INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend? Indian Sunday review!

After an amazing Saturday having some rest, Sunday INTERNeX had the Indian Day. We met at Waterfront Station and our first stop was Sikh Temple.

We followed the Indian tradition so we covered our hair, and we left our shoes at the door. Feeling a little more Indian we went inside the temple. It was really wide and nice. The area was divided in two subareas, one for women and another one for men where the Indian families pray separated by gender.

After that, a nice man asked us to join their lunch. In the same temple they have a dining room downstairs where every day they prepared Indian food.  So we really had a real Indian experience eating Indian food made by Indian people in an Indian temple! The best of all was the hospitality and kindness of the people there and of course to have the possibility of living such an authentic experience without leaving Vancouver!

After that we went to Punjabi Market area. It´s just a couple of streets with Indian restaurants and shops, perfect if you want to buy some jewelry, silk, species.. But be careful there is not Market in Punjabi Market, just to let you know.

Later we took a bus to come back to downtown to take some beer at Cambie Bar.

It was a strange Sunday but with a lot of fun moments… like the guys with their handmade turban, the bus where everybody spent so much time going and coming back, Torben and I we just got off the bus in the wrong stop and we walked all East Hasting long, with their particular nice views..

Thanks you all guys and thank you to all the kind people we met in Sikh Temple!

Have a good day! अच्छा दिन



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