INTERNeX Canada: Grouse Mountain records!

Good afternoon everybody, how is your week going so far? The weather isn’t that good as it was last week right now but perfect for a long working day I guess.

I live in a homestay close to Rupert Park where you have a perfect view of all the surrounding mountains. So last week, I asked my homestay family about climbing those mountains. There must be some awesome views of downtown Vancouver..

They told me that the Grouse Mountain can be seen as a challenge for the Canadian people living around Vancouver. From the base to the top it’s around 1,5 hour climbing for a normal fit person (Grouse Grind Hike). However, most Canadian people want to make it a more challenging thing. Every year they want to break there own record going to the top. You can even buy a card that will record your time to the top! But for us as students, the time of the walk to the top doesn’t matter that much..

When you are on the summit of Grouse Mountain (1127 meter) you have some beautiful views of the city of Vancouver. On clear days you can see as far as the border with the United States! In other words, it’s defiantly worth the climb guys. And if you are tired of the walk you can choose to take the tram back down. But if you want it cheap trust only on your feet. 😉

So the next time when the weather is clear and good again, grab your walking shoes and prepare yourself for a good workout!

I’m going to do it too sometime!
Have a great week!



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INTERNeX Canada: What to do on the weekend?

The time of the year has come when indoors stuff is what you want to do on your weekends in both BC and Ontario! 🙂 Luckily enough, Vancouver and Toronto are more than prepared for this and offer tons of activities and events for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a little excerpt of what you could possibly get up to this weekend:


Goldies Stand Up Comedy Friday

Get your giggle on with the best stand up comedy in the city of Vancouver – this Friday with Stephanie Michelle! There’s limited seating so get there early! More information here.

How much? $10 at door

When? Friday, Oct 12/2012 , door at 9.00pm

Where? Goldies Pizza & Beer Lounge, 605 West Pender

Cliffhanger Climbing Wall

Wanna get active on the weekend? Just gather a couple of friends and go climbing! The best option for you might be a two hour session which is designed for those who just want to come in and climb. The experienced staff will handle all the technical rope work while you and your group scale our forty foot walls as much and as high as you want! It’s tons of fun, I promise!! 🙂 For more info, click here.

How much? $22.00 per person

Minimum group size? 3

When?     10am-10.30pm on Friday

                10am – 10pm on Saturday

                10am – 9.30pm on Sunday

Where? 670 Industrial Avenue (10 min walk from Main St. Science World Skytrain station)

!!! Advanced booking required!!! To register, call 604-874-2400.



2012 Global Cabaret Festival

For one weekend only, the entire Young Centre for the Performing Arts is transformed into a Cabaret venue, where over 100 of Canada’s leading performing artists work together to create over 20 original one-hour cabarets. This year’s Festival presents the best in dance, music, and theatrical cabaret under one roof. Check out their website.

How much? $20 – $25 per show

When? Oct 12th-14th

Where? Young Centre for the Performing Arts, 50 Tank House Lane (Distillery District)

So wherever you go, whatever you do, HAVE FUN doing it and never mind the rain – there’s a lot more to worry about really. “I’m siiinging in the raiiin” lalala  🙂



INTERNeX International Exchange
Suite 200 – 211 Columbia Street
Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
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