Candidate Exposé – Daniel Blumhein

My name is Daniel and I am a 20 year old guy from Germany. Currently I am studying economics in a dual way. That means that I study for three months and then work for the next three months.


I found INTERNeX because of my university (DHBW VS). I did a practicum, because I wanted to experience the Canadian work life. I did my practicum at a NGO which tries to establish Tennis in British Columbia. I like it there, because everybody is so kind and chilly. You have to be very communicative. It was part of my university program.

I decided to go to Canada because of the diversity (e.g. landscape). Vancouver is a beautiful city and I liked the high mountains. I was surprised that such a big city can provide you so many different activities (sea, mountains…). I lived in a home stay via INTERNeX. I like the kindness of Canadians.


I participated in the activities INTERNeX organized. It’s the best way to meet new people. The first thing I did when I was home was spending time with my family. This trip inspired me to travel more. I am very interested in South America. INTERNeX was very helpful to meet new people, find the practicum and the homestay.

– Daniel Blumhein

INTERNeX International Exchange
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Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
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INTERNeX Canada: What a girl wants

Maybe guys you’ll fin this blog post totally girly, but without doubt it would be good for you to read it! You will know what women want!

1)      We HATE lies!

First of all we need someone we can trust! Nowadays we are strong enough to handle all kind of situations, so please guys, be honest!

2)      Make us laugh!

Everybody loves the positive people, fun and with sense of humor! Be funny but not with dirty humor please!

3)      Be a gentleman!

The little details make the difference. It’s cheap and effortless to open the door, walk our home at night… take our hand. Be polite, being rude is no sexy anymore!

4)      Don’t be or play stupid!

You can be the hottest guy in the world but if we can’t have an intelligent conversation with youit’s kind of impossible for us to fall in love with you! And that’s true, sometimes women we love speak too much and about everythingbut it’s not that hard to have a good time if you are interesting in the other person!

5)      Respect us

Guys, you are lucky to have us (imagine a world without women…) so please be loyal to us! If you are dating somebody, date that person, don’t date any person… if you want to do that just read the first point of this list. Respect includes of course give us our space if we need it! We had a life before you!

6)      Be clean

Nowadays there are even more products for the male beauty that for womenyou are free to worry  for your future wrinkles is OK, but for us is enough if you have a good hygiene! Even if you like careless style, ( I do)we like the clean careless style!

7)      Technology is OK, but we are better

I am sure you have 30089898787867mails, SMS to answer but if you meet someone is to be with that person! And this is in general! Technology is OK but real life is better! Don’t forget! And of course don’t use technology to break up or to lie C mon! How old are you? Do you call yourself a man? Let me say something, a man… a man don’t do that.

8)      Just be our friend not the perfect man that you think we are looking for!

That’s so important! Everybody loves beauty, success, moneybut we are all humans! With lots of positive things but also lots of weakness! But that’s something that we already know, so please don’t play being someone you are not, we don’t love perfect man, we love our fun and imperfect man who first of all was just a good friends and with whom we fall in love as a consequence of knowing that person in his good and bad circumstances!

So thanks to read this long list but the main advice I can give it to you  is basically be yourself and if you love someone the rest of the things will come for themselves in a natural way!

Girls, guys, hope it helps!



INTERNeX International Exchange
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Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
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Smart Saver Vancouver

You’ve just arrived in Vancouver and don’t know where to stay, or maybe you’re visiting Vancouver for the weekend, or perhaps you live just outside of Vancouver and want to spend a night out on the town or at the beach without having to worry about an expensive cab ride home. So.,  HI’s Vancouver hostels are a great solution to your travelling woes!

Hotels in downtown Vancouver will cost you an arm and a leg, and lack the culture and atmospheres that youth hostels offer.  Hostelling International is great because they have three awesome locations in Vancouver.

HI- Vancouver Central
Central is in the name, because that is exactly what it is! This location cannot get any better for those of you who want to be in the midst of it all.  It is located on Granville Street and just steps away from bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping, as well as public transit.

Not only is the location great, but there are a bunch of extras included when you stay here. This hostel offers a free breakfast and free Wi-Fi throughout the entire building.  What’s more fitting for Smart Saver than a free breakfast??

The HI- Vancouver Central is the perfect location for city dwellers to bask in everything Vancouver has to offer! You get a place to stay for great prices without compromising on security or cleanliness, but maximizing on socializing and a fun community feel.

If you are interested in more of what HI – Vancouver Central has to offer you can check them out here

HI – Vancouver Downtown

The second Hostelling International location in Vancouver sits in the beautiful West End, where you get that neighborhood feeling, with tree-lined streets, safety and parks while being just blocks away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  HI – Vancouver Downtown is just one block away from vibrant Davie Street where there are endless amounts of cafes, restaurants, shops and bars to suit your every need.

This location also offers a FREE breakfast buffet and free Wi-Fi access throughout.  Again there is a great community feel where you can hang out and meet new people in several of their common areas, games room, library and of course the large kitchen!

If you feel West End living is more your style, click here to find out more on HI- Vancouver Downtown

HI-Vancouver Jericho Beach

Summer is just around the corner therefore; there is no better place to be in Vancouver than at the beach!  It’s pretty awesome that Hostelling International has a location right at Jericho beach, which sits just 20 minutes away from downtown and 10 minutes away from the beautiful UBC campus.

This is a great option if you want to experience the Vancouver beach scene, and city life all at one go. HI – Vancouver Jericho Beach is not only surrounded by sandy beaches, but parkland, stunning downtown and mountain views are all at your doorstep!

This hostel has an onsite restaurant run by the North Shore Culinary School, if you are looking for a delicious meal.  And, of course there is a large self-serve kitchen if you do not feel like spoiling yourself with a professionally prepared meal every day.

This hostel is the only beach retreat hostel in all of Vancouver, so it really is a unique and one of a kind opportunity to stay in.  If you would like more information about this specific location, you can find all of it here on their website.



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

Fresh Look for INTERNeX!

Things have been busy at the Vancouver INTERNeX office and everyone’s working hard! Amidst the chaos, somehow our IT man, Simon, found the time to improve the INTERNeX Canada website! If you check it out you’ll find that information about all of our programs is now easily accessible from our main page.

There is also a link to our activities section, where the event calendar is much larger now. If you want to check out what’s  happening near you this long weekend, this is a great tool to use! Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver are mentioned on our events calendar so be sure to check it out! Also, there are many informative blogs being posted here about stuff happening in your city. Don’t miss out on a great experience – be sure to check back daily!

For those of you in Vancouver, don’t forget about the INTERNeX BBQ Kick-off event happening May 29! Also make sure to sign-up for the 2-Day Whistler trip leaving June 19-20! Limited amount of space available!

Have a great long weekend everyone, and I’ll see you at INTERNeX PuB NiGHT at Malone’s Bar and Grill, May 26!



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149