Rocky Mountains

TownAlthough driving more than 2.000 kilometers in four days, without too much sleep, nothing will ever replace Internex’s amazing trip to the Rockies.  Early Friday morning a group of people from all over the world stepped into a bus, left Vancouver and took out on a journey to The Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Our tour guide was Hayley from West Trek Tours, who made this trip as unforgettable as it was, together with our bus driver Handsome Ian. We drove along the highway until we reached the beautiful town Hope where we had some pit stop and we already were surrounded by mountains. Next stop was in Kelowna were we had a picnic on the beach, enjoyed the hot sun and took a swim in the refreshing Kelowna Lake.  Back on the Canadian Okanakan highway we drove along the Okanakan lake until we made another pit stop at a farmers market to pick up some delicious fruits to enjoy on the way.huts


Finally before sunset we made it to the Mountain View Cabins in Golden.  After a long drive we were all hungry so the cabin hosts made us a BBQ dinner and after the dinner we grilled some marshmallows on a bonfire. Can you imagine sitting around a bonfire up in the mountains in RockiesCampfiremiddle of nowhere were you can smell the nature all around you?  Surrounded by forests and wild animals and being told stories of people running away from a bears? The night turned into a bonfire party, were our lovely guide Hayley sang country songs and played her ukulele and we all sang along. What a wonderful night!





Early Saturday morning we drove back on the highway until we reached rockies1Alberta State and guess what?  We drove back in time. We arrived into Banff National Park where I’m pretty sure the most beautiful nature on this earth exists. First we went to see Emerald Lake and Lake Louise, a stunning beautiful lakes, as blue as the sky, with mountains all around them. Almost like standing in front of a picture. Then it was time to see Lake Louise from above. We drove down to the Lake Louise ski resort and had a lunch buffet before we took the gondola up to a mountain were we got the most amazing view ever. sheepOn our way up, we searched for some wild animals in the forest, but I guess they were hiding.  However we got lucky on our way back.  We found them.  Yes guys, up in the wild nature on our way back in the bus we finally saw some bears. Not just one or two, no we saw seven bears.  A black bear mother, feeding her two little cubs and the cutest grizzle bears hiding between the trees. I actually didn’t know that on this earth there existed a place where wild bears could just chill along the road, but now I know 🙂


Next we drove to the cute little mountain town Banff to check in to our hotel and have some relaxing time before dinner. It was Saturday night, so people were in mood for partying. We went to a pub for a drink or two and then we found a nightclub in town. Have you ever visited a nightclub up in the mountains? If not, there is one in Banff 😉

Sunday morning we woke up early and had our breakfast from Tim Horton. We had a long day ahead, the biggest sightseeing day on the trip.  We went to see Lake Minnewanka / Two Jack Lake, Bow lake and Moraine lake, which was even more stunning than Lake Louise. What a nature and what a place. The last lake we saw was Peyto Lake, were we took a polar bear swim were the water is only  5,5 degrees.  That was pretty awesome.  Then we drove in to the Jasper National park were we had the highlight of the day, The Columbia Ice field. The largest ice field in the Rocky Mountains which is about 325 square kilometres (125 sq mi) in area, 100 metres (330 ft) to 365 metres (1,198 ft) in depth and receives up to 7 metres (280 in) of snowfall per year. RockisCarOur glacier adventure began with an opportunity to ride on the surface in the all-terrain Ice Explorer – a massive vehicle specially designed for glacier travel, and there are only 23 of them in the whole world. When we came up to the glacier, we walked on the ice and filled our water bottle with fresh glacier water. Defiantly the best water we’d ever taste. It was a perfect time to capture the beauty of the Ice field’s breathtaking mountain setting.clatier

Back on the highway on our way to Mount Robson, we made a stop at the Athabasca Falls, the most powerful waterfall in the Rocky Mountains which was pretty amazing. It was cold so we found a Belgium waffle man and had some hot drinks and waffles there. Then we kept driving and were we almost reached Mount Robson, the highest peak of The Rocky Mountains, we unfortunately drove into a thick black fog where our beautiful sunny weather changed into heavy rain. Too bad for a view on Mount Robson. Before dinnertime, we made it to our country hotel in Mt. Robson, were we checked in and had a nice warm shower. kowboysA real country night was about to start, yes ladies and gentleman we were now all ready to see some real cowboys. We were picked up of the cowboys and their cowgirls who drove us to their ranch and served us a dinner and drinks. The dinner party soon changes to a wild cowboy party were we all danced line dance late into the night. Monday morning we drove back to Vancouver.

