Review: PuB NiGHT at Central City Brewpub

Yesterday’s PuB NiGHT was at Central City Brewpub. It was amazing to see so many different faces. Thank you all for coming!

Central city brewpub is one of the two brewpubs of the Central City brewery in Canada. It is the only one in Vancouver. The pub has many different beers; local, imported and of course their own brand. Their local beers rotate during different seasons. By changing the beers, they give you the opportunity to try out as many beers as possible. Besides beers, they also make spirits such as gin and vodka and they have their own brand of cider.

17197663_1663697853645659_564391158_nThe pub arranged a nice and cosy spot for us in the back. It was a very big space, but most people just squeezed in together. We started off talking about a road trip that some of you are planning. It was really great to hear about your plans and to get inspired by them. After that we got the chance to get to know each other even better. The atmosphere in the pub was really relaxed and open. Even though there were some new faces among us, we made sure that they felt welcome with us like we always do in our INTERNeX family.

I had a great evening and I hope you all did too! See you tonight at the Canucks game or next week at PuB NiGHT!

– Iris

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Smart Saver Vancouver

Craving for something cheap? Then this is the right place for you! INTERNeX has been busy all week searching for good promotions or cheap places to share with you.

Used to getting coffee in the morning? A small speciality coffee is only $1 at the Mc Donald’s at the moment, so it is definitely worth it to switch coffee shops for a while just for this promotion. This promotion started at the 23rd of January and will last till the end of this week, so use this moment to enjoy a 16467040_1625292964152815_2118773967_ncheap coffee for once. Getting used to having coffee at the Mc Donald’s after this promotion? No worries, if you buy 7 coffees, you get the next one for free. You only need to keep the reward card and put the stickers from your cup on it. The reward card is also on your cup! Besides this promotion the Mc Donald’s is also offering digital coupons, which you can download from the site. However, you can also download the Mc Donald’s app for weekly promotions.

Today it is wings Wednesday, so that means you can get wings for a cheap price at restaurants all over Vancouver. The cheapest price that we found is 33 cents per wings in the Famous Warehouse. However, it is also worth checking out when it is not a Wednesday, as all their meals are $5 and therefore a good choice to go to if you want to go out for dinner, but already spent a lot of money.

Not into a coffee or food? At Cinema Public House and The Butcher & Bullock got $2 Tuesdays, when they offer beers for $2. So that means you can get wasted without spending too much money. Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

If you have not found the Dollarama yet, you definitely have to check it out as well. You can almost get everything at Dollarama, from baking forms to food and much more. If you need anything for your housing, first check out Dollarama before going to another place, as it can save you lots of money. Dollarama, your best friend from now on!

Every dollar counts, so keep these tips in mind when spending your money!

– Iris

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PuB NiGHT Review: Bismarck.

So, what do you do if Tim does not want to come to a Pub Night? Right, you bring Pub Night to Tim!

Amiel had this great idea of asking Tim out for beers after work, like we often do.. Then we would secretly invite everyone to the Bismarck, and TADAAA Pub Night with Tim!


As soon as it was beer o’clock Tim decided to take us to the Bismarck for beers after which Amiel and I would head off for pub night at the Six Acres. However, this was obviously never going to be the case. When Laura showed up first and the others quickly after Tim suspected something, so we had to reveal what was going on.


The pub filled up quickly with our people and tequilas were poured richly. After a few rounds of drinks we started speed friending. Speed friending is quite the same as speed dating, except for the fact that we are not trying to find to love of our lives (or are we?), but life long lasting friendships.

This is how it went down: everyone was paired up and provided with a bunch of questions. For four minutes we could ask the other person anything we wanted from that list or something we came up with ourselves. There were questions like: “If you were a ghost, who would you haunt?” and “What is your favourite place in Vancouver?” and many many more!

We found out that some of us don’t like Disney movies, want to work in a cinema, don’t have heroes, would want to eat Indian food if that is the only thing they could eat for the rest of their lives, like their coffee black and think it is weird how Vancouverites like their coffee and much much more. Interesting.

Well, after this awesome activity we just continued the beers and the tequilas and more beers and tequilas and more beers and tequilas… and more beers and tequilas.

By far the best pub night I have been on! Thanks for coming out guys! If this is how it is going to go down in the Rockies, well.. oh my!

That’s all for today. See you guys tomorrow morning 7 am at the Waterfront Station.

Something wrong? Late? Forgot your toothbrush? Gained a few pounds and not sure if you’ll fit on the bus? CALL US! 1 604 368 0816.




Your PR Team

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Brewery Crawl Review

How did you like Vancouver’s crafted beer?
This weekend we went to East Vancouver for some beer tasting. However, we didn’t just go to one place to check out. We visited 5 breweries and made a “crawl” out of it!

