Whistler trip!

Just three more days till all the craziness starts. To make sure you are going well prepared to Whistler, we have made a planning of the Whistler trip. Read through and decide what to bring. We have our heated hot tub, so don’t forget to bring your swimming suit. Keep in mind there is snow now in Whistler, so bring also some warm clothes with you.


On Saturday we will meet at 9:30 am in front of Burrard Station. Be on time, otherwise the bus is leaving without you. We will arrive at 12 pm in Whistler. We have some little time left before the daredevils are going to bungee jumping and the alcoholics are going to the -32 degrees room to taste some vodka. After these activities it is time to go to the apartments to prepare ourselves a nice diner. After the diner it is time to check out the pubs and clubs in Whistler.

Rise and shine. It is time to have breakfast at 10 am. Afterwards we go to the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre to do some fun activities. When we are finished, we have the rest of the day to see what Whistler has more to offer. After everyone did their shopping or sightseeing, we will meet again at the apartment. We get our luggage and go back to the bus. We will be back at Burrard Station around 7 pm.

We hope you are all as much excited as we are and we will see you Saturday (and also tonight at PuB NiGHT)!

– Bart

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Review: Whistler trip

IMG_1729This weekend we went on our monthly trip to Whistler! We met up at Tim Horton’s at 7:45 AM, which was super early so luckily we could get our breakfast and coffee there. Since we are a big group Tess could check us all in at the same time and we didn’t have to stand in line, so we could all sit next to each other which is always way more fun than being divided. The Sea to Sky Highway was truly a beautiful view and our tour guide Gabrielle told us a lot of things about our surroundings which was a great addition. We had a stop at Shannon Falls, a beautiful waterfall in Squamish where some Twilight scenes were filmed.

IMG_1816.JPGAfter the stop we continued our journey to Whistler and we arrived there around 10:45 AM. We got a walking tour around the village and our tour guide told us where we needed to be for each activity. After that everybody went their own way. Zack, Iris, Tess, Kristina, Larissa and I went for a little walk around a frozen river, where we had some adventures in the snow. We ended up losing Tess, Kristina and Larissa, so we were having a little photoshoot with the three of us. After that we decided to have lunch at The Furniture Warehouse, one of those amazing $5 dollar for a meal places, and apparently we all had the same thought, because everyone had lunch there apart from each other.

17572128_1596970726997289_1157462316_oAfter lunch we went to The Brewhouse, where we had a hot drink in front of the fireplace. Then Zack went off to have fun at the tube park and Iris and I went to go bungee jumping. It’s was so scary but also the most exciting thing we’ve ever done. Sarah, Merle, Sol, Pablo and Niclas went for ziplining and they had a great time too. They even got to rent a GoPro and took some amazing shots. Tess, Kristina and Larissa decided to go to the Ice Bar for a vodka tasting where they were put in $1.500 jackets to survive the cold. They weren’t allowed to lick the walls because their tongues would get stuck on there, which disappointed them a little. But luckily you can actually taste the real flavour of vodka in -32˚, so they got a whole new experience as well.

After all the activities it was time to get on the bus back to Vancouver and everybody got to exchange their stories. We had a lot of fun and judging by your stories you did too, so thank you all for joining us!

– Danielle

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INTERNeX is going to Whistler!

Sad that you missed out on our last trip to Kelowna or excited to go on another trip with the INTERNeX family? Then this trip to Whistler on the 25th of March is perfect for you!

20106059240_04203fb028_oWhistler is a must see in Canada! It is a beautiful city close to Vancouver. It is mainly known as a skiing and snowboarding resort. In 2010, Whistler even hosted some events of the Winter Olympics. We will not be able to go skiing or snowboarding, but there are a lot of other activities to do!

Our one day trip includes a sightseeing tour on the beautiful Sea to Sky Highway, a stop in Shannon Falls and a walking tour in Whistler Village. So make sure to take your camera with you on this trip. After the sightseeing tour we have some free time. You can choose to ride the peak 2 peak gondola on top of the mountains, which will give you a beautiful view over the city and the mountains. Or do you still have snowmobiling on your bucketlist? Then the Whistler day-trip is the perfect time for you to cross it off. You can also let your inner child free by doing some snow tubing in the tube park. Other activities are snowshoeing, dog sledding or sleigh riding and if you want to do something more extreme, try out bungee jumping or ziplining!

I18591095366_e91541873b_of you want to join the trip, sign up and pay in cash at the INTERNeX office or during PuB NiGHT before the 10th of March. The trip costs $50 including transportation and the sightseeing tour. All activities mentioned above are optional and are additional expenses. To stay updated, check out the Facebook event.

