Smart Saver Vancouver

Christmas is coming soon and the holiday season is noticeably starting in Vancouver. Christmas decorations are all over town and the stores are filled with possible gifts for friends and family. All this would really be fun, if it would not be so incredibly expensive to go Christmas shopping!

However, there might be a solution to this dilemma, at least for some of it. Don’t you also miss those stores where you can basically buy everything? All the possible gifts underneath one roof? Well, there is a Walmart every now and then… but maybe this is something easier and nicer.

In the Metropolis mall at Metrotown a Target just opened. Personally, I think this store is great. Masses of stuff spread over two floors, and nothing too expensive. Whether you are looking for DVDs or clothes or decoration, make up or some sweets, Target has it all.

I browsed through it on the weekend and was overwhelmed by the choices that were offered. I will definitely be back there.

Happy Christmas shopping everybody,



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