INTERNeX Canada: News/Fun facts – My top 3 in Vancouver!

So my last weekend in Canada has finally arrived.. Therefore I want to write and share my top 3 things to do in Vancouver!!

#1 – Rent/Ride a bike!
Really the coolest way to see this amazing city is by bike. The last 14 weeks I rode over 1000km through the city of Vancouver! The best way to rent bikes is around Stanley Park (Denman/Robson St.) There are lot’s of renting facilities around this street. Normal prices are between 30-40 dollar for one whole day and 20-30 for half a day. Below you can find some companies that I recommend:

The best thing to do is make a tour in and around Stanley Park. You can take the easy seawall to make a round (12km). If you have more time bike the Lion’s Gate Bridge as well!

Last Friday, my very last day riding my bike to the office, I discovered a flat tire! How peculiar? 😉

#2 – Go by ferry to Granville Island MAP
This spot is one of my favorites! The island is easy-going with lot’s of special food and other things to buy. They have an enormous market with more local products then you can imagine! The best way to get there is with the False Creek Ferries! These small boats are sailing all over False Creek. The oneway fee is between $3-5 dollar.. But for this price you get a great view of the harbor, boats and the Yaletown skyline!

#3 – Visit Gastown and all his pubs!
A awesome place for me during my stay in Canada! Because the office is in the middle of Gastown, it was not that hard for me to discover this place.. I was really surprised by the Irish and British culture influence in this area. Most of the pubs and bars are built in this style. Maybe that’s the reason that I like this place so much!

The places I like and recommend in Gastown are: LampLighter Public House, The Black Frog, The Blarney Stone & The Steamclock.

So that’s it. Hope you like my small list. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



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INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT Announcement!

7488124944_09375c7173_zI’d like to use this afternoon to announce the pub night for tomorrow! We will go to the Blarney Stone in Gastown, and have some drinks together.

There will be a big cycling race event in Gastown tomorrow..‘The Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix’ is a big spectacle and if you want to see the racers you can come earlier! From 5:45pm till 9:15pm will be full of races and people in the area of Carrall St, Gastown!

On Wednesday night the Blarney Stone will have some cool offers for us:

  • $4 Pints, Hi-Balls, Shooters
  • $2 Sliders

Sounds awesome, right? We hope to see all of you tomorrow, and remember to join us in our Facebook Event!

  • WHEN: Wednesday 10th at 7:30 pm.
  • WHERE: 216 Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC. MAP



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Enjoy Stanley Park!

Hey guys!

Did anyone get outside this weekend? The beautiful weather made it impossible for me to stay indoors. I joined in on a trip to Stanley Park with my housemate Melissa and her friends – who are visiting from Germany!

Beautiful weather at Stanley Park

I guess we weren’t the only ones with that idea, because as soon as we reached Denman street, there were people everywhere! Robson street was also quite chaotic as people hopped in and out of stores to get the latest deals on clothing.

As we stepped off the bus, we made our way over to a bike rental shop. If you’re looking for a nice way to spend the day, there are many stores which rent out bicycles and roller-blades for a nominal fee. I rented a mountain bike for 5 hours, and it cost me less than $20.00 CAN. Melissa’s friends rented roller-blades from Spokes for an hourly rate of $9.00 CAN. Did I mention you can also rent tandem bikes? These are bicycles with two seats, so if you have a friend or significant other, it makes for a fun day!

Once everyone was geared up and ready to go, we were off! We made our way around the boat harbour, and soon came across the 9 o’clock gun. Cast in England in 1816, brought here in 1894, the gun was used by mariners to set their chronometers and also to warn fishers of closing. Neat!

As we continued our trek, we passed a lovely scene of totem poles at Brockton Point.  This was a great place to stop and take pictures. The totem pole display area is the most visited tourist attraction in all of British Columbia and has an interesting history. In the early 1920s, the elected Park Commissioners of the day supported the idea of constructing an Indian Village in Stanley Park near the Lumbermen’s Arch area. This site was chosen as it had been the location of a massive midden, or cultural mound, resulting from years of habitation by the native aboriginal peoples.

Laura at Stanley ParkAs we continued our journey around Stanley Park, I realized that every view was a gorgeous view! Around every bend, and every corner was a breathtaking sight. I took many pictures on Saturday to make sure I never forgot what a fun time I had! This is a picture Melissa took of me. I love it because in the background there’s water, mountains and a sailboat.

There are many beaches along the route we took, so we decided to stop at Second Beach. A couple of feathery friends payed us a visit while we relaxed and listened to music. Two bald eagles sat, perched on a branch on the tree beside us. They remained there for quite some time – I guess they were enjoying the sunshine too!

Make sure you get a chance to check out Stanley Park, it really is a great way to spend the day with some friends! Click here for a map, which shows all the nice things to see along the way. I’ll be back there sometime soon, because I didn’t get the chance to go through Stanley Park – just around. It’s that big!

The best thing about this park is that it’s free to enjoy. Also, there’s so much to see. Lionsgate bridge, Inukshuk, even an aquarium hidden in the area. Make sure to check this while you’re here in Canada. Hope to see you guys out at the Calling on Wednesday for INTERNeX PuB NiGHT!