What to do on the weekend

It is Friday and it is only a few hours till you can get outside and start your weekend. There is a lot going on in Vancouver this weekend, so if you don’t have any plans yet, you can use this blogpost for some inspiration.

Today the INTERNeX gang is going to start their journey to the Rockies. During this trip we will visit some really beautiful lakes and places. However, if you do not join us at the Rockies, then there are still a lot of things you can do.

This Saturday is special, as you could get the chance to watch the Perseids Meteor Shower. This is one of the most popular meteor showers, as you can see between 150 – 200 meteors an hour. The peak of the meteor shower was on Thursday and will be on Saturday morning approximately between midnight and 3 AM. Try to find a place where there are no clouds and not too many lights to be able to catch a glimpse of this amazing happening. If you do not have time to watch it on Saturday, you are still able to see them on days before and after, but not as many as during the peak.

19105975_10209195261219595_4886294145526156925_nBesides this there are also quite some festivals and events happening in Vancouver this weekend. On Saturday the TD Vancouver Chinatown Festival starts, which is a 2-day cultural festival taking place in Chinatown. You could also go to the Richmond Maritime Festival. This is a free 2-day festival that takes place at the Britannia Shipyard in Steveston Village.

If you are more into art, you could go to the art market at Napier Greenway which takes place on Sunday. While wandering around the market, you can enjoy the live music. If you are really into shopping, then you should definitely go to the Summer Swap event at Burnaby Central Secondary. The entrance fee is $10 and besides that you also need to take 10 good-quality clothing items to donate. In return you can take unlimited clothes home with you.

I hope you are having a great weekend and hope to see you at either the Rockies trip or next week’s PuB NiGHT!

– Iris

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Smart Saver Vancouver

It’s Wednesday again, so let’s save some money! As a student living in Vancouver I don’t have the money to do paid or expensive activities every weekend, but after working five days it’s always nice to do something with the free time. So here are some free or cheap activities to do in Vancouver!

16649173_10208825366053541_8272205474295846796_nVancouver has some amazing places for sightseeing. For example, the most historic sites in Chinatown are free. Walk around the neighbourhood and see the Millennium Gate, the world’s narrowest building and the Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden & Park. Another amazing place to go is Granville Island. It is a beautiful island close to downtown. You can go to the public market, enjoy the art and relax at the river. An extra advantage of going there are the cheap vegetables at the public market, so you can do some sightseeing and save on food at the same time!

16299277_10208652946223153_4290230621236688149_nAnother great activity to do in Vancouver is checking out all the different beaches,  Vancouver has a lot of them. Go to English Bay Beach, Kits Beach, Spanish Banks, Wreck Beach or Jericho Beach to hang out and see the amazing sceneries. If you want to do something more active then do some hiking. Vancouver has a lot of great hiking trails from difficult, like the Grouse Grind, to easier hikes around the lakes. Or go hiking in Lynn Canyon to see the free suspension bridge, which is not as amazing as the paid Capilano Suspension Bridge, but a great alternative for people with smaller budgets.

Last but not least, go to Stanley Park. The park has a lot of walking trails through the forest. Another amazing idea is to bike the Sea Wall at Stanley Park. You will have views of the city, the northern mountains, the Totem Poles and the Lion’s Gate Bridge. If you don’t have a bike, it is pretty cheap to rent one at places close to the park.

I hope to see you all tonight at the Central City Brewpub!

– Janel

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INTERNeX Explorer Ep2 – 2017 Behind the scenes

Maybe you already noticed that the second episode of INTERNeX Explorer has been online since Wednesday. Every first day of the month we publish a video in which we inform you about Vancouver and all the activities we organize for you. Besides that, there is also a good laugh in the video. However, it is not only funny for you guys, we certainly have quite some fun making these videos.

Everybody in the PR-team has their own projects to work on at INTERNeX and developing the INTERNeX Explorer is one of my projects. I chose this one because I like making and editing videos. Besides that, my head is always full of ideas and I want to learn more about developing my ideas into products. So I am learning more about filming, video editing, photoshop and illustrator at the moment, which I really like!

I had to start of with giving mstoryboardy ideas for the next video a “coat”. This meant I had to write scripts and draw some storyboards, which was a pain in the ass for sure, since you have to draw the entire scene for maybe 1 second of film. After dividing the parts and getting some props, it was time to start filming. First some small green screen scenes, which were quite easy and after that Janel and I had a little trip outside the office in Chinatown. With Janel as camerawoman and Tess who strolled the streets, a new dream team was born. Besides some shaky scenes and weird
faces into the camera, we were really proud of the results!

