Awesome PubNight @ The Cambie

Thanks for everyone for coming out to our PuBNiGHT yesterday. Even despite the fact that there was the fireworks festival yesterday we had several people came out and had a great time!

Like usual we played game so that someone could win an amazing prize. This week we gave out a $20 giftcard for the Rocky Mountains Chocolate Factory. In order to win the prize everyone had to play a game of memory.

We made our own version of this popular game. The objective was to get as much cards as possible together that complimented each other. For instance, there was a Brad Pitt card and a Angelina Jolie card; A Cow card and a Milk bottle card; etc. The person with the most cards won.

Everyone really enjoyed the game and there were some real fanatics in their! In the end it was Kristina who won the game, not a bad for someone that has just been in Vancouver for about a week!

Next week’s PuBNiGHT’s is at the Blarney Stone and I hope to see everyone there!

– Manouk