Smart Saver

This week with our smart saver, we’re going with great food again!

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for those who are not exactly early risers and don’t want to prepare their own stuff, we have found a super cheap offer. Subway is offering a $3 Breakfast Combo with a 6-inch breakfast sub and a coffee.

The Au Petit Cafe is a vietnamese restaurant, but offer $5 French-style sandwiches. Also their vietnamese food is pretty cheap. If you want to have a nice dinner with friends go to the La Taqueria. They’re offering tacos (which are awesome to share) for $2 (veggie) and $2.50 (beef). Check also out Wally’s Burger, their burgers are great, and huge! And the Deluxe Wally Burger, Wally Burger and Mushroom Swiss Burger are all $5 or less. But never forget the great “all food for $4.95” restaurants we have here in Vancouver. Those are the two different locations of the famous Warehouse and the dime, near Commercial Broadway. To be honest you should not eat anywhere else, their food is awesome and SO CHEAP, and they don’t only serve burgers and mac’n cheese but also healthy things from salads to quinoa. And they even make its cheaper! The dime offers 25ct wings on wednesdays (i’ve tried them, they’re delish!!) and at the famous warehouse they’re only 15ct! They also do an “all you can eat tacos tuesday” for $6.99.     So what are you waiting for?

Of course you need some refreshing dessert after this great meal. To save money why don’t you just make yourself an ice lolly out of you favourite juice or smoothy. You just need a small stick, fill your juice in a glass or even ice cube forms, put the stick in, freeze it and you have great ice cream which is nearly for free!

Hope all of you had a great weekend, enjoy the rest of your sunday and your day off tomorrow. You can sign up for our trip to the rockies until tuesday!


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INTERNeX Canada: Culture Shock

Although Timmy is my best friend now, my first time at Tim Horton’s was quite a shock… Tim Horton’s is supposed to be VERY Canadian, so I decided to try. I didn’t know that you need to prepare…

First of all, people in front of me ordered a “double double” and “timbits”. That is where I panicked and doubted my English abilities: I didn’t understand what they were saying, my English is obviously not as good as I thought?! Then, I was caught off guard when the server stares at me very expectantly after I ordered a “coffee”. Turns out you have to tell them how you’d like your coffee, if you want cream or sugar, and how much of it. I also had to answer a million questions about my breakfast sandwich: “bagel, English muffin or biscuit? beef, bacon or sausage? white egg or normal egg? cheese or no cheese?” And they want their answers FAST. So you better know what you want.

But once you had a couple of those experiences and get used to this icon of Canadian culture, you also order a “double double and a maple doughnut” with ease. Tim Horton’s is as Canadian as it can get, and if you manage to order there, so are you.

Check out all this Canadian-ness: It was founded in Canada (!) by a Canadian (!) Ice Hockey player (!) who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs (!) – I could already stop here, right!?  But it gets more Canadian. Tim Horton was from a rural small town (!) of Hamilton, Ontario (!). The first restaurant was opened in Hamilton in Ottawa Street (!). What makes Tim Horton’s one of THE Canadian symbols today is the fact that there are more Timmy’s stores in Canada than there is McDonald’s (!).

How do you like your coffee? Are you a double double Canadian yet?



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