How was your weekend?

Friday 9 pm. We were sitting in the park. Waiting for the party to begin. Only ten minutes left. Our tickets work, we are in. The party can start. That was the moment my weekend could finally begin.


This Friday we went to DubVision, a party in the Harbour Event Centre. DubVision is a DJ duo from the Netherlands. We went in with our free tickets we received. When we walked in around 11:30 pm, the club was still not that crowded. We bought a drink and the club was becoming more crowded. There were two DJs playing nice music, but we still don’t know if that were guys or girls. There was another DJ playing music before DubVision was on stage. After a couple hours we went home.


Rise and shine, next day has arrived. After all the stuff I needed to do, we went to the sushi bar to eat sushi together. Afterwards we took the skytrain to Granville street where the pub crawl began. We first went to the Cinema Public House, where we began the night with a drink. After 45 minutes it was time to go to the Morrissey, where we sat on the couch singing German songs. So now we had the Oktoberfest part from the pub crawl. We went to Donnellans where we had our own space with tables and bar. We closed the night in the club Belmont Bar. After we danced our asses of, it was time to say goodbye.

Sunday was a lazy day. We went to a jazz thing in a church. After 30 minutes we saw it all, so we decided to go for a coffee at Take Five. Tip: the coffee with Caramel and Sea salt is actually salty. We sat and talked till it was time to go home for dinner. Hope your weekend was great as well.

See you at PuB NiGHT!

– Bart

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Smart Saver Vancouver

Craving for something cheap? Then this is the right place for you! INTERNeX has been busy all week searching for good promotions or cheap places to share with you.

Used to getting coffee in the morning? A small speciality coffee is only $1 at the Mc Donald’s at the moment, so it is definitely worth it to switch coffee shops for a while just for this promotion. This promotion started at the 23rd of January and will last till the end of this week, so use this moment to enjoy a 16467040_1625292964152815_2118773967_ncheap coffee for once. Getting used to having coffee at the Mc Donald’s after this promotion? No worries, if you buy 7 coffees, you get the next one for free. You only need to keep the reward card and put the stickers from your cup on it. The reward card is also on your cup! Besides this promotion the Mc Donald’s is also offering digital coupons, which you can download from the site. However, you can also download the Mc Donald’s app for weekly promotions.

Today it is wings Wednesday, so that means you can get wings for a cheap price at restaurants all over Vancouver. The cheapest price that we found is 33 cents per wings in the Famous Warehouse. However, it is also worth checking out when it is not a Wednesday, as all their meals are $5 and therefore a good choice to go to if you want to go out for dinner, but already spent a lot of money.

Not into a coffee or food? At Cinema Public House and The Butcher & Bullock got $2 Tuesdays, when they offer beers for $2. So that means you can get wasted without spending too much money. Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

If you have not found the Dollarama yet, you definitely have to check it out as well. You can almost get everything at Dollarama, from baking forms to food and much more. If you need anything for your housing, first check out Dollarama before going to another place, as it can save you lots of money. Dollarama, your best friend from now on!

Every dollar counts, so keep these tips in mind when spending your money!

– Iris

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AMAZING how many people showed up for last night’s PUB NIGHT and turned it into a real XXL PUB NiGHT! Thank you guys.6218233822_8203e53227_o

First of all, back to the beginning: On Monday a bunch of candidates arrived here in Vancouver. Most of them are from Sweden; some are from Norway and Finland. Unfortunately they won’t stay in Vancouver that long (just for a couple of days) because they are heading to several ski resorts where they are starting to work during the winter season.

For that reason we had a XXL PUB NiGHT last night. We went to the Cinema Public House, located on Granville and just a block away from the hostel they stayed. 23 of our interns showed up to give the Scandinavians a warm welcome here in Canada. That means we were around 35 people in total which is truly amazing. We had a lot to talk and funny conversations about so many different topics.

The Cinema Public House provides pretty cool beer specials on Tuesdays so you could get a beer for just $2 dollars and a burger plus a beer for just $16. 6218311182_e86360c333_o

Sadly we had to say goodbye not only to the Scandinavians but also to Tobi. He stayed here for 4 month and now it’s time for him to go back home. As he told me he really enjoyed his stay here and for him Vancouver already started feeling like home.

Thank you all for coming!


It has long become a weekly ritual and we all love INTERNeX Pub NiGHTs every Wednesday somewhere in beautiful Vancouver. Yesterday our weekly PuB NiGHT exceptionally took place on a Tuesday since we went to the Scotiabank Theatre where we watched the new James Bond movie Spectre. And as you may know Tuesday is “cinema day” so the tickets are just half the price. By the way thats a good advice for all the smart savers among yourselves! Anyways . . . Luckily we met so early because otherwise we couldn’t have managed to sit together in a group since the seats basically are general admission which means first-come, first-served. We managed to grad some pretty good seats in the back row.6217715697_bca4f8b922_o

Ironically we headed to a Pub on Granville Street called the Cinema Public House afterwards; a rather chic but chill place where we talked about the movie; what we did like and what we didn’t like … It was fun talking about all the “mistakes” we recognized in the movie. Do you know what I’m trying to say? I mean all those insane moments that would never ever happened in real life 😀

As I read Spectre, the 24th James Bond movie, has already broken records in its opening week. It made £52 million from October 26 till November 2. Unbelievable isn’t it? Well, I mean with a budget of ~£200 million, SPECTRE has yet to make a little profit . . . but this goal shouldn’t be too long coming after when you look at the profit it made in its first week in just one country. Anyways I don’t want to border you too much with those details and I don’t want to spoil either so just let me say that it’s like a typical James Bond movie: with a lot of action, drama, tension, fights but also with death and love.

In my opinion you really need to see that movie!

INTERNeX Canada: HiGHLiGHTS of the week Ep. 4/2013

We would like to present the new episode of HiGHLiGHTS of the week.

This week Jelle celebrated his birthday on Tuesday. We bought a apple cake, a special dessert in The Netherlands.
Last Wednesday we had out weekly pub night. This time we went to the Cinema Public House in Granville St. Together we saw the Stanley Cup Final between Boston and Chicago. Thank you for joining us, we had a great night!

INTERNeX Explorer
On the INTERNeX Explorer we continue to discover the best places in Vancouver. This time Mercedes went to the Coal Harbour:
“Today we are in Coal Harbour. This place is a section of the city between Stanley Park, and the downtown area. You have beautiful views over the park, the the harbour and all the big skyscrapers! You can enjoy the sunny days in the Harbour Green Park, where you will have some amazing views of North-Vancouver.”

Upcoming Trips and Events
Next Saterday the 22 of June we are planning a trip to Lynn Canyon. We can do some amazing hikes and they have a copy of the Capilano expension bridge. But, this one is free! So if the weather is working with us we will have a great time there, join us!

The next thing we want to talk about is the upcoming white water rafting trip. Check out the highlights video below for some photo’s of previous times. We already  looking forward for this one! Some useful information is that we can have a shower after the rafting or even a sauna. Don’t forget to bring a towel, shoes and dry clothes. More information and updates can be found on the event page on Facebook

We hope that all of you join us to this great events and trips!
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Below you can check out the highlights video:

Have a great weekend,


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