Get Your Golden Ticket!

Love fashion? Love culture? Then you’ll want to get your hands on a Golden Ticket. Curious? You should be, because this ticket is your admission to one of  the West Coast’s most prestigious fashion events – and Vancouver’s biggest fashion event of the year!

Vancouver Fashion Week is celebrating a decade of fashion with the Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show this November 2 – 7, 2010. A lot of people are trying to get their hands on this hot ticket. Why?

Well, I’m sure you’ve listened to popular beats, like Jay-Z mentioning Brooklyn, or J-Lo from the Block.  And of course there’s New York, which is a city famous for its fashion, especially New York Fashion Week. Well, Vancouver Fashion Week is quickly becoming a must-see fashion event for people around the globe. You can catch a glimpse of international fashion hitting the runway, with big, bold, and colourful collections.

Where does this golden ticket get you?

You’ll get to see many fashion shows featuring collections from designers from countries such as Trinidad, India, Brazil, Norway, and of course, Vancouver!

Now, you must be wondering HOW do you get your hands on this ticket?

At one one of our Wednesday Pub Nights, of course! Want to live it up as a fashionista for one night? Make sure to come on out and mingle with other INTERNeX Candidates for your chance to win!

There will be a game and if you win, you will get that ticket which gives you admission.  And of course, I will personally accompany you to the event, so we can both experience what’s new and exciting in the fashion world!

Click on Vancouver Fashion Week’s website to see what this is all about:

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F5 Expo 2010-04-07

Are you a business geek? Are you interested in social media strategies and mobile marketing?

On April 7, 2010, some of the most successful online media strategists will be speaking at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Downtown Vancouver. The F5 aims at providing businesses and entrepreneurs with insights into how a successful business stems from incorporating new ideas by tossing out the “old, out-dated” ones. With great emphasizes placed on social media marketing and the impact of future technology on civilization, the F5 provides a centralized network for all media enthusiasts to learn and exchange ideas with each other.

One of the most notable keynote speakers at the event is Malcolm Gladwell.  Malcolm Gladwell is one of the 2005 top 100 most influential people of Time Magazine who has made an enormous buzz in society through his publication of “The Outlier: The Story of Success”.  Malcolm has the drive to explore new trends to help organizations make the right decisions. He is an exceptionally high profiled figure in the business world.

The F5 Expo is a perfect opportunity for anyone who is interested in diving deeper into the social media industry. Whether you are already business professional or a university student hoping to run your own business, the F5 Expo will give you some smart tactics and new ideas to run your current or potential business.

For more information, please visit:

Canada’s First Olympic Gold!!

So i’ve been bitten…by the Olympic bug that is! Most of my weekend was spent glued in front of some form of a screen in order to catch every nail breaking and teeth grinding Olympic moment. I would say I am more of a summer sports fanatic myself; however, there is no denying the Winter Games buzz that is reverberating around the entire world. I have not been able to tear myself away from both the men’s and women’s Moguls, the speed skating and of course the figure skating! I was fortunate enough to catch two out of the total three glorious moments for Canada in making it to the podium. Woohoo Go Canada! Just in case you aren’t aware but Canada has already won 3 medals-one gold, one silver and one bronze- staying strong behind the US, Germany, Switzerland and France. Our Olympic gold Medallist was Alexandre Bilodeau in the free style skiing-men’s Moguls with a winning score of 26.75. His run was phenomenal in terms of his turns and the amount of air he got on his jumps! For sure the gold standard!
Jennifer Heil, who many thought was the one and only contender for the Gold in the ladies’ moguls, ended up with a silver medal in the event. Some sensed a little bit of disapointment by Heil during the flower ceremony but we are all proud of her amazing accomplishment anyway. Then last but not least the wonderful Kristina Groves, just with sheer determination was she able to hold onto her bronze medal with a +2.31 second difference from the top time. All of these events were truly thrilling for all of us spectators…maybe 2012 i’ll be in the stands cheering on the world athletes in London. A girl can dream right?