There are only limited spots available for the trip, so make sure to sign up now!

– Iris

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INTERNeX experiences Whistler

Past Friday we started our amazing weekend trip to Whistler. During our bus ride we collected some power for the night. Whistler received us with rain and the way from the bus station to the hotel therefore was not that enjoyable, especially because we all had to carry lots of food and of course our baggage.
Furthermore the challenge for me was to guide all people, with suitcase in the one hand, IMG_2008mobile phone as a navigation system and umbrella in the other hand, to our accommodation.
After arriving there we divided all the food (more or less) fair and got ready for having dinner.
I was wondering that we managed to go out togetherbecause actually it’s always a little difficult to handle so many people. Therefore I’m glad we made it! Afterwards we met up in one of our rooms for celebrating the rest of Vivien’s birthday. In addition to that we partied into Yannick’s birthday. We had lots of fun!

IMG_2072Concerning the weather the next day was a way better than the day before.

Luckily the sun was shining the whole day. Perfect requirements for doing all the activities we had planned. Most of us did zip lining which is really amazing and it’s also a lot of fun! I have done that before so I just went hiking with some other girls. We bought a ticket for one of the gondolas and enjoyed the gorgeous view on the peak of the mountain. Some girls also did bungee jumping. I would never do a bungee jump or something comparable. I’m not afraid of heights but I don’t trust the equipment. However the girls really had fun and would like to do this again. Unbelievable!

As I already mentioned two of our INTEReXers had their birthday this past weekend so we had a good reason to party a lot. That’s why we went out to have some drinks after we cooked dinner on our own. That night was just awesome!IMG_2075

Sadly we didn’t manage to go out as a whole group because some preferred to go to a Club and some only wanted to go to a Pub. I decided to join the “Pub Crawl”. We played darts and some drinking games. It was so much fun!

Even on Sunday our group was separated. I was part of the “Adventure Group”. We wanted to go to Alta Lake, which is actually very close to Whistler Village, and our plan was to rent a canoe but instead we experienced the surroundings (even if it was involuntary…). Nevertheless I guess there are worse places to spend your Sunday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and for that reason we relaxed on a jetty and enjoined
the amazing view we had on the mountains, the lake and the houses around the lake.IMG_2079
And then the weekend trip was already almost over again. Time flies a way too fast especially if you are having a good time and that’s what we had.


Hope you enjoined the trip as much as I did!

Whistler Trip Review

There should be a holiday dedicated to all the brave people who show up to work on Mondays, especially after spending an awesome weekend in Whistler.

We started our Trip to Whistler at 7am at Canada place were we waited for the bus to pick us up. However for most of us we had to wake up at 6am, which is way too early for a Saturday morning. We were with 12 INTERNeX candidates and around 10 others. Once we were on the road, everyone had to decide what they want to do during our stay in Whistler. There are so many activities you can choose out; bungee jumping, zip trekking, snow tubing, skiing/snowboarding, peak2peak gondola. Three brave candidates decided to go bungee jumping, a couple others decided to go zip trekking and going on the peak2peak gondola and then there was a group who decided to go and shred the fresh powder snow.

Once arrived in Whistler we had to take a shuttle bus to Whistler Village. Our Tour guide hooked us up with all the tickets for the day and we were ready to enjoy our first day in Whistler. The weather was not to bright, but still everyone had a great time. We met each other again at 5pm to go to the Coast Hotel, take a relaxing moment in the hot tub while it was snowing, have a nice home-cooked dinner and chatting about our day. At 9pm it was time to take the free shuttle bus down to whistler village for a wicked party at tommy Africas.

The next morning most of us slept in and enjoyed the breakfast before checking out and than made their way to the next activities. The once who went on the peak2peak gondola had a beautiful sunny view, the zip trekkers enjoyed a three hour walk/zip trek through the forest on the mountain and the skiers and boarders shredded the fresh snow. At 4pm everyone managed to be in Whistler village and we went for a last beer before heading back to Vancouver.

For more picture click here and if took some pictures you want to share, send them to us or post them on Facebook. This was definitely on of the best weekends we had so far and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Who is up for another crazy weekend in the Rocky Mountains next month?

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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend? WHISTLER Review!

This was one of the best weekends. Ever.

Though on Saturday morning when my alarm rung at 6am, I honestly asked myself why I was up at this ridiculous hour. I dragged myself out of bed, forced myself in the shower and pack. I admit, I was so unprepared and only threw in whatever I can in my backpack 15 minutes before I was supposed to leave. After scrambling to get out of the house knowing I will be late, I made it to Pacific Central Station to meet with the rest of the group at board the 2.5 hour Greyhound Journey to Whistler!

