PuB NiGHT Review: Malone’s

If you are reading this, you are probably aware of INTERNeX’ weekly PuB NiGHTs. Every Wednesday, we visit another pub and the day after, we write a blog post about the night. So, that’s what brought me here today.

43372911311_68b7059928_nYesterday, it was time to reunite at a pub we had’t visited in months: Malone’s. As always, we walked into the pub and told the waiter we had a reservation for INTERNeX. And that’s where the first thing went wrong…: We arrived at our tables and as always, there was a ‘reserved’ sign. However, instead of ‘INTERNeX,’ it said ‘Increnex’. I mean… potayto, potahto. Well, not really. But oh well, we forgive and forget. We sat down, looked at the menu and ordered our first drinks. Personally, I like to start off a PuB NiGHT with a Baileys Coffee, before I order the drink I’d like to call I-do-not-really-like-you-but-you-are-the-cheapest-drink-on-the-menu: beer.

After some time went by, more and more of you came to join us on this lovely, sunny evening. Every time someone arrived, and after a casual “Hi! How are you doing?”, we – gently – held a Rocky Mountains flyer in front of the person’s face. Why? Well, this is the destination of the monthly weekend trip in August and we do not want any of you to miss out on this amazing adventure! Since the trip is happening in a little more than three weeks, it was one of the main topics last night. Alongside, of course, this month’s trip which took place last week: Vargas Island. I had to miss out on this one, which is why I loved hearing all the fun(ny) stories you all told me. Especially the one about Stefan’s mat going missing while Samuel was living a luxurious life.

When we finished talking about trips, shopping and work, it was time for some action. Let’s play: Cheat! Yes, you read that correctly. ‘Cheat’ is a card game, the aim of which is to get rid of your cards. In order to do so, you have the option to lie about the cards you’re playing. However, if someone thinks you are lying and they are correct, you have to pick up the entire pile of cards. If you spoke the truth, they get the pile. As you might guess, it was a fun game that included lots of laughter. Considering we stayed at the pub until midnight, when it closed, ‘fun and lots of laughter’ described the night itself.

I hope you all enjoyed it as well. I hope to see you all this Sunday for our Grouse Grind hike!

– Angy

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