Review: Kelowna Trip

Yesterday we all arrived home after a very good and exhausting weekend. It was really great to explore Kelowna together with all of you! Thank you all for joining the trip!

It all started at 6 pm. All of you gathered at the Greyhound Station for the bus to Kelowna. Unfortunately, it was not possible to sit together on the bus, as the bus was quite full and you were not able to ensure enough spots. After almost 6 hours of travelling you finally arrived in Kelowna and got picked up by me, Daniëlle, Tess and Kristina. We already checked in for you and you were already able to get into the motel when you arrived. This was really great, as most of us were really sleepy after the long bus ride.

The next day, the INTERNeX group divided itself in two groups. One group went skiing on Big White and the others went to the Farmers’ and Crafters’ market and for a hike. The snow conditions on Big White were amazing and therefore, the perfect place to go skiing. Some of the group practiced their skiing on the beginners mountain, as it was their first time skiing. And the other part of the group went to the bigger and more d16880972_10202743432462689_1436968741_oifficult slopes, which had amazing views. The group who did not go skiing went to the Farmers’ and Crafters’ market. This is a place where you can get a lot of fresh food and hand made products. After that we decided to go for a hike on Knox Mountain Park. We took the first hiking trail that we could find, which was apparently the most difficult one of the mountain. After we reached a viewing point, some of us went back to the motel and some of us decided to hike a bit further. This hiking trail passed the Okanagan lake and was on a medium level. Therefore, it was much easier to walk at this trail. After that we all met each other at the motel. At the motel there was some time for a swim or some relaxing time in our rooms. After that it was finally time to eat some of our day’s special: spaghetti á la Nils. We ended the night with some drinks in Nils’ and Andreas’ room.

The day after there was a choice to go on a wine tour or to go to Downtown Kelowna with Tess. During the wine tour we went to 4 different Wineries; Cedar 16881033_10208829564558501_1709763248_oCreek, St. Hubertus, Summerhill winery and Tantalus with a great tour guide, who knew a lot about Kelowna, the wineries and the Okanogan Valley. All wineries had beautiful views on the Okanagan Lake. We drank about 4 different wines, red and white, at all the wineries. However, at St. Hubertus we got to taste even more and it was all included in the price. After these 4 wineries, we even had time left to go to a spirits tasting. At the spirits tasting we got the chance to taste 2 different vodkas, 2 different gins, a whiskey and a blackberry or raspberry liquor. It was great to taste something different after all these wines. The other group went to Downtown Kelowna for a brunch with a great view over the Okanagan lake and had a nice walk. After that we all got together again at the Mc Donald’s at Walmart and relaxed till we had to go back to Greyhound station again. This time we made sure that we had spots together, so that we could get the most out of our bus trip.

I hope you guys all had a great time during the trip. We certainly did! Hopefully, I will see you all at The Distillery!

– Iris

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