How was your weekend?

The weekend is over already? I swear it was Monday like 5 seconds ago. Ok new week, let’s do this. But before I am ready for you, let’s look back to the weekend first.

26909292_1591413390947326_105795224_oFriday around weekend o’clock many people showed up at my place for some games. We played zombies, what do you meme, chug and bus driver. Before we realised it was already 11 pm, which means less games and more club. So we moved to Roxy and danced the night away.

Good morning afternoon, time to get up and go to the PNE. There we watched a lot of light sculptures during the Chinese Lantern Festival. We walked around for two hours, ate some food and watched a lot of performances. After the festival, we headed over to the bourbon for more games.

I hope your weekend was a good one too. Tell me all about it next PuB NiGHT at the Blarney Stone. See you there!

– Bart

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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

This weekend we went to Richmond to ride on Go-Karts! We arrived in Richmond Station early but we had to walk a long the field to find the Go-Kart place. After arrived, suddenly started to rain so we were a little worried about the fact that maybe we were not going to can ride! But we put on our helmets and we waited patiently.

But finally our turn come, and was pretty funny! It’s very easy to ride a Kart and we gave a few laps trying to pass each other. But I would like that the cars are faster!  We finished the race tired but happy. And stained with mud…

And coming back home we had a very funny anecdote: the bus driver was charming and he suddenly he switched on the bus speakers and he said: “Let’s see if the European people is smarted than Canadian people. If you don’t pass the test you can’t get off the bus!” And he started to ask us questions like in a quiz show! That was very funny!

In Vancouver, some of us went to a pub to drink something, and then started to rain cats and dogs… the end of the good weather! And you? How was your weekend?



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International Ice Cream house

Laura and I bought a frozen yogurt in town the other day and then got on the bus to go to work. You’re not supposed to eat on the bus but the bus driver was a friendly guy and we starting talking to him. We told him that the frozen yogurt was not very good and that we were looking for a good place to get some, because Laura really loves it and  I haven’t eaten it before so I would like to try it. The bus driver recommend a place called the International Ice Cream house to us. So when I got back to the office, I decided to check it out.  And this is what I found out.

The international ice cream house is actually called the La casa Gelato By Internatonal Ice Cream Factory and they have some of the finest gelato, sorbetto and yoghurt found anywhere around the world! They are located on 1033 Venables St, Vancouver, BC and have been there for over 20 years. With +580 flavours and counting Vince Misceo and his wife Giuseppina have done an amazing job.

Even the shop is a beacon for ice cream lovers. The pink building looks to scream at you: ‘ Come in and have some ice cream!’


Don’t you find flavors such as Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry boring? Looking to be at more adventurous? At the International Ice Cream factory you can experience flavours that will make you do the classic double-take: red bean, curry, garlic, wild asparagus and the exotic durian (be careful of this one, there’s a lid on it for a reason). Don’t worry, if you don’t like to experiment you can always go for more mainstream flavours at La Casa: amaretto, hazelnut, lemon and chocolate.

How do you want it?

By the cup, the cone or the waffle, La Casa Gelato has it all. What’s more, the gelato is made from the best fresh and natural ingredients, and a special process makes it silky smooth. Look for monthly specials such as Pale Ale Beer Sorbetto. Doesn’t that sound like the best of both worlds?

Information on how to get there can be found here

Laura and I will definitely go there soon, and hopefully you can join us!

– Manouk