Smart Saver Vancouver

Today we are going to talk about how you can save money on something that everybody needs…..Groceries!

One of my favourite stores to go to is called Dollar Tree. This fun company has a lot of different stores in Vancouver. Everything in the store is $1.40 or less!! I always buy things like laundry cleaners, toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo there, because it is way cheaper than in most drugstores.

Besides Dollar Tree there is also a kind of similar store called Dollarama which also offers a lot of different stuff only the difference between Dollar Tree and Dollarama is that at the last one there are also things that are above $1.40.

7136715909_402a304f7c_zWhen it comes to food, No Frills is a good option to get some cheap groceries, especially if you take a look at their own brand called “No Name” which are the cheapest products they sell.

But if you don’t feel like cooking then The Warehouse is a really good and cheap place to get some food and drinks, since all meals are $4.95. Also Commercial Sushi at Commercial Broadway is a very good option. At Commercial Sushi they have a Sushi Special, this includes a Miso soup and 3 different sushi rolls you can choose of the selection they made.

Hopefully you all will save some money on your daily shopping with these tips. Hope to see all of you at the PuB NiGHT tomorrow!!

– Mandy

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Pub night announcement

This Wednesday we’ll have our pub night at The Famous Warehouse. There are several good reasons to show up for this pub night. The food is not only great but also very cheap. Take a look yourself here. You’ll be able to get good food for just 4.95$! As you can see on the menu, The Famous Warehouse offers nice salads, great tortillas, delicious burgers (of course) and mooch more.

Also, it’s a chance to have a little celebration as someone will soon turn 27… guess who. And it’ll be your last chance to sign up for laser tag. If you didn’t have the chance to join our stand up paddling activity last Saturday you’ll also have the opportunity to hear a bit about this fun experience.

We’ll meet at 6pm at 989 Granville Street which is only five minutes walk from Vancouver City Centre Station.

You can sign up for the pub night here.

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Review: PuB Night @ the dime

Yesterday we went for another PuB Night to “the dime”. Even though the dime is not right in the centre of downtown but at commercial drive, lots of people showed up and we were a nice large group.

The dime has this great offer where all their food is only $4.95 so nearly all of us had something to eat. Some even had not only one but a few dishes. Even though the price is cheap the portions are not small and everything tastes really good. On wednesdays they even offer  “25ct Wings”, so I had a bunch of wings with BBQ and honey garlic, which was awesome!

We had lots of fun together and talked about great things we want to do as soon as the weather gets better again and about our upcoming trips to Victoria and the Rockies. So lets cross our fingers that the next days are getting better again (the weather forecast says so!!) and that we can do lots of fun activities!

Next week we can go to a Pub and then and enjoy the Celebration of Lights firework together afterwards. Hope many of you want to join us for this. Check as well our upcoming trip to the Rockies out!!!

And remember that our office will be closed on friday next week (1st of august). Enjoy the rest of your week!


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INTERNeX Canada: Smart Save Vancouver

Well, bad weather is back, and this a good new! Why? Because we don’t have to take care of our figure anymore! Throw your bikini out the window and let’s go to celebrate with a list of places where you can eat for $7 or less. Sounds impossible? Continue reading!


The Cambie

We already went many times to this place, located in Cambie Street. Perfect for students, big tables to hang out with all your friends, good music, the food is really good… and the pitchers over there are one of the cheapest that you can find in Downtown. In fact, the last time we went there, I found the following notice at the door:

I asked the gatekeeper if this was a joke. He looked at me with a very serious expression and he told me: “Of course not, girl, is The Law”. Ok, no more questions for the gatekeeper.

But today is not about beer (we already have too many posts about beer, I guess) is about food! You can eat until 6 PM!

The Metropole

We have our pub night today in this place! Today is hockey night, and they have a very good food deal: $ 6’49 Burger & Beer! Not bad! We will tell you more about this place tomorrow.


The Warehouse in Hastings

Annika’s quesadillas

Everything on the menu is $4.95! We went there in our last pub night and I have to say that the food is delicious. You have a lot of options to choose: quinoa wraps, burgers, chicken wings, poutine… and the decoration is… curious.

Mysterious Lamp

What about this lamp? Isn’t it very funny?

Take care!



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Dine Out Vancouver!

Do you love food?
Do you like dining out?
And do you like high quality meals for a reasonable price?

If that’s the case you should go out for dinner for various delicious meals at Dinner Out Vancouver happening.
The next year’s Dinner Out Vancouver event will take place for the 9th time starting from 24th of January until the 6th of February.
During the whole two weeks of the event around 200 restaurants around the city will offer a three-course dinner for an incredible reasonable price for just 18, 28 or 38 Dollars.
Within whole Canada Dine Out Vancouver is the biggest restaurant promotion and a city-wide celebration of food and local wine of British Colombia.
During the event also hostels are going to offer cheap fixed hotel rates from rates of 68, 98 and 138 Dollars per night.
The specific hotels are listed on the official homepage: .
Participating restaurant and meals will be announced on the official website at the 5th of January on.
Soo take out your friends for a delicious three-course meal and enjoy the nice atmosphere in one of the 200 participating restaurants in Vancouver.
More information about the event will follow soon!


In Vancouver…

Alright, so who was brave enough to make it to our PuB NiGHT yesterday? To those of you who didn’t, I challenge you to our next PuB NiGHT next week! Blarney Stone is rich with culture and tasty Irish beer which you should definitely not miss out on! It’s going to be our last night next week at this location. So, drop by if you get the chance!

Blarney Stone
216 Carrall Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2J1
(604) 687-4322

We are still looking for new locations to hold our weekly PuB NiGHTs. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let the PR department know and we’ll definitely look into it.

In Calgary…

Now, for those of you who are in Calgary, one of the most popular places for beer is at Ship & Anchor.  Ship & Anchor features an eclectic mix of business professionals and students along with live entertainment, reasonably affordable food and diverse beer selections. Whether it’s a bottle of beer or one of their homemade meatloaf mains, the prices at Ship & Anchor simmer around just $10!

Ship & Anchor Pub
17th Ave Downtown
534 17 Ave SW

If there are any candidates who have tried or will try “Ship & Anchor”, please email the PR department and let us know how it is! Maybe, I’ll fly over there one day just to try out this place and you can show me around….maybe.

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