First up was Odd Society which ironically was the odd one out since it’s the only distillery we visited amongst all the breweries. We were ordering drinks in their tasting room at around 3.30pm which felt a little weird because our group is used to getting their drink on after nightfall…well, usually.
After tasting the delicious cocktails, the initial weirdness was quickly overcome though. Approximately a half an hour later we participated in the tour of the facility which turned out to be surprisingly smaller than expected.

It didn’t take all too long and soon enough we walked over to the next location. On our arrival, we entered a brewery called Storm Brewing. It is a really interesting place with lots of crazy beer variations. There were inventions like Bloody Mary Pilsner and Black Plague Stout, but the absolute killer was the Imperial Flanders Sour Ale with an alcohol content of 11%!
Moving on, we visited Powell Street Craft Brewery. At this point our group was already getting pretty hammered which is why our stop after this one had to be a McDonalds!
With renewed strength we checked out Parallel 49 Brewing and followed by Doan’s Craft Brewing Company. The important thing here is that they have their own versions of German beer. Even Pretzels were being offered! Truly, a nostalgic piece from home.Finishing with our tasting here, we tried getting into one more brewery, but it was quite late already (10:30pm) and all breweries close at latest 11pm. Promptly, we decided to head downtown for a “nightcap” at Steamworks where we all ordered a Sangria before heading home.

Our tasting conclusion? Beer taste great anywhere! Especially after intaking large quantities. It was tons of fun and I’m happy so many of you joined us.

Hope to see you guys again soon.



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PuB NiGHT Review

So many people, so many beers.. It was a good one.

Thanks to everyone who showed up at yesterday’s pub night at Malone’s.

Shortly after we arrived West Trek showed the movies from the tours from the past weekend. Man, that looked tight! So much fun. Guessing that everyone is super excited now for our Rockies trip starting August 28?! Did you see all those lakes? Cannot wait to make one of them my favourite 😉


So, why not come to the office to secure your spot for this fantastic event?

Anyhow, after showing all the movies the DJ turned up the music and quickly people moved to the dance floor, where the girls AND boys moved their hips and danced! We already knew that Amiel is a talented man, and now we even know that he can rap too! He knew the lyrics to Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ too well!


After plenty of beers and some sick dance moves the music stopped and the lights were switched on. However, that certainly did not end our night! A last bunch of people tried to find happiness in the Cambie, so that’s where we went. We drank some more, talked some more and laughed some more and then, finally, it was time to head home (at like 1.45 am :D).


How is everyone feeling today? Has the hangover left its trace on you? For sure Amiel and me have been better before xD!

Get enough rest before the weekend starts because this Saturday’s Brewery Crawl is meant to be a good one! In the meantime your favourite PR coordinators are planning some more events for you that will happen this August.

Hang in there and catch up soon!

Your PR team,

Amiel & Natasja

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Announcement: Brewery Crawl – East Van

Hands up if you love beer!

You may have noticed that Vancouverites love their beers and that Vancity is packed with small local breweries. So, what better way is there to get a little taste of the city than a BREWERY CRAWL?!

This Saturday, August 8, we will be taking you around the heart of East Van to visit some beer and spirit breweries, get an insight into their brewing processes and their history – but most importantly to try their very own specialties!

Here’s what we’ll do:

We will meet up at 15.00 at Powell Street and Commercial Drive. From here all breweries are easily reachable by foot. For now the plan is to visit six breweries, with an optional seventh.

The whole crawl will last until about 22.00, so, please, have a good lunch! (Eggs and bacon always work well before drinking 😀 (and also after))

What will it cost you? Prices for tasting vary, but you can expect most of them to range between 7 and 10 dollars per tasting. For your own convenience, please make sure to bring some cash.

For now, we are very excited and hope to see all you beer lovers on Saturday!

19+ only. Don’t forget to bring two pieces of ID!


INTERNeX International Exchange – PR Coordinator

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PuB NiGHT Announcement

Just when you got rested after the long weekend the next INTERNeX event shows up. You know why? Because we like hanging out with all of you too much! ♥ ♥

This week we will be meeting up at Malone’s at 19.00/19.30. Address: 608 West Pender Street.

On Wednesday’s West Trek organizes their Wolfpack reunion for the Rockies trip there and we are going to join them! Why you ask? Well, we just want you to get a glimpse of what this tour has to offer, and what a crazy amount of fun it will be to join this trip with INTERNeX.

There will be several guides whom you can ask everything you have always wanted to know about the tour and these famous mountains.

Not only will we be going to Malone’s because of the Rocky Mountains trip. Malone’s is a great place to meet up with friends and they serve good beers and food. This night there will be a burger and beer combo on special for only 15 (fifteen yea) bucks!! And from what we have heard, the burgers are finger licking good.

Anything else? Nope, that’s all. See you guys tomorrow!


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