INTERNeX Canada: Highlights of the week

Time flies, doesn’t it?

So another week goes and November will finish soon! It’s time to know what has happened during last days!

But first of all, remember that tomorrow we have a date (uhh) to play Laser tag! Let’s battle like there is no tomorrow!

Last Sunday we went to watch a real hockey game! Exciting for the most of us, because was our first time, not that exciting for the Swedish… haha but anyways we had a good time together!

Christmas time is almost here…. do you want to receive a super special gift? Check our contest and you would be able to win a ski rental with 120 dollars of value in Whistler! Send us a picture of Christmas in Vancouver with a special meaning for you and the best picture will receive the prize!

And what about our Pub Night? We went to The Morrissey Pub on Granville Street, it was such a nice place, and we enjoyed a few drinks and good company, read our blog post to know more!

Last Friday is an insane shopping day in the USA! Queenie wrote about Black Friday, you should read it! If you missed out you should come with us to our Seattle city center and  Shopping in Downtown Trip on 16th of December! One crazy day for just 49 $

Enjoy your Saturday my friends,



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