We finally made it to Whistler and after dropping our bags off at our hotel, Tantalus Lodge, we all went to grab some brunch at The Little Eatery (Side note: Funny thing was that I just went to a restaurant called The Eatery the night before… not that this has anything to do with our trip). After lunch, explored Whistler village which was  iconic for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Most of us just window shopped as Whistler can be quite pricey, but some did do some damage to their credit card! Of course, we also stocked up on some much needed beverages for our activity later on.

We met back at the hotel at 4pm to go to what we were all looking forward to: the hot tub! Tantalus Lodge has two hot tubs and a heated swimming pool outside, but I was a bit skeptical about this because it had been pouring rain the whole day! Honestly though, once you are in the hot tub, the rain feels quite good because the water feels so hot. We spent about 3-4 hours there just hanging out and having fights in the pool. This was the best and everyone really opened up and got comfortable with each other.

Feeling kind of dizzy and hungry, we decided to go back to our rooms and make some dinner. We had 3 rooms with 5-6 people in each room and so each room had their own arrangements for dinner. I hear the boys were quite proud of their meat tomato onion mushroom pasta.

After dinner, we went to a club called Garfinkel’s where we were on the guest list and had a table reserved to us. Maybe it’s slow season in Whistler so the club wasn’t that full, but that’s okay. The music was great and the Koreans showed us how to properly do the Gangnam Style dance.

On Sunday, we were so exhausted from the night before and for the girls in my room, this was all because of the unfortunate false fire alarm that woke us up at 3am (while people in other rooms were oblivious). We all slept in and didn’t check out until 11am.

Sunday was a big day for six of us. We had already paid the non-refundable fee for bungee jumping. There was no turning back. Yes, bungee jumping, meaning one jumps from the top of a river that was 50 meters high with a rope attached to you. Seriously, it wasn’t that scary waiting for the jump, that is until you are falling. I’m not sure how to explain that feeling of just falling and you have no control, but I would definitely recommend everyone to give it a go.  It’s just something you have to do once in your life time. Thank goodness for the staff counting down and all the pressure with everyone watching or else I would have never done it.

It was really difficult to choose between all the photos we took so check out all the rest here.

That pretty much explains the trip. It was awesome, thrilling and one we will never forget. Who is up for another crazy weekend in the Rocky Mountains next month?



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INTERNeX Canada: > W H I S T L E R < announcement!

Attention!  You’re just about to encounter this fall’s hottest offer!

Together with our awesome partner West Trek Tours, INTERNeX will take you and your friends on the ultimate weekend getaway to Whistler on October 13th and 14th! I’m sure you have all heard about this crazy place before, but it is certainly something you wanna see with your own eyes. Nature by day and party by night is probably the best combination ever and Whistler boasts plenty of both. On this 2-day trip you will have enough time to enjoy as much nature, adventure and nightlife as you can possibly take.


INTERNeX candidates:  $109

Non-INTERNeX:  $115


Saturday, Oct 13th (depart 8am) – Sunday, Oct 14th (arrive 7pm)

This is what you get for your money:

  • Deluxe highway coach round trip transportation incl. viewpoint stops
  • 1 nights hotel accommodation @ Tantalus Resort Lodge in Whistler Village (6 people per luxury style apartment suite = 1 queen bed, 2 single beds, 1 sofa couch + kitchen to prepare your own food -> keeps the costs low!)
  • Hotel features heated outdoor swimming pool, sauna and HOT TUB (Don’t forget to bring swimming suit and drinks!!)
  • Nightclub entrance
  • FREE tour of the village andoptional hike to Lost Lake
  • A friendly Canadian tour guide
  • All tips and taxes

Optional things to do (not included in price, discounts available):

  • Bungee Jumping – A total adrenaline rush as you test your nerve by throwing yourself off a perfectly good bridge to plunge 53m (160 ft) over the Cheakamus river.  $120 – SAVE $10!
  • Ziptrek – The “lighter” version to a bungee jump: Speed up safely attached to zip lines and whizz down through the dramatic landscape in between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.

Friends + fun + awesomeness -> This will be a weekend to remember! Come and make your own memories with us!

Just join the event on facebook to make a reservation!! Please contact the INTERNeX PR team at pr@internexcanada.com if you have any questions and let us know if you’re going to bring along friends too, you’re more than welcome to do so. 🙂

See you guys tonight at the Lennox Pub!



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