And after shooting comes… editing! Editing definitely takes a lot of time and work. I had lots of fun editing the Kelowna part, but Simon is our real editor and did the rest of the video while I was sitting next to him agreeing or disagreeing. After a lot of cuts, precision work, and some small changes from episode 1, episode 2 was done!

If you haven’t already seen it, check out our second episode of the INTERNeX Explorer:

I hope you like to watch the videos we make and I hope I will learn more every month and become a real pro at it! ☺

– Tess

INTERNeX International Exchange
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PuB NiGHT REVIEW: The Keefer Bar

We spent a really lovely evening at The Keefer Bar, although we were just four people.

The Keefer Bar is a pretty cool place with a cozy atmosphere.IMG_2628 From the outside you wouldn’t really recognize that there is such a fancy place but as soon as you walk through the door everything changes. Compared to the “standard” pubs/restaurants/ bars here in Vancouver the bar is very special and the concept is completely different. They managed to create something extraordinary.

As we went there only a few guests sat at the bar but shortly every seat was occupied even so it wasn’t crowded. You could talk in a normal voice although they had a DJ playing cool music.

The staff was awesome, funny and friendly. In addition the cocktails I tried were pretty odd but very tasty. Hadn’t expect that it would taste that good.

We all can highly recommend this bar.

Upcoming Events

Only one more week left in April and we have still our weekly PuB NiGHT on Wednesday the 30rd of April and of course our After Rockies Party. For the month May we have some awesome things planed just for you guys such as Laser Tag, a awesome Mexican Party, Summer night market, PuB & Club night and a Bike ride in Stanley Park. Of course we have our monthly Overnight-Trip.


Laser Tag

Do you like action? Fight together with your team against the others to be the NO.1 Shooter. We are going to do Laser Tag on Saturday the 3rd of May. You get a Special-Jacket and a Laser-Gun and than there is only one thing to do:Shoot everybody from the other team who is crossing your way! It’s like Paintball but it doesn’t hurt because you shoot with laser and not with bullets! So everybody who is afraid of getting hurt, that’s your chance to have lots of fun and you won’t have black and blue marks the next day!


Mexican Party

On Monday the 5th of May we will join a Mexican Party called CINCOdeMAYO in the nightclub Republic on Granville Street. There is a live Mariachi Band and the ticket also include one drink. Also their having drinks specials around $3.50. The tickets for the entrance will cost only for us $10 (normally $12). Let’s go crazy on the special day for the Mexicans.


Summer Night Market

Asian-style summer night markets are a summer tradition in Vancouver. On Friday the 9th of May we will visit the summer night market in Chinatown to eat tasty food from over 80 vendors, buy cheap sunglasses and phone cases, go on carnival rides and enjoy live dance and music performances! If the weather will be bad we will have another option for you on this Friday.


Overnight Trip to Tofino

We are planning a 3-Days-Trip to Tofino. The trip will be on Saturday the 17th(morning) till Monday the 19th of May. You will have the day off on Monday because it’s Victoria Day. Tofino is a popular tourist destination and famous for the beaches, surfing, whale watching and fishing. On the tour we will take the ferry to Vancouver Island and on our way to Tofino we will visit the Englishman River Falls, Coombs market, Roy Henry Vickers Art Gallery, hiking in the Wild Pacific Trail. Also you have of course the option to go surfing, whale watching, bear watching or kayaking. 


Pub & Club Night 

Let’s have another great Pub & Club Night on Friday the 23rd of May. First of all we will start with some drinks at the Cambies and afterwards we are planning to go out at Joseph’s Richards. We hope you will all join us for some drinks at the Cambies and to go crazy on the dance floor. “Be carefulllll” 😉


Bike ride Stanley Park

Get ready for our big bike ride in Stanley Park on Saturday the 31st of May. We will rent bikes (or bring your own) and spend the afternoon cruising around Stanley Park! Let’s hope it will be a sunny weekend and we do some outdoor activities to enjoy Spring. We can bike the 9km-Stanley Park section of the Seawall right on the edge of water and discover there a lot of things.


We hope we will see you all guys this Saturday for our After-Rockies-Party!



