the cheapest places and the correct ones to buy the differents products!

One of the most affordable supermarkets in general in town is No Frills. The price of the same products can be around one dollar less than in other supermarkets, and they have always specials deals every week! There are different locations; you can find one in downtown in Denman Street.

Another good option if you like chocolates, candies and snacks in general (I know what I am talking about…haha) is to buy them in Dollarama or that kind of discount shops! You can buy the same piece of chocolate for less than a dollar and for just 1.25$ you have so many items!

In Shoppers Drug Mart sometimes they have such a good deals!You can buy beauty products of popular brands that originally can cost 50 dollars for just 10…

And in general all the area around Chinatown is where you will find the better prices in Downtown!Like for example in the Sunrise market!

To sum up:

If you are a sweetie person, go to Dolarama, Dolar Store or that kind of shops to buy cheap chocolates bars.

If you are looking for good prices in general, visit the nearest No Frills supermarket!

If you need some nice products for your face, hair and in general beauty staff, keep an eye to Shopper and its special offers for limited time!

If you know where to buy you have the chance to save some money and spend it for example partying with us! It sounds great, isn´t it?



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

INTERNeX Canada: Expose of the week

This week’s expose of the week is about David. He is 25 years old and from Germany. He originally came to Vancouver to improve his English and in the 6 months he has been here he has improved it a lot. During these 6 months he was also an intern at a construction company to gain more practical experience in the world of civil engineering. Additionally, David is also the house manager at the INTERNeX staffhouse on 34th avenue. Unfortunately, David will be leaving us soon so I sat down with him to talk about his experience here in Vancouver and with INTERNeX.

Was your internship useful?

Yes it was very useful. I had the chance to work at the office and at the construction sites. Working there was very fun, the colleagues were friendly and welcoming and there was not a lot of pressure on me which was comforting. I was given the opportunity to take a close look at several blueprints and compare them to others and eventually realize them. I also learnt a lot about the different things that can go wrong within this kind of industry and I learnt how to deal with the problems in an effective way.

What kind of tasks were you responsible for on a daily basis?

I was given quite a lot of responsibility. The more experience I gained the more I could take on. Eventually they let be in command of a group of construction workers, it was very educational.

What was the best thing about your internship?

The best thing about my internship was definitely the colleagues. They were so nice to me and treated me as if I was like a member of their family. One of my most memorable experiences was when we hired a limo for the night; that was great. On my last day they made a speech on my behalf; that was a nice way to end things.

What do you like most about Canada and Vancouver?

I really love the landscape and the nature; there’s the Rocky’s and Whistler. You can also see dolphins, raccoons and whales. It is also amazing how there’s the combination of beaches, big city and mountains; I don’t think there’s anything else like it in the world.

What trips did you do in your free time that were organised by INTERNeX?

I attended the rafting trip, the trip to the Rocky Mountains and the Halloween party. All trips and events were great fun.

Did you attend the weekly pub nights organized by INTERNeX? Do you think this was a good way to meet new people?

Yes, I’ve attended most pub nights. When I first arrived it was definitely a great way to meet new people. It’s also a nice thing to do in the middle of the week because it gives you a chance to socialise with others after work.

Why did you choose INTERNeX International Exchange to help you with your experience?

I chose INTERNeX because it offered an easy way for me to organize a job and a place to live and also created a lot more opportunities to meet new people. They also ensured that I would feel welcome on my first day in a country that I wasn’t familiar with.

What’s the best thing about INTERNeX International Exchange?

As well as it making things a lot easier for me, I also really liked the fact that they offered me the house manager position at the staffhouse. I was given a discount on my rent and I learnt more responsibility since I had to be in charge of a large group of people. I also gained more confidence from this.

How did you find a place to stay?

I received an email from INTERNeX telling me about the staffhouse and I decided to take their offer for the room they had available for me. I really like the staffhouse; I’ve always had really nice roommates and it’s great that there are so many people living there.

Would you recommend INTERNeX International Exchange to other potential candidates?

Yes I would. They always give a very fun and welcoming first day; they help you out a lot and it’s the best way to meet a lot of new friends.

INTERNeX hopes you enjoy your last few days here in Vancouver and we wish you all the best for the future!


Your PR Team

INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200-211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

Fun @ the Disney Evening

We had a lot of fun Monday during the Disney evening. You remember the orientation room, from when you just arrived and got your orientation? Well you won’t have recognized it on Monday. We transformed it into the perfect cinema room with a couch, leather chairs and we even got bowls of popcorn to give  it even more of a cinema feeling!

We started out with the viewing of Lion King! One of our candidates watching the movie 2 a month and was able to sign along with every song!! For the rest of us it was great to see this movie again for the first time in a few years!

After the Lion King it was time for my favorite Disney movie of all times: Beauty and the Beast! This time it was my turn to sing along with all the songs!

Everyone really enjoyed the Disney evening, to see how much click here to view the pictures of the evening

I hope to see everyone at the PuB NiGHT tonight! I will be my last as an INTERNeX interns, so come out and celebrate a great time at INTERNeX as an interns!