Thank you all for joining us on this unforgettable Rocky Mountains trip. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as the PR team.



PR Team



INTERNeX goes Rockies – 8th August

Yaaaaaaay, we are going to the ROCKIES again.

We are going to leave Vancouver at the 8th August at 12.15pm, so you can still sleep in a little bit or go to your morning classes. Our first stop will be at Kamloops, as well as in Cragellachie, to do some sightseeing before we arrive in our hotel in Revelstoke, where we are going to spend our first night. Of course our tour guide will take us out for some drinks in a local pub!

On our second day we will have a tour through Yoho, Glacies and the Banff Nationalparks, as well as visiting all the stunning lakes around and have lots of free time to do optional activities like kayaking and much more great stuff. We will as well have a guided tour of Banff (of course with some free time for shopping or whatever you like to do) and the choice to take the sightseeing Gondola with the 360 mountain view. And in the evening we have some VIP Nightclub tickets for Banff (you can join this if you are 18+).

The third day will be started with a walk through Johnston’s Canyon and we are going to travel the Icefield Parkway, visiting the Bow& Peyto Lakes and having the option to take the world renowned SnoCoach on the Columbia  Icefields. We’ll explore the town Jasper (free time) and visit the Mt. Robson, which has the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. At the end of our tour we’ll have a BBQ dinner with a campfire where we can roast marshmallows and have some drinks. We’ll spend this night in Valemount.

On our last day you will have the option to do a bear safari and we are going to visit the Spahats Falls and the Othello Tunnels before we return to Vancouver at about 7.30pm.

This great tour is only $329 for INTERNeX Members.

Tour Includes:
3 Breakfasts
1 BBQ Dinner
Campfire & Marshmallow Roast
VIP Nightclub Entrance
Shared Accommodation (4 people, 2 beds)
Deluxe Transportation
Discounted Optional Activities
Park Fees, Tips & Taxes
Discounted Optional Activities: (prices will increase slightly if booking these activities on tour)
Banff Gondola $35
Columbia Icefields Glacier Adventure $50
Banff Gondola & Glacier Adventure Combo $80
River Safari, Bear Watching $67

You can sign up for this trip in our office and please remember to pay cash. If you want to do any of the optional activities you can pay for them in advance as well because then they will be a little cheaper than if you decide to pay during the tour. However you can still decide at the trip which activities you would like to do. We will post some more information about the trip, the hotels we are staying in, the cities we are going to and the optional activities during the next weeks and you can sign up (and pay) until 5th august at 12pm.

Hope many of you want to join us for this amazing trip, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!!

Please remember as well that our office will be closed on friday the 1st of august.


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INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGHT Review!

Picture time -smile!

Last night we gathered at the Library Square Public House for another round of drinks! It was really nice catching up again after a crazy fun night last Friday at the Pint. We talked about the upcoming trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains! If you are interested, message us or come by the office! Our discussion during the night included so many topics like birthday traditions from different countries to our boring and quiet lives before INTERNeX pub nights and events!

And after feeling ashamed that I ordered tea and water during the previous pub nights, I decided to redeem myself by ordering one of the contemporary cocktails which were on special for just $6.50. I have to say, it was the most watered down, bitter, and strange tasting cocktail I have ever had. I truly regret ordering this drink. Some of the others ordered different cocktails, but they all seemed to agree that it was horrible. After adding some things to make the drink sweeter, it tasted a lot better than the first sip. Lesson learned: stay true to your self…and stick to what you like.


Cuba Blue

Just in case you might make the same mistake, here is a photo:

As for the place itself,  I thought it was cozy with the small tea lights on our tables. Also, we were seated at the back of the pub which made it more private. The music was really great, especially The Look by Metronomy! I think it’s my favorite song for this week!

For those of you who missed our pub night, you better have a good excuse 😉 but that’s okay you can make up for it when we visit the Vancouver Aquarium this Saturday. Check our Facebook event for more information!

Happy Thursday!



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