Yesterday we published the first part of the WICKED WHISTLER WEEKEND review. Now part II is available and can be found below:

Jacuzzi time
After riding the mountains all day long, everybody’s muscles started to become sore – thus it was time for some relaxation – 2 words: Jacuzzi time!!
We got back to the hotel where everybody greeted us at the pool area holding cold beers freshly pulled out of our personal ice freezer next to the hot tub.
The warm up for the night just began…
The people who did not go up to mountains went hiking and visiting a lake close by Whistler. BTW: they were the first who hopped into the Jacuzzi…

Night times
After our pre-gaming session in the pool, which was hilarious and a lot of fun, we started to get ready for the big night out! Some had a bit of food some did not. Who cared?! We were ready to hit the village.
After having some more drinks and seeing a nice dancing performance “on stage” at the night club Maxx Fish we headed to Moejoe’s where we were partying all night long. Some people went home earlier, some stayed until 4 am. But that did not matter because we could sleep in the following day.


The morning after
Hangover atmosphere overshadowed the morning. However we already had a lot of plans for that day, which soon were history again… We gathered together at noon and thereafter hit Whistler village to have some more drinks in bar at the bottom of the mountains. After having a short sightseeing tour through Whistler everybody ended up in the Hot tub again. It truly was a lazy day, thanks to our great and beloved hot tub area!

The last PART III OF THE WICKED WHISTLER WEEKEND review will be published on Wednesday….

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Open house CBC and Food Bank Day

Today CBC/Radio-Canada open their doors from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. to support the food banks in British Columbia. It is the 24th year of the CBC British Columbia Food Bank Day. All the local and regional radio shows broadcast special programs to help inspire your generosity towards those who need the services that B.C. food banks provide. In tandem, they invite everyone to come to our state-of-the-art CBC Broadcast Centre in downtown Vancouver to see how they make radio, television and digital programming.

Meet on-air personalities, tour the integrated newsroom and help your local food bank by making a donation. It’s a day full of great entertainment, exciting activities and heartfelt generosity.

I’m going after work for a quick look, because I think it’s worth it and since I try to naturalise as good as I can, I think this is a really Canadian thing to do 😉