INTERNeX Canada: Upcoming events!

After the terrific but awesome Halloween and a great Sunday on Stevenson, we already have tons of other fun activities prepared just for you!

The best trip of the winter season is coming soon!  Lakes, wild nature and the best company ever!  INTERNeX and West Trek  the Canadians Rockies! 4 days full of fun for just 315$ for INTERNeX people and 335$ for non INTERNeXers! It´s a must!

But that´s not all … It´s mandatory to see at least one Canadian hockey game! Probably we will go on 18th of November, but we are still working on it to get you guys the best option! So keep update!

Have your ever played paintball? It´s so much fun but the next day the bruises are not that fun! So why not to try laser tag? The best of paintball but with no pain!

And there is always time enough for some party!!! So why not a Pub and Club Night on Friday 30t h? Just to finish another great month! Yeapp

And of course like you should know every Wednesday we have our regular Pub Night! Every week in a different pub! The perfect meeting point for the newcomers and to keep in contact with all the INTERNeX people!!

Keep an eye to our blog and Facebook to know more and more details! Can´t wait!!



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Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149


Yesterday was the Paintball event! Thanks to everyone who came! It was an amazing day filled with a lot of fun!

When we got to Northshore Paintball North Vancouver it was time to get our guns, masks and our overalls to make sure we were really for our  day!

For a lot of us it was the first time going paintballing, and you could tell that some had talent and some were very cautious (maby a bit too much so). The definite winners of the day were Laura and Mette. They shot the most people from our group and were some of the most active players in the field!

To keep it fun for everyone, specially for those who got shot in the beginning, NorthShore Paintball organizes games that lasts about 15 min. Each game has a mission, shot as many people as possible, capture the suitcase and many more! This made the day extra nice because beside shooting everyone we had a real objective making it even more realistic!

Besides our team there were are bunch of other people there as well. This made it all the more fun as you had more people to shoot and it made the games really intense as you had a lot more people to defied!

Besides some good shots to the chest, legs, fingers, mask and gun there were a few shots that really stood out. For those shot I made up some titles:

The ‘ Most Embarrassing Shot‘ goes to Laura, who got shot in the ass by a fellow housemate!

The ‘ Most Near Fatal Experience Shot‘ goes to Matt, who got shot in the throat.

The ‘ Most Awesome Target‘ goes to Emil, who managed to get shot a lot of times and at least twice  in the head.

The ‘ Most Sneaky Person‘  goes to Ashwin, who had an amazing talent to sneak up on people

The ‘ Most Active Player‘  goes to Mette and Laura, they were awesome out there and shot a lot of people!

Everyone was covered in paint and sand and the occasional bruises at the end of the day but I think it is safe to say that everyone had a blast! Even the muscle pain Mette, Laura and me woke up with this morning is worth it! We had such a good time that we will definitely organize another Paintbal event soon, and we hope that everyone will join us!

– Manouk