Experience IT Review – Khatsalano fest

On Saturday we went to Khatsalano Streetfest, a 10 block street festival with lots of stuff to do! It was great to experience it with you. Thank you for coming!

First we were amazed by how big it was, since it was held on 4th avenue and they closed 10 blocks of the street off for this festivity. There was enough to look at: bands, food trucks, beer gardens and other vendors. We decided to start at MacDonald, and just walk all the way to Burrard to see what is going on.


We saw people doing all these different games to win amazing prizes so Iris and I, like real Dutchies, decided to get involved in this as well. First we spinned a wheel and got a free keychain. As second we were in the running for free waxing, but unfortunately we didn’t throw the ball in the golden bucket. After that we stood in line to throw Blundstones in a bucket 20 meters further, to win a pair of Blundstones. I came quite close, but didn’t make it.

After these exciting games we strutted a bit more down the streets and felt like we also deserved some food in our tummies. So we ate one of the best ice creams I had so far in Vancouver, with a fresh waffle cone. Of course I couldn’t handle it very well, so after the ice cream I continued with some chocolate stains on my shirt.

Luckily we found the beer gardens quite fast, so we could enjoy some nice refreshers in the sun. Although some people left at that point, I went on till the end of the festivity and made use of the variety of food trucks around dinnertime.

I had a great time with the people who joined  and I hope to see you all at PuB NiGHT or at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival!

– Tess

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