INTERNeX Canada: Fun Facts!

Summer of love, summer of love !! It was always said that summer is the season of love, and it´s true guys: Love is in the air.

Summer, the season when the happiness is a must, a need and a tireless search as it was a treasure. An imperative when our hearts beat faster while our hormones go trough the roof like a cheerful carnival. A season where you can go for a romantic walk beneath the moon or simply enjoy the frenetic nights in the dance floor. Everything is possible !!

Here we have some examples in Vancouver, maybe not conventional examples, but very original ! Let´s see…

Jarred Greff and Nina Schmidt

The first example  is a couple who got married during the “I love transit week” , on the bus Number 3.

It may seem that is crazy , but the reason why they got married there is because  they met each other in this bus.

None of the wedding guests (more and less 30)  had to pay the transit fare.

The bus picked up the guests at one location and then drove up to a church to pick up the bride. Interesting, isn´t it ? Congratulations to both on tying the knot !

The second example, is not a wedding, but a proposal !

Can you imagine that you are running one of the most famous marathons in Vancouver with around 10,000 runners participating, and after crossing the finish line your boyfriend proposes to marry in the middle of the crowd ??

Well, I guess I wouldn´t imagine something like this before, but it happened during the SeaWheeze lululemon Half-Marathon a few weeks ago.

I am sure that for him the most important about the marathon was not to finish it, if not the answer of his girlfriend: YES !!

What do you think guys? Is pretty interesting..Now that I told you this, take care because love is everywhere !!



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Summer Salsa Cruise in Vancouver!

What better way to enjoy an evening than with a night of salsa dancing! Grab a friend and head out for a night on the water! The MV Britannia is located at the foot of Denman off Georgia Street in Coal Harbour, and is Vancouver’s largest 3 level cruising vessel, with a capacity of just under 500, where two levels are inside and the third is just under the stars.

This event offers an exciting taste of Latin American Culture within the beautiful waters of Vancouver, cruising gorgeous False Creek. An outstanding night filled with only the best in music, entertainment and surroundings. Your ticket includes:

  • A sultry mix of Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Reggaeton and of course some Top 40, R & B and Hip Hop also blended into the night’s music vibe.
  • Take part in the beginner’s Salsa Lesson taught my Vancouver’s best instructors, then sit back and watch the show that follows while later testing your new moves.
  • Dance the night away on either of the 2 levels that are covered and to cool off, venture to the 3rd floor to continue exploring the world of Latin dance.
  • Whether you are taking a class to learn the dance that continues to sweep the world or just want that cruise around Vancouver’s stunning harbour your evening be a memorable one.
Or more information on this event, visit

Cha Cha Cha!
– Laura