PuB Night Announcment

Tomorrow we’re having our PuB Night at the Darby’s. They’re located on Macdonald Street and 4th Ave, which is only about 5min walk away from different parks at the beach. So we can stay there until about quarter to 10 and then just head to the beach and we’ll be able to see the fireworks of the Celebration of Light because we’re just on the other side of the english bay.

They’re serving typical canadian food, from Poutine over Fish&Chips to Burgers or Salads and they offer more than 30 different beers.

You can get there with different busses. If you get off the Skytrain at Burrard Station you can take the busses 022, 044, 007,004 or 002 and get off at Macdonald& 4th Ave. (Macdonald&3rd Ave if you take the 022). We hope to get the change to sit outside at the patio, so bring a jacket or something, in case it gets colder during the evening.

Hope to see many of you there, it will be Henrik’s first PuB Night, so you can use the chance to get to know him. See you tomorrow at 7pm at the Darby’s!


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Canada Day

The 1st of July is Canada Day, which means you are off work and can enjoy Vancouver by day. Vancouver city has many activities planned for this day and of course we do not want to miss this.

On Canada day the Canadians celebrate the ‘birth’ of their country. In 1867 three colonies were united into one country; Canada. Canada day is celebrated in whole Canada, but also Canadians outside Canada celebrate this anniversary. In 2011 the British Prince William and Kate visited Ottowa to celebrate Canada day.

We will meet at 6.30pm on West Pender and Broughton Street and will make our way to the Parade, afterwards we are going to try to find our self a spot to watch the fireworks at 10pm. However it is going to be very crowded and there are only certain spots from where you can see the firework. We are going to do our best to get a great spot to watch the fireworks. In case we miss the fireworks, no worries at the end of July and beginning of August the celebration of light is held were you can also see a beautiful dance of fireworks!

We hope to see you on Canada day and don’t forget to wear your Canadian outfit!

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INTERNeX Canada: How was your weekend?

Hello guys,

Another work weeks begins today! So let’s discuss this amazing and sunny weekend! On Saturday we went together to the Celebration of Light at English Bay. This is one of the biggest firework festivals in America!


First we met at the Starbucks. We had some cool frappuccino’s and other drinks.. After that we went down to the beach. It was early, so there was not a big crowd yet! We found a great spot in the middle of the beach.

Because we had to wait a few hours there was enough time to buy some food, and enjoy the sun! There were already a lot of people, but it was nice and friendly.

Around 8 pm the sun was getting lower and lower.. As you can see on the picture a big boat pumped water up in the air! After 9 the sun was gone. The skies were pretty clear, great weather for a big firework show!


At 10 pm the show started. This was the first night of the event! It’s really worth the wait when you see the show. I never saw so much fireworks before. And there will be 2 more of these great nights! 

  • Wednesday July 31 10:00 pm (host: Canada)
  • Saturday August 3 10:00 pm (host: Thailand)

So there you go! What do you think? Hope your weekend was awesome as well!
Enjoy your Monday today!



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Canada: What to do on the Weekend

Almost weekend, and so many things to do in the city of Vancouver. Read this blog, and you will have enough good ideas on what you can do on upcoming weekend! Have fun reading this blog!

Vancouver – Christmas Market

Where: 650 Hamilton Street, Plaza at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Date: Till the 24th of December

Time: 11am – 9pm

Price: $5 general admission


Vancouver – Free ice skating at Robson Square

Where: Robson Square

Date: Sunday – Thursday (till 29th of February)

Time: 9am – 9pm

Price: free, ice-skate or $4 to rent

Vancouver – Christmas at Canada place Sails of light

Where: Canada place

Time: any time you want, as long as it is dark outside

Price: free


Vancouver – Van Dussen, celebration of lights

Where: Oak Street & 37rd Avenue

Date: 9th of December till 2nd of January (except 25th of December)

Time: 4:15pm till 09:00pm

Price: $13,50

More information: click here

Vancouver – Stanley Park, bright night

Where: Stanley Park, next to the bus station

Date: 2nd of December – 2nd of January

Sunday- Thursday 3PM- 1oPM
Friday & Saturday 3PM- 11PM

Price: Free

More information: click here

Enjoy your weekend!



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What to do an the weekend?

Hi Everyone!

It is almost weekend 😀 which means time to do and see more of the beautiful  cities here in Canada! the PR-team has some suggestions for what you can do upcoming weekend!

 Vancouver – English Bay

On Saturday August 6th between 10:00 – 10:25pm there will be another beautiful firework show. This time it is up to Canada to give away a great firework show.  Canada is Known for their “out of the box” music selections, the theme “Then and Now” explores music itself. You can go to English bay to have perfect view of the firework, but be on time because there will be more than 400.000 people.

