Review:Pub Night @ UpperDeck

Yesterday we had another great Pub Night at the UpperDeck.
It was pretty awesome because 15 people were able to join us and we were lucky with the big table, so everyone had enough space to sit.
The food was okay but especially the Cider was pretty good.
Some of us ordered Bruschetta and got something, which looked like a Pizza with tomatoes. As we recognized later on the bill it was Pizza – Pizza Prosciutto. Bruschetta and Prosciutto seem to be similar in the pronunciation for the waitress.

However we had a lot of fun and Henrik was able to learn some German words because of the many German guys. On the other way around the German guys learnt some Japanese words.

I hope to see so many faces at the next Pub Night again.

Don’t forget to join our visit to the Queen Elizabeth Park on Saturday. It’s going to be awesome.

For everyone who doesn’t join us, have a nice rest of the week and a great weekend.

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INTERNeX Pot Luck June 6!

Since last weekend’s barbecue went so well, INTERNeX has decided to use food once more to bring people together! Join other INTERNeX participants on June 6 for a Potluck dinner! Come to the INTERNeX house around 6:30 p.m., and join in on the fun! This will be a relaxing evening featuring a nice dinner party.

If you don’t know what a potluck is, then you need to participate! A potluck is a gathering of people where each person contributes a dish of food to be shared among the group. This is a great way to show your cultural background, so bring a dish that best represents your country! It will be a fun way to teach others about where you’re from and learn about other people too! After all, food is a way that cultural groups express their way of living!

Please e-mail me at to tell me what you’re bringing. This is so we don’t have duplicates of dishes. If you don’t know where the staff house is, also e-mail me for directions!  You can bring an appetizer, main course or dessert! It’s completely up to you! We really hope you can make it!

Laura & Manouk

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