Granville Island – Experience IT Review

On Sunday we went to check out what Granville Island has to offer! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great and it ended up raining for most of the afternoon, but thank you all for coming!16237737_1615329781815800_1946877102_n.jpg

Luckily the public market is indoors, so we could get some shelter there while checking out all the food you can get. They have fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, cheese and loads of other things, but there is plenty to eat while you’re doing your shopping. This, in my opinion, is always really nice.

We started of getting ourselves some grilled cheese sandwiches and fries, which were really good. Then we ended up walking around the public market checking out all the food and did some grocery shopping as well. They offer some great vegetables and fruit for pretty good prices, so it’s definitely a place you should check out if you like to cook.

After that we walked around the island and checked out some cute boutiques that sell things like handcrafted jewellery and cool t-shirts. They also have a lot of places where people show off their art, which is nice to take a look at.

We had a fun day, but we definitely want to come back in the summer to see what the island looks like when it’s not raining!

Hope to see you all on PuB NiGHT this Wednesday at 131 Water!

– Danielle

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Exposé of the week – Kelowna

Kelowna, a beautiful place located in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and also a place that you should definitely visit when you are in Vancouver. It counts a population of approximately 112,775 inhabitants. This city is famous for its warm temperatures in the summer and therefore also known as the Summer City. However the winters could be quite cold though. The city of Kelowna is one of the Canada’s most popular vacation destinations, because of the good weather.

No matter what time of the year, in Kelowna there is always something to do. Many of the touristic attractions you can visit them year round. If you like water sports – sailing, house boating, kayaking, rafting and fishing – you will love Kelowna! It offers a breath-taking landscape of lake, mountains and parks. The city counts a large number of cafés, bars, restaurants and vibrant nightclubs. For the people under us that like some culture, Kelowna offers a wide range of unique boutiques, heritage buildings and modern architecture, art galleries and museums and music and theatre.

Visit Kelowna in the summer and go to one of the beautiful beaches you can find there! Kelowna is around a 4-5 hours ride from Vancouver, so definitely worth to visit!

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