How was your weekend?

My weekend was great! Thanks to you! You made this weekend a weekend I will remember. Everyone survived, except our new friend Bob. Are you curious what we all did in Whistler? Good! Keep reading and you will find out.


It was an early Saturday morning. Time to get up and prepare myself for a fun weekend. We took the bus and drove a beautiful road all the way up to Whistler. Right after check-in it was already time to go to the bungee jump office. We drove with a van into the mountains where we stopped at a bridge. This is it, there is no way back now. We nervously waited on the bridge till it was our turn to jump from it. I got even more nervous when it was my turn to jump. I still remember the instructor saying: “Just look at the treetops and try to catch them”. So I did. Without thinking I jumped and a second later my view went from the treetops to the river underneath me. At that time I realized how high this was. Those were the most terrifying seconds of my life. Then I felt the rope that broke my fall and I felt so relieved and free. I did it! After everybody jumped and saw their pictures we went back to the apartments.


We decided to do a more relaxing thing now, so we decided to go in the hot tub. While the rest of the group was in a minus 32 degrees room to taste some vodka, we were swimming in a 32 degrees hot tub. There have to be some difference. When we went back to the apartments, we made some delicious spaghetti and did some fun games. When the time was ready, we decided to explore Whistler village to check out the clubs. We went to Tommy Africa’s, a small but fun club were we enjoyed ourselves on the dance floor, in the pole or at the bar.

IMG-20171029-WA0019_previewNext day, everybody woke up happy and full of energy. Maxine and Marvin made us some really tasty eggs. After breakfast we went to the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre to learn all about these two different cultures. We watched a movie, did the tour and made a bracelet out of wood. When the tour was finished we went to the village to get some lunch. The last few hours in Whistler we played the Scavenger Hunt Game. Besides people proposing strangers, doing a dramatic earthquake scene, dancing the Macarena, earning money as a street musician and doing a breakdance on the street, nothing weird happened. Unfortunately, time was already there to go back to the bus.

I hope you enjoyed the Whistler trip as much as I did. Thanks again for being part of this experience, it wouldn’t be that fun without you. You all get the greetings from Bob as well. There will be no pub night at Wednesday, but I hope to see you all tomorrow at the Halloween party!

– Bart

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INTERNeX Canada: Whistle Weekend Review

After the last weekend we can look back to an amazing Whistler trip! We had so much fun in these two action-packed days! Exciting hikes to lakes and a suspension bridge, fascinating bike rides with gripping lake views, thrilling ziplines and literally breathtaking bungee jumps!

We started off on Friday and our bus ride was filled with the foggy and mysterious-looking landscapes of the famous Sea-to-Sky Highway. In Whistler we checked in the HI hostel and were happy to discover our rooms to be in a private unit with bathroom facilities – just for our group! Friday night we enjoyed the nightlife of Whistler Village: we went for pizza, had drinks and watched sport highlights of the day in a pub, danced the night away in a club where a fire breathing bartender entertained us even more.

Our Saturday trip started with a hike to Lost Lake that actually was quite easy to find :-). Later, some of us rented bikes to continue a sunny tour around the beautiful Whistler lakes. Others had probably the most thrilling experience of their lives: we jumped from a 50m high bridge over the Cheakamus River! A moment that will stick with us forever. In the evening rain took over in Whistler, so we stayed in the hostel and had a tasty dinner with hamburgers and salad. A spacious and fully equipped kitchen was perfect to prepare food for the whole group and was a lot of fun for us all! It was a relaxed evening at HI Whistler: we hung out in the comfy chairs of the hostel’s common area and used the TV room with the huge screen for a movie night!

The hostel also provides a convenient dining room and café for breakfast, which was amazing for an early Sunday morning. We began our day with a hike starting right next to the hostel and discovered a suspension bridge on our way! Some of us went for another adrenaline shot and zip lined high up the Blackcomb Mountain. To end our perfect Whistler experience we took the Peak2Peak Gondola to see the graceful mountains expand in front of us and, once on the top, we spotted the famous Inukshuk Olympic symbol! It was a spectacular view!

Thank you everybody for joining this amazing trip and making it an unforgettable experience!



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