Experience IT review – Vancouver Pride Parade

On Sunday INTERNeX went to the Vancouver Pride parade. Thank you for joining, we had a blast!

We got together at 12pm to ensure a spot along the parade. Unfortunately it was already really crowded, so we didn’t get the best spot in the beginning. Still we were able to enjoy the parade and saw some spectacular acts along the way! Someone even walked on his hands for a few minutes and closed it off with a backflip. It was really good to see everybody so happy and being themselves.

20727902_10155579174907103_5004251810395811518_nThe parade went on way longer then we thought and people in front of us started to leave, so we suddenly had great spots. The festivity lasted about two hours full of joy. After standing and celebrating for so long our stomaches were empty, so we decided to have a nice lunch. Because it was really busy everywhere, they let us wait a while for our food, but it was all worth it in the end since the food was great!

Everybody felt good again, so it was time to party on. We headed to Sunset Beach for the 20664531_10155579174902103_5102332067839628401_nfestival and went over Davie street in between to see what was going on there. After taking a swing on a cloudy swing set we arrived at Sunset Beach, which looked amazing! There were many vendors and two stages. After getting some rainbow paint on our cheeks we decided to go to the stage in the beer garden. It was a blast dancing there with everybody, so it was very unfortunate when we found out the festival was already over at 6pm.

I had a very happy Sunday and I hope you all did too! I hope to see you all next PuB NiGHT since it is mine and Danielle’s last one!

– Tess

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