Experience IT review – Outdoor Movie Night

2017-08-22 22.32.00

This Tuesday we went to the outdoor movies at Stanley Park. There was a big inflatable screen in the middle of the park. When we came there, it was already really crowded. However, we saw the AMAZING sunset at English bay (yes Sarah, you missed the sunset again). When we were ready to search for a spot to sit, all the spots on the field were already taken. But luckily for us, we could find a spot where we could sit all together.

2017-08-22 22.01.16

The movie ‘The Guardians of the galaxy 2” began, so it was time for us to grab some food from the food trucks. We enjoyed the movie. Because we were more talking than actually watching the movie, we decided to go to the beach were we could talk, without interrupting the movie for other people.

We talked and laughed a lot, and of course took some pictures. When we decided to leave before the film was over,  we were already too late of course. So we did go with the flow to the busses to get home after a great night. Do you also want a great night? Come to the PuB NiGHT at Mahony & Sons tonight!

– Bart

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