If you want to know more, then you can click here.
Start time: 10:00-10:25pm
Date: 6th of August

 Vancouver – Chinatown

Upcoming weekend  on Saturday and Sunday there will be a free festival in Vancouver Chinatown.
Last year there wore more than 50.000 people who went to Chinatown to enjoy and experience one of the biggest multicultural summer celebrations.

During this festival there are many things to do:
– Open Market
– Historic WalkingTours
– Multicultural Stage Performers
– 125th Photo exhibition
– Youth Talent Showdown 2010
– Street fest

There will be something for everyone here at Chinatown Festival!

For more information you can visit their website.

Start time:
12:00pm till 06:00 pm.
Date: 6th and 7th August

Toronto – From Broadview to Jones Avenue

In Toronto you can eat your way through the streets of Greek Town on this weekend.
The “Taste of the Danforth” is an annual street festival in Toronto. It is located around GreekTown and celebrates besides the other restaurants and vendors the best of Greek food and culture. Lots of exhibitors offer contests, prizes and free samples. There will be also a Beer Garden to help keep the thirsty patrons refreshed.
There are a couple of stages on which there will be something going on every day: BROADVIEW STAGE, CELEBRITY STAGE and IMMORTALS GREEK STAGE.

So enjoy the greek food and culture 🙂

 For more information you can go to their website.

Friday  5th August, 6pm-12am
Saturday 6th August, 12pm-12am
Sunday 7th August, 12pm-8pm
From Broadview to Jones Avenue

Whistler – Blackcomb Mountain

The event will start and Finish in the tube park located near lot 8 on backcomb Mountain.
This is atrack run, but not just running to the finish point. No,,, it is an obstacle course throug muds,dird,tires, just everything to make it nearly impossible to finish, very much fun to watch!

From 10:00 tot 3:30 every half an hour will start a new wave of challangers

For more information please click here.

Where: Whistler Blackcomb Mountain
Date: 6th August

Enjoy you weekend!

Cheers,  your PR-Team

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PuB Night Announcement – No PuB Night this week!

Hi folks,

Due to the fact that the “Celebration Of Light” festival will take place on the upcoming Wednesday, we decided to skip this week’s PuB Night.


Aaaaawww….don’t be sad! “Celebration of Light” is a world-class event that you should not miss! Especially because Wednesday August 3rd brings Spain, 2010 Celebration of Light winner, back to Vancouver!

Their show “Odyssey” will take you on an exciting journey from Barcelona to Vancouver, presenting powerful, synchronized music to their firework show. Get excited about Spain’s wide range of pyrotechnic artifices and extraordinary effects!


So you HAVE a reason to go out on Wednesday, even if it is not our famous PuB Night 😉

See you next week then!


your PR-Crew!

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What to do on the weekend? – Fireworks and Pride Parade


There is so much going on this weekend! Check it out!

Vancouver – English Bay

On Saturday, the 21st Annual Celebration of Light Festival will be kicked off by the 2008 winner and inventor of fireworks – China!

With their “China Storm” show, they will use the seasonal calendar as an inspiration to provide a trip through the year of the Rabbit, with fireworks being used to demonstrate this tradition. The Chinese calendar is still used for marking traditional East Asian holidays such as the Chinese New Year and wedding dates.

The show will start at 10.00pm but be sure to be there waaay earlier as it will be packed with 400.000 people having the same intention as you! 😉

Vancouver – Robson Street to Sunset Beach

In spite of a dab summer, Vancouver will turn a lot mor colourful as pride festivities roll into town the next few days. Every year, Vancouver’s Pride Parade, which is one of the biggest events in Canada, will attract 700.000 people this year! The parade gets larger and larger each year, attracting ever bigger crowds! As Vancouver Prise celebrates its 33rd year, you can be sure to get surprised by more fabulous floats, costumes and an even greater number of people filling the streets of Vancouver with Pride!
Parade Route: The Pride Parade begins at Robson and Thurlow and travels through the downtown core, along Denman Street and ends at the Sunset Beach Pride Festival.

Start Time: 12:00pm
Date: Sunday July 31st, 2011


Whistler – Yummy!

If you are in for incredibly delicious food, great music and live entertainment, you shoul head up to Whistler as the Canadian National BBQ Championships will take place, which is a highlight of the Pacific Northwest’s competitive BBQ circuit. You shouldn’t miss Whistler’s favorite summer event!


Well…I wouldn’t know what to choose for…

Have a great (hopefully) sunny weekend!!! 😀

Your PR-Crew

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