Candidate Exposé – Alyn Engelhardt

Alyn EngelhardtMy name is Alyn Engelhardt, I am 22 years old and lived my whole life in Viersen, Germany. It is a small town next to Düsseldorf and Cologne. I just graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science in Business Chemistry.

Before continuing with the Master in Business Chemistry I wanted to do a break from university to get some practical experiences by doing an internship. I chose Canada because I was always interested in the nature of this big country and the mentality of the citizens. In addition, I heard that the companies in Canada are really small, that it is not even unusual to know its entire staff. This means, it is more familiar and you might get the chance to get a better overview and learn more than in a big company.

In Germany I worked with an agency, I sent them all required documents and they sent it to Internex who got in contact with me. I was convinced that it is easier to find an internship with an agency that already knows different companies and has experience in working with them.

I was part of two different programs. I stayed for 12 weeks in Vancouver. The first two weeks I went to a language school to do a language course (Business English). Right after that, I started my internship for ten weeks. I chose this program to get some practical knowledge. Right after high school I went to university, which means, I never got the chance to see how a company works.

I am doing my internship at a (non-profit) community engagement organization.

“It is a signature initiative designed to spark, nurture and restore community connections. More than a single place or program, it assembles the hearts, minds, and talents of diverse communities to promote inclusive, intelligent, and inspiring dialogue.”

I am the first international intern they have, but they already had a lot of experience with work students and volunteers. It was an amazing time. They organise different events for people who are interested in community issues.

Alyn Engelhardt (words)

Communication and teamwork are the most important characteristics you need at this internship. Everybody needs to know what the other is working on and what is still missing; otherwise the events might not become successful. You should be good in organizing, and be flexible in general. Plans might change right before the event. You should also be creative; SFU Public Square loves new ideas.

This internship is not part of my education. Actually, event management does not have that much to do with the education I had, but still I can say I learned a lot. I learned to be more flexible and what good teamwork can look like. Also, I learned a lot on personal level during my internship.

I lived with a host family in Vancouver, organised by the language school. I shared the basement with another student. We had our own living room, kitchen and a bathroom. A host family is a great opportunity for people who are not used to live alone.

When I arrived, my first impression of Vancouver was: Now, I know why they call it Raincouver. The weather was really bad. It rained a lot in March and April. But I refused to buy an umbrella. In May the weather got so much better, so we were finally able to enjoy some outdoor activities.

I attend nearly all pub nights organised by Internex. It is a nice opportunity to meet new friends and to plan weekend activities. We always had a lot of fun and saw different corners of Vancouver Downtown. Besides the pub nights I attend other events like visiting the Lighthouse Park or Fly over Canada. Other places I traveled to are the Rockies, Vancouver Island with a friend I met on pub night, Bowen Island, Seattle, Whistler and soon I will travel down the westcoast of the USA with some friends I met at the pub nights. Furthermore I did a lot of activities like watching an ice hockey game, celebrated St. Patrick’ s Day, went to a boat party and I did lots of hikes.

What I like most about Vancouver is the mentality. There are so many different opportunities here. On one side Vancouver is a city, but it is also surrounded by beautiful nature. One thing I had to deal with was the bad traffic. I think it is not working for so many people. It really feels like you live in a big city with millions of inhabitants. Busses are passing by because they are already to full and in the rush hour everybody is stressed out.

I have three big highlights of my stay here. The first is th event I helped organize during my internship. As second a beautiful hike I did to a crushed airplane in Tofino. And last but not least a stay at the first nations hotel in Chase during our Rockies trip with Internex and Discover Canada Tours. My stay here and the entire experience didn’t really inspire me to travel more, since I already did that, but I might want to see the East of Canada as well now.

I would highly recommend the services of Internex. This agency has great contacts with different companies. In addition if your organise everything through Internex, you will get to know new friends because of the events and pub nights they organise.

When I get back home I will buy some good German bread.

– Alyn

PR-team Adventures

Bowen Island is a cute little island, which you can reach by ferry from the Horseshoe bay terminal. It is great for hiking, touring and for water activities. About two weeks ago I decided to go to Bowen Island again, as I already did a hike there, I decided to go on a little adventure on the water this time.

