Review: Halloween shopping

Last Saturday we went to Boo La La Costumes in North Vancouver to do the obligatory Halloween costume shopping. We met outside the store at 3pm. Inside the store was of course all kinds of crazy costumes… you could dress up as a superhero, a celebrity/an idol, a beer mug or even a dart board. There really was almost no limit to what you could wear for Halloween. Even the staff were wearing costumes and were painted in their faces trying to look scary. The staff members were really kind and helped us with any wishes or ideas that we had for our outfits. We had a lot of fun trying out different costumes before finally deciding on what to wear for Halloween. You can have a look at the hilarious pictures here.

Thanks to all of you who made this Halloween costume shopping awesome! And don’t forget to show off your great costumes for our Halloween party at Blarney Stone on Friday, October 31st. Those of you who didn’t have the chance to participate in our shopping are of course also more than welcome to join the party… The bigger the group the better. You can sign up for the event here. Remember, it’s only 10$ for the entrance, and for sure it’ll be a party like no other!


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