Smart Saver Vancouver

It’s Wednesday, which is the day for Smartsaver! Vancouver is pretty expensive most of the times, but you can save money!

7699686936_3ca42fbb6a_oComing months will be full of sports. FC Whitecaps already started their season and the BC Lions will start soon! If you want to save money on the tickets of the games then there are two options. First of all, Discover Canada Tours and Westtrek offer discounted tickets for almost all games. Secondly, if you go to the Tourism Vancouver Visitors’ Centre on the day of the game you can also save money! They offer “ Tickets Tonight”, which are half-priced tickets on sports games that evening.

Now that the weather is getting better it is time to do some travelling! Boltbus is a bus company which can take you to lots of places in Canada. The bus company offers $1 tickets, but these tickets are really hard to get though. They offer at least one $1 ticket for every trip that they offer. However, the tickets are sold randomly and mostly within the first seats sold. So if you want to get a $1 ticket you have to be on top of their schedule to even have a chance.

Also as the weather is getting better go do free activities in the city! Hiking in one of the parks, going to the beaches or walk through the neighbourhoods of Vancouver can be lots of fun and is free!

Hope to see all of you guys tonight at PuB NiGHT!

– Janel

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INTERNeX Canada: Smart Saver Vancouver !

In this side of the world, flights are not precisely cheap. If you compare with Europe, where we all can flight with those low cost companies which you can take a flight for just 30 Euros round trip, in Canada and USA we don’t have such a deals !

For that reason, I’m gonna try to give you a few advices to travel with a reasonable price while you are here in Canada!

One of your options if you wanna travel a little bit in the  States West Coast  if you are in Vancouver is going to Seattle or Bellingham. You can check  Boltbus out; they have bus tickets from $1! A plus of the boltbuses is that all of them have power outlets and wifi available, so the trip is more enjoyable for all of us !! Another bus company with reasonable fares is Greyhound. If you book in advance you can get a round ticket for less than $40 !!

These companies also travel to Portland, if you are interested !!

If you wanna travel further, you can travel to the amazing Las Vegas. Sin City is always one of the most affordable options (well, if you don´t like to gamble a lot of course). You can find always good deals of flight + hotel in Expedia, to visit one of the most famous and visited cities in USA !! You can get as good deals as $400 dollars for a flight and 3 or 4 days of accommodation ! Is good, isn’t it ??

If you wanna relax, and you don´t like to gamble or you just don´t like the heat of SinCity, you can always take a flight to San Francisco ! With Lufthansa or Air Canada, you can get a round trip flight for less than $300 ! For that, you can check Skyscanner out. I find this website very useful when I just wanna look for a flight !

I hope you liked this post, and don’t be shy to comment if you found also a good deal that you want to share with all of us !

Have a nice day, and ENJOY TRAVELING !



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