We went on a Tuesday, as kayaking is two for the price of one on this day. This is also the case for double kayaks, but then you are paying half the price. We didn’t look up the schedule, as I thought that the ferry would go every hour. However, the hour we arrived they had a break and skipped one hour, which meant that we had to wait for quite a while.

20597183_10209637728721006_5804068957476516703_nAs it was great weather, we decided to sit on the upper deck, so we could see all the surroundings during our journey to Bowen Island. I always like to be on a ferry, as it gives me a feeling that I am having a boat tour. Besides that, the views in Vancouver never get old.

Once we arrived at Bowen Island, we immediately went to the kayak rental. The first few minutes they explained us how to kayak and then we could finally start our adventure. I was really glad that my boyfriend already did kayaking beforehand, which was also the reason why he had to go on the spot in the back. Here you need to give all the directions to the kayak.


In the beginning my arms were hurting all the time, but after a while I got over the pain and could fully enjoy the activity and the surroundings. We went all the way to the top of the island and back. On our way we saw a lot of other people who did kayaking and also saw the ferry pass a few times.

As we got more comfortable with kayaking, we started singing together. Sometimes we embarrassed ourselves a bit, as we were singing some really bad songs. However, it made it way more fun. We already reached the top of the island pretty fast and therefore we took it a bit slower on our way back. In this way we could really take in the beautiful views that we had from our kayak.

After our adventure we tried to find a chocolate shop that my roommate recommended, but unfortunately all the shops at Bowen Island closes at 5 PM already and so was the chocolate shop. Then we decided to go back to Vancouver again.

I hope to talk to you about all your adventures from this weekend tonight at PuB NiGHT!

– Iris

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Smart Saver Vancouver

Since we know summer can become quite expensive we wanted to give you some ideas on things to do with a discount.

If you have been thinking about going kayaking to beat the heat, going to Bowen Island might be a good option for you. You can kayak around the island and get beautiful scenery. And if you go on a Tuesday with your friend, you can get two for the price of one!


Another fun thing to do is to go to Squamish and take the Sea to Sky Gondola. The normal price for the gondola is about $40 dollars, but if you go after 5 pm on Saturdays you get a 50% discount. And if you’re feeling adventures you could hike up and take the gondola down for only $15.

If you like to go to amusement parks you should definitely check out Playland. This is the oldest amusement park in Canada and it’s located at Hastings Park. You can get discounted tickets for the park at 7 eleven.

Going a bit further away for Vancouver can become expensive, as renting cars isn’t always that cheap here. If you’re going to stay here for a longer period it might be a good idea to check out Modo. This car sharing service is similar to car2go and Evo, except that you can book the car for weekends an take it further away. You pay a monthly fee for the subscription, but that’s only about $8. The car comes with a credit card to pay for gas and you get the first 200 km for free, after that you pay 20 cents per kilometer.

I hope you are all having a great summer and I hope to see you at PuB NiGHT tonight, as it will be my last!

– Danielle

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Candidate Exposé – Merle Mueller

My name is Merle, I am 18 years old and I am from Remscheid in Germany. In September I will start studying physiotherapy in Hamburg.

Merle Mueller2

I graduated a year ago and almost half a year before my graduation I was sure I needed a break from my studies. So I decided to go abroad but I was not sure at that time if I wanted to go to New Zeeland or Canada. After I read a lot about Vancouver and collected some information about the city and Canada, I decided to go there. The main points in this decision were the variety in nature, like the sea and the beaches, the rainforests and mountains and on the other side the varied parts of the city.

I found INTERNeX through my agency in Germany. I am participating in the practicum program, which I chose because I thought an internship is a good way to get an insight of the work I would do through it. I am working at a tennis club as a sports administrator and I wanted to see if this could be a plan B for me when physiotherapy is not working out. Although I kind of like the work I am doing there and I think it is a good experience for me, I know now it is not a plan B for me.

