Review: PuB NiGHT at The Lamplighter

Last night’s PuB NiGHT was at the Lamplighter and it was a great night, thank you all for coming!


The Lamplighter is a really nice pub in Gastown and they play Bourbon Bingo there every Wednesday. You can get the bingo sheets for free and every round you need a different pattern to win. Everyone on our table was playing and we were getting really excited about it. In the first Merle won 3 ciders and in the very last game we were even luckier, as three of us won! Marie and Iris won 19(!) shots of Bourbon for the whole table and Zack won some beer.

IMG_4228Since it was Janels last PuB NiGHT her flag was going around the table for everybody to write on and some people were passing along their notebooks to people who are leaving us soon too. After everybody had written something we decided to end PuB NiGHT in the best way possible by going to The Met. Everybody joined in to sing our favourite karaoke song “We’re all in this together”.

I think it’s safe to say Janel’s last PuB NiGHT was a good one, thanks to you guys!

– Danielle

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PuB NiGHT Review


Last night’s Pub Night at the Lamplighter turned out to be Bourbon Bingo night, cool surprise on our Wednesday night! We all got our sheets and a huge marker and while we were enjoying our Pale Ales and Witbiers the DJ explained the rules. Another surprise was the waiter who had four beer samples left from a Northern Vancouver brewery which we could try. Free is always a good thing, however this beer was no one’s favourite except for Maude’s haha.

Back to bingo; every round a different figure was required in order to win, once one would have that figure that person had to shout out loud ‘BOURBON BINGO’.









In the first round we only had to get one line in any of the three squares on our sheet to win beers for the whole group. Shame that non of us won, nevertheless the second round made up for that! Our new Swedish friend Rasmus won shots of Bourbon for the whole table by being the first one to have a cross on his sheet! Awesome! As for the next round we needed a full square on our sheet, the prize was a round of beers, a round of shots and a 25 dollar gift card.

Well, after that second round non of us won anymore, but it was good fun anyhow! It is quite nerve wrecking to almost have bingo and see someone else win instead.

Thanks for coming folks! Catch up soon!


Your PR-Team, Amiel & Natasja


Hi all!

Last night we had our special INTERNeX PuB NiGHT again together with Moose and SWAP. We all gathered at the Bourbon to watch the Canucks game that started at 6 pm. Even though everyone was very tired from the awesome trip to the Rockies last weekend, a lot of you still came to the PuB NiGHT! The game started very early so we all ordered pizza and of course drunk a couple of beers.

The game was a really exciting, because in the last 30 seconds the Canucks scored a goal that made it 2-2. Finally in the second overtime the Canucks won the game! Of course everyone went crazy, because this means that the Vancouver Canucks are now headed to the Stanley Cup Final! We can’t wait to see the next game. Go Canucks Go!! We hope you had a great time last night and you also had the chance to meet our new intern Elke!

We are sorry to announce that next Wednesday there will be no PuB NiGHT due to our INTERNeX Networking Reception that will take place on the 1st of June. We would love to see you again on the Wednesday after that! 😀


Your PR-team

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