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Upcoming events

March is almost over, but we still have the Latin Dinner and a Ice Cream tasting planned for you this month. And of course the Rockies Trip in april!


Latin Dinner

We will have a Mexican dinner this Friday (March 21st). We will meet at the La Casita Mexican Restaurant, which is located in Gastown on 101 West Cordova Street. The average price for a meal is around $10 – $15. If you already want to have a look at the menu, click here. The first round of fresh corn tortilla chips with two deadly salsas is for free. So do not miss it! We will meet at the restaurant at 7pm on Friday. Please let us know before Thursday if you want to join is so we can make an reservation. Click here to join the event, but please also send us a message that you want to join.


Ice Cream Tasting

We are going to end March and welcome spring with a fun ice cream tasting at La Casa Gelato on Saturday 29th of March. For $5 dollars you get a scope of ice and you can taste 5 different flavors out of 218 flavors. And than of course you can also choose between different cones for the ice cream. La Casa Gelato is located in the East of Vancouver and we will meet on Saturday at the Skytrain Station Chinatown at 3:00pm. From there we will walk about 20 minutes to the Ice cream shop. Click here to join the event.



As you may know we are going to the Rockies on April! This trip will be an unforgettable trip and you will have a really good time in the Canadian nature. We will visit Valemount, Kamploops, Jasper, Mt Robson, Lake Louise, Banff and much more. We will leave Vancouver in the early morning of the 18th of April and will be back on in the evening of the 21st of April. This four day trip will lead you through one of the most popular destinations in Canada and that only for $335. For more information about the trip click here and if you want to join us please stop by the office before 11th of April and we will make sure you will have a spot on the trip. Please keep in mind that we only accept CASH, there are ATM at the mall.


Happy St. Paddy’s day and see you tonight

INTERNeX International Exchange
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Client Testimonial

Anne, Norway

When I finished my studies in Norway I felt an eager to go abroad to get some international experience and to have a good time as well. I started to look online to see what kind of opportunities that existed and I found out that INTERNeX offered different programs for work and travel. I chose to go to Canada mainly because I wanted to practice my English and because I’ve had heard so many good things about the country. And now I can confirm that it’s all true! The landscape is stunning, the people are nice, there are big cities full of entertainment and in my opinion the weather is great too. Basically Canada offers everything you can think of.

INTERNeX sat me up with a job interview before I left Norway so I was sure to have a job when I came over. My adventure started off in Rocky Mountains where I worked at a mountain resort. During my time there I got to see wonderful nature and magical views when I was hiking. It was also a lot of other fun things to do including mountain biking, horseback riding, white water rafting and canoeing.
The resort I was working at was close to Calgary so I went there for a long weekend as well. Of course I had to see the Calgary Tower with view over the whole city while I was there. I also got to see real cowboys and do some serious shopping after not seeing a mall in months!
After the summer season was over I decided to move to Vancouver and now I live in an apartment in beautiful Yaletown. I work in a coffee shop down town as well so that fits me perfectly. When I’m not at work trying to make magnificent latté art, I like to go for a run in my neighbourhood next to False Creek passing by Science World, Rogers Stadium and BC Place Stadium. It’s so nice early in the morning when the sun is reflecting in the water.

Because I live down town I’m spending a lot of time there and one of my favourite things to do is to walk up and down Robson Street. That street offers everything a girl wish for including Victoria’s Secret, delightful chocolate stores and many good clothing stores. Beside that I’ve so far been to Stanley Park, China Town, Vancouver Public Library and Canada Place which is also down town.

But the best thing about Vancouver is that you have the nature so close to the city. I have been in North Vancouver a couple of times and I spent one day in Lynn Canyon Park and saw the Twin Falls, Rice Lake and walking over the suspension bridge. I have also been hiking up Grouse Mountain which is famous for its ravishing view over Vancouver, but I went there on a cloudy day, so the only thing I could see from the top was clouds, but that was pretty cool to see too and I had a great time hiking with my friends.
All my time in Canada has been amazing and I would strongly recommend a trip like this to everyone that’s considering going. Thanks to INTERNeX everything has gone smoothly for me and they have helped me with many practical things and arranging fun events where I’ve made many new friends. All that’s left for me to say is I’m having the time of my life and I will always think of this adventure with a smile on my mouth.

Cheers Anne 🙂