The club is a big organisation in British Columbia and organises many Merle Mueller1tournaments for kids and adults, league games and school programs. It has a small office with just eight employees and everyone has their own part of work at the organisation. Some are organising tournaments, others are running the school programs and the marketing department. Because it is such a small office I got to know and worked with nearly everyone. I liked this because it is a good way to meet more new people and to get to know every kind of work at a sports organisation. I needed to handle word and excel pretty well for this practicum and it is a plus when you are able to work independently but also as a team at the same time.

Merle Mueller3In Vancouver I stay with a host family and they are really nice so I like it there. My first impression of Vancouver was that it is a really big, nice and varied city and this impression got confirmed over the almost three months I am here now. I really like the activities organised by the PR-team. Sadly I cannot join so many pub nights, but the ones I have joined were really good and it is a really nice chance to meet new people from all over the world. The activities are really good too, because I have been to places I would not go to by myself, like the Rockies Trip or Bowen Island. It is also nice to hang out with other young people, get to know them and make new friendships.

With INTERNeX I went to the Rockies, to Whistler, Bowen Island, Lighthouse Park and the museum of Vancouver. I also went to Capilano Suspension Bridge, the Harbour Lookout, Flyover Vancouver, Stanley Park, English Bay, Kits Beach, Jericho Beach, Burnaby Mountain, Deep Cove, Chinatown, Rockie Point Park, Gastown, Granville Island and Vancouver Island.

Merle Mueller (words)I really like the variety of the nature and the multicultural of the people living in Vancouver. Besides that most of the people are always really friendly and polite. It can sometimes be a challenge though to come from one place to another, which is not close to downtown.

The most memorable thing is the Rockies trip for sure! I met so many new people and we had so much fun with our INTERNeX group, so I will never forget this Easter weekend. Another unforgettable experience was the zip lining at Whistler. To “fly” over the rivers and trees was just amazing. And the last most memorable thing I did is the seaplane flight over Vancouver, just breathtaking!

I Always loved to travel so this trip did not really inspired me to travel more, but it Merle Muellerinspired me to travel more by myself because it is a totally different experience than traveling with family or friends. I still want to go to New Zeeland, but also to the USA and I would love to see the eastside of Canada as well, like Toronto and Montreal.

INTERNeX was really helpful to meet new people and to do a lot of activities. They found a good placement for me as well so I would recommend their services to others.

The first thing I will do when I am back home is seeing my family and visiting my friends!

– Merle

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Review: Bowen Island Trip

Yesterday we went on our monthly trip to Bowen Island! We met up at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal at 9:30 AM, which was really early after the party the night before. We all bought our tickets and got on the boat to the island that would leave at 10 AM.

When we arrived on the island we first went to the visitor centre. It was a small cute house on the side of the road with lots of maps and business cards of businesses on the island. The woman that was there told us about hiking trails and beautiful places on the island to see.

18446992_10155296361297103_7988025318680079715_n.jpgAs some of us wanted to go on a scooter drive around the island they called the company and there were still scooters left! We walked one street up and waited for the woman to come and give us the scooters. We first got a whole demo on how to use a scooter, because one of us had never driven one before. After the demo, signing the waivers and paying we finally started our drive over the island. First we went to the lighthouse beach and relaxed there for a little while. Then we went to the golf club to see the other side of the island. After that we went to Killarney lake and made some beautiful pictures. As we had still time left on our scooters we followed the road further and saw the third side of the island. It was amazing to drive through the rainforest and see the whole island on the scooters.

18518404_10155296361302103_5384719679776982194_o.jpgThe other group decided to go for a hike to Killarney lake instead. As it did not take long to get to the lake and it was going so much faster than expected, we decided to go around the lake as well. The nature along the way was amazing. You could really see the rain forest climate back on the island, as it was wet everywhere and you could see so much green. After a while it was time to eat something, so we stopped along the way and found a nice spot next to the water. When we all filled our stomaches, we had enough energy to continue our journey and went to the next recommendation. We followed the Kallarney creek trail to the Bridal Falls and fish ladder, where we made some beautiful pictures. Our last stop on the hike was the rock next to the lagoon. Here you had a great viewing point over the lagoon and the island.

After hiking and driving the scooter we all met up close to the ferry terminal and had some rest on the grass. A few of us took the 4 PM boat back, as they still had to take the bus back from Horseshoe Bay for quite a long time. Others relaxed or had some food, and stayed for one more hour.

