PuB NiGHT – Review!

Hello everybody,

How is everyone feeling today? Last night we had our weekly PuB NiGHT again. We started off at the Cambie with some drinks and really cheap pitchers for only $9! The PR-crew arranged two big tables, so that everyone had a spot in the pub. Candidates from all over the world were chatting, mingling and having a good time with each other. Around 9ish more and more candidates were joining us, so in no time the reserved table was already too small for our big group!
Because one of the INTERNeX candidates, Pascal, celebrated his birthday in the Joseph Richards, we decided to go as a group to the JR and party on! In the JR everyone was dancing and we even had some dance battles going on!  For all the picture of last night, go to our Flickr page!

We would like to apologize to some of the candidates, because the Cambie wouldn’t let all of us in. They have really strict rules about ID-cards (they HAVE to be in English), and therefore some of our INTERNeX candidates weren’t allowed in! We tried to talk to the manager about this, but it didn’t help. So, our apologies to those who couldn’t get in. We will make sure this won’t happen again.

We hope everyone enjoyed the Wednesday night PuB NiGHT once again! Thanks for coming and we will see you next Wednesday!!

Your PR-team

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