Whistler Day Trip Review

Back from the long weekend! Did everyone have an amazing time and do fun stuff? We sure did!

Past Sunday, August 2nd we went on a day trip to Whistler Village with West Trek. Our tour guide Madison did an awesome job!
After meeting up early in the morning our first destination took us to Shannon Falls which is located right before Squamish. There we spent 20-30 minutes checking out the waterfall before jumping back onto the bus for our real goal.
Arriving in Whistler Madison first showed us the top spots and highlights of the village before letting everyone roam free.
In our group we had 3 brave girls doing some zip-lining while the rest of us checked out the highest and longest lift in the world. The Peak 2 Peak Gondola spans over 3km between Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain with the highest point being 436 meters. Up there we were able to glimpse amazing views!
After this though we were looking forward to another point on our itinerary and that was jumping into the waters of Lost Lake. It was just perfect on a day when we had +30°C! Too bad we couldn’t stick around the lake for too long since it was already time to leave soon after.

Following our departure from Whistler we made another stop but this time at Brandywine Falls. The sight of the waterfall there was even more spectacular than Shannon Falls.

We finally returned to Downtown Vancouver in the evening where everybody said their farewells and went on their own ways.
It was definitely a day well spent! Thank you to everyone joining this trip and of course a big thanks to West Trek.




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Today the last part of our WICKED WHISTLER WEEKEND review is published. Here it is: enjoy!

Whistler time is Jacuzzi time
The afternoon passed very slowly, and everybody’s hands became totally shriveled after being in the water for hours. That evening was a bit more quite. Somehow everybody was kind of tired. Actually for no reason. Anyway, some people were drinking, some were chilling and others hit the clubs again. The craziest folks among us hiked up the mountain at 4 am at in the morning with the aim of sliding down it on plastic bags. It did not really work out due to the icy mountain. With excitement they told us that it was great up there. It was full moon and apparently the whole village was lit up and bright in the middle of the night.

The Sunday
After having a rather snowy day on Saturday, the pistes again were covered with freshly fallen powder snow. The weather conditions were just perfect again. Some of us were just chilling, having lunch in the village and of course going hot tubbing again. A few others took the challenge and went up on the mountains again to enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather. The view on Sunday was great and the most incredible which there ever possible could be!!

After finishing the last snowboarding run as well as the last hot tubbing round (I definitely should not forget to mention this.. J ), everybody gathered together at 4.30 pm to drive back to Vancouver.

Thanks again for the great weekend with you guys. See you at our INTERNeX Pub NiGHT in the Metropole tonight then!

Your PR team!


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Yesterday we published the first part of the WICKED WHISTLER WEEKEND review. Now part II is available and can be found below:

Jacuzzi time
After riding the mountains all day long, everybody’s muscles started to become sore – thus it was time for some relaxation – 2 words: Jacuzzi time!!
We got back to the hotel where everybody greeted us at the pool area holding cold beers freshly pulled out of our personal ice freezer next to the hot tub.
The warm up for the night just began…
The people who did not go up to mountains went hiking and visiting a lake close by Whistler. BTW: they were the first who hopped into the Jacuzzi…

Night times
After our pre-gaming session in the pool, which was hilarious and a lot of fun, we started to get ready for the big night out! Some had a bit of food some did not. Who cared?! We were ready to hit the village.
After having some more drinks and seeing a nice dancing performance “on stage” at the night club Maxx Fish we headed to Moejoe’s where we were partying all night long. Some people went home earlier, some stayed until 4 am. But that did not matter because we could sleep in the following day.


The morning after
Hangover atmosphere overshadowed the morning. However we already had a lot of plans for that day, which soon were history again… We gathered together at noon and thereafter hit Whistler village to have some more drinks in bar at the bottom of the mountains. After having a short sightseeing tour through Whistler everybody ended up in the Hot tub again. It truly was a lazy day, thanks to our great and beloved hot tub area!

The last PART III OF THE WICKED WHISTLER WEEKEND review will be published on Wednesday….

Your PR team!

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Hello everybody and a wonderful Monday morning!I hope that everybody had a great weekend!
For all the people who went with us on the WICKED WHISTLER WEEKEND that INTERNeX organized, I can tell we had a great weekend!
Here is the review of that crazy weekend in Whistler:

The slow start up
It was Friday morning 6.30 am, way too early for normal young adults, when a crew of 22 people plus 2 tour guides met in downtown, Vancouver to begin an amazing and exhausting weekend in Whistler, which nobody will forget so fast. Everybody was still tired and a bit moody that morning.
However, the weather forecast made everybody feel way better soon. After the day got brighter and brighter, the whole crew realized: IT WILL BE GREAT AND SUNNY TODAY.
After the 90 minute drive up to Whistler, during which our tour guide told us some interesting facts about the landscape, we arrived at our hotel.
The hotel was amazing! It did not only provide a fully equipped kitchen in every room, which was great because we were cooking for cheap in the evenings; no, it also had an astonishing outdoor pool area including a heated pool, 2 Jacuzzis and a sauna – wicked!!!
So guess where you could always find us pretty much at all times… right, in the Jacuzzi. 🙂

Whistler Mountains – boarding and skiing on fresh powder
So there we were! After checking in the hotel, we went to the rental store to get our equipment.
It was still earlier in the morning but now the big question popped up: Where the hell should we start boarding or skiing? 2 huge mountains raised right in front of us, Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb -> one bigger than the other.
Some people hit the beginner pistes for absolving a skiing or snowboarding course.
The majority of the others and I decided to go up Whistler Mountain for some warm up runs.
The weather and snow conditions were just perfect. The sun was shining and a lot of fresh powder could be found everywhere due to heavy snowfall early last week.
After boarding and skiing on Whistler Mountain, we switched to Backcomb where we went for the huge glacier.
The weather changed, it started snowing and the visibility was close to zero. However everybody mastered this challenge and came down safe without any bigger wounds.

It was an amazing weekend with all of you! Thanks for the great time we spend together during this crazy weekend while partying, snowboarding, skiing, hot tubbing, hiking, chilling and what else we were doing on that WICKED WHISLTER WEEKEND!

PART II OF THE WICKED WHISTLER WEEKEND review will be published tomorrow….

Your PR team!

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Whistler Cup 2010

Whistler Cup is an international ski event organized by the Whistler Ski Club and hosted by Whistler Blackcomb. Having completed its  17th year, Whistler Cup has grown to become the largest and most important ski race in North America, and internationally, for athletes aged 11 – 14 years. With hundreds of young athletes from 23 countries, the Whistler Cup brings together children from many different cultures around the world.  Following the success of Whistler as a host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Whistler Cup is the must-attend race for athletes and partners not only in the US and Canada, but around the world. For many of our young Canadian athletes this is the first opportunity they have to meet and ski with the world’s best.

This is where the Olympic dreams start! North America’s only FIS-sanctioned race for juvenile ski racers age 11-14. Taking place up on Whistler Mountain April 9th -11th. Now in it’s 18th year, the 2010 Whistler Cup event promises to be a banner year, with 21 national teams and 375 racers already confirmed!

For information on race schedules and about the event in general visit the official website