We had an amazing day and we hope you all did too! Thank you for joining us!

– Janel and Iris

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What to do on the weekend?

It is almost time for the weekend, so it is time to figure out what to do on the weekend. We have a few suggestions for you that you might want to check out before you make any plans!

18193778_10155234529877103_6254901922779113200_nOn Sunday we are planning on going to Bowen Island with the INTERNeX family. Bowen Island is a small island between Vancouver Island and Vancouver. Therefore, we are going by ferry to this awesome destination, which is going to be already an adventure itself. Once there you get the choice to do a hike, explore the island by scooter, do kayaking or to do stand-up paddling. You are still able to join if you would like to explore this island with us. If you want to know more about the event then check out our Facebook page and the blogpost.

If you still don’t have something planned for Saturday, we might be able to help you out with that. This weekend is the second weekend that Playland is open, so it is time to go onto all the rides and to let the adrenaline kick in. For only $36 you can get a day ticket and ride almost all rides. If you buy it online you will even save $3.

8158899125_27926f40d4_oWhen you are more into culture, Fort Langley might be the perfect place for you! Fort Langley is a small and old village only a few hours from Vancouver. While walking around in this village, you will discover all the wonders from the 19th century. If Fort Langley is a bit too far away, then you can choose to go to Gulf of Georgia Cannery in Steveston village. During your visit in Gulf of Georgia Cannery, you will learn about the history of the West Coast fishing industry. Both historic sites are free this year, so it is the time to explore and get to know British Columbia.

If you would rather experience culture by trying out different food, then you should definitely go to the Illumination Summer Night market. This market is held every weekend from May till September. There are over 200 different food and merchandise stands, so there is enough entertainment for the whole night. This year will also be the first year that it is together with a huge light show. The entrance fee is only $3, so it is definitely worth trying out.

See you at Bowen island or at next PuB NiGHT!

– Iris

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Bowen Island Tour Guide: Activities

On May 14 we will take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to have a great day on Bowen Island! With this blog post we hope to inform you more about all the activities you can do there.

Bowen Island Sea Kayaking

We are on an island, which means it is all surrounded by water and a perfect place to go kayaking. Bowen Island Sea Kayaking rents kayaks and paddleboards but also arranges kayaking tours. It is your chance to get close to nature and wildlife and if you get on a tour, the experienced tour guide will tell you everything you need to know about Bowen Island and its waters. Their popular shoreline tour will cost you $75 and will give you pleasure for three hours. Keep in mind that there is a reservation required and a two-person minimum for the tours. If you rather go explore the waters by yourself you can also rent kayaks or a stand up paddleboard (SUP). This will cost you:8020479821_4b63800e32_o

  • 3 hour single kayak:    $45
  • 4 hour single kayak:    $55
  • 3 hour double kayak:  $70
  • 4 hour double kayak:  $85
  • 1 hour SUP:   $20
  • 2 hour SUP:   $35
  • 3 hour SUP:   $45

For further information and reservations go to their website.

Zoom Zoom Bowen Island

Zoom zoom or broom broom over Bowen Island with a fun, retro styled 49cc scooter. Hereby you can explore the island in a fun way and make many stops for the scenic views. All scooters they rent come with a demo lesson and helmet. They also have some good resources to help you get around the island. The rental rates are:

  • 2 hours:   $45
  • 4 hours:   $65
  • From 9am to 7pm:   $85

Be aware that these scooters are designed for single riders only, so it is not possible to go together on one scooter. You also need to be 19 years old and a valid drivers license is required. For all terms & conditions and more information, visit their website.


Bowen Island offers lots of hiking trails to enjoy. If you get off the ferry you can check out the maps in the information kiosk on the dock to your right. You can also click here to find all the hiking trails. When you are going to hike it is very important to stay on the marked trails to preserve the habitats for the plants and animals on the island.

If you want to get more inspiration for our trip to Bowen Island you can always pay a visit at this website. Good luck with finding the activity that suits you the most. I hope we will have an amazing visit together to this beautiful island.

– Tess

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