PuB NiGHT Review: The Mahony and Sons

What’s up peeps! It is a beautiful day here in Vancouver and it is time to try remembering what happened last night at our PuB NiGHT. In few words: it was a long night with a lot of people.


Night started at a pub called Mahoney and Sons. It is located at False Greek, at Stamps Landing and the view across the water to downtown is so beautiful. There was almost 25 people altogether and our tables were getting crowded. I was glad to see so many new faces at the pub night and everyone were making some new friends once again. We also joined the trivia night, a bit late tho, but it did not really matter since we were not that good at knowing the answers. We did got couple of them right!

We also had a reason to celebrate yesterday since it was Sara’s birthday! The waiters brought a piece of cake and ice cream for her and we also bought her the most disgusting shots the bar has to offer. You can guess which part of the present she appreciated more. Once more, Happy Birthday Sara!


Surprise surprise the night continued after Mahony and Sons. Some of us felt like the night was not over and we headed to a country club called the Yale. It was a pretty quiet last night but we didn’t mind. We had our own gang to create a party with. It was nice to play some pool because usually the club is so crowded that you don’t really have a chance to do that. I also tried riding the rodeo bull they have at the club and lets just say that I really need some more practice with that.

Big thanks to everyone who showed up, I had a great time with all of you!

On Sunday we are going to have a fun night playing laser tag. Remember to check the Facebook event for more details.

-Jasmin xx

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Is Canada on your bucket list?

As I was reading through the paper this morning, pictures of the annual “Running of the Bulls” festival in Spain filled the pages. As I flipped through the photographs, I couldn’t help but think that although some of people looked terrified (who wouldn’t with a 2,800 pound bull chasing them) – they had crossed something off of their bucket list, and it got me thinking.

What’s on my bucket list? What things do I want to conquer with every ounce of my being before my time here is over? This year alone has brought so many firsts for me and I really look forward to what the next six months will bring. If you’re reading this, that means you’re on the other side of the computer screen. You may already be in Canada or maybe you’re still in your home country. Either way, take the time to write down 5 adventurous things you want to do in your life, or how about this year!

If you’re not in Canada, then is visiting here on your bucket list? Do you want to see this beautiful country and experience the sight of mountains and city in the same glance? You can do it if you set your mind to it, and you can also come here on an internship, work placement or volunteer opportunity through any of INTERNeX’s programs.

What’s on my bucket list? (Not in any order)

Swim with sharks

Try Fencing

Play a round of golf in Scotland

Drink a round of beers in Scotland

Bungee jump

Solve a rubix cube


Visit Africa

Get my motorcycle license

and Live in New Zealand.

Those are just a few things on my list of things to accomplish in my lifetime, and this list is always growing. In my opinion, it should never stop, because you are never done exploring and trying new things! So, start writing YOUR bucket list!

More about the Running of the Bulls Festival:

Every morning of the festival at 8 a.m., six bulls are guided through the narrow, medieval streets of Pamplona by an equal number of large steers — each wearing a clanking cowbell — whose task is to keep the pack tight and galloping at an even pace.

The run covers 930-yards (850-meters) from a holding pen on the edge of town to the central bull ring where the bulls will face matadors and almost certain death in the afternoon.

The final bull, a massive red-colored beast called Gavioto from the renowned Jandilla ranch, was coaxed into a pen at the bullring, the final destination. In the ring, Gavioto tossed a man in the air, partially removing his trousers with the tip of his right horn.

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