Pub&Club Night Review

So, how was everyone’s weekend?

It looks like summer’s about to hit because we had awesome weather all week.
Now, let’s talk about last Friday. We organized our first Pub&Club Night of the year!

I’m glad we got so many to get together. Thanks for coming along!

We started out at Cambie’s Bar & Grill where the atmosphere is great and drinks are plentiful. After meeting up with everyone, we stayed for a bit, had a few pitchers and chatted. It was really lively!

For the next phase we were all pretty excited. Expectations were high since the Rain Ultraclub had a masquerade party event scheduled for that evening.

However, when we got there with our masks on and all ready to go, we looked around. Hardly anyone else was wearing masks!

It was a bit of a letdown but even so, we still partied on!
Well, I hope everyone had fun!

By the way, this week’s Pub Night will be on Thursday since we’re celebrating a birthday.

See you all there!


Pub Night Announcement

Hi! Wednesday night is just around the corner. This time the pub night is going to be at Toby’s Pub & Grill at Commercial Drive. And of course, it will be at 7 pm. as usual.

Toby’s Pub & Grill is an exciting pub, with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The pub has 2 levels and we will be seated at the 2nd floor. The prices are very reasonable; every Wednesday it’s only $4.70 per sleeve or $14.40 for a jug of their Bavarian Lager. Their menu offers different kind of burgers, pastas and salads. Take a closer look at their menu here. This Wednesday, you will also have the opportunity of rocking the karaoke as well!

Toby’s Pub & Grill is located at 2733 Commercial Dr, which is just a quick walk from Commercial-Broadway Station. You can sign up for the pub night here.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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INTERNeX Canada: Highlights of the week

What we did this week… as always it was amazing! The INTERNeX group went lost and found its way back again in Victoria. As you might remember we were stuck on an island last Sunday due to bad weather conditions. Once again, a moment that let us realize one of the many differences between Europe and Canada. Here, many things are still so much more dependent on the force of nature. But we made it!

Back in Van City we jumped into the planning of October: The month of Thanksgiving and Halloween. Are you already looking forward to a Thanksgiving dinner with your homestay family? Or are still looking for something to do? Remember that INTERNeX will offer you guys a Thanksgiving dinner, you just have to vote on the date. Besides the dinner plans, we also had our weekly smart saver again, and shared with you some details of our research concerning where to get cheap breakfast.

And for those of you who were frustrated by the fading sun and the seemingly ever present rain, we looked for some stuff to do indoors. One of us went to explore the depths of an enchanted store downtown, where everything becomes possible if you like books. And as a change to the office life, we had our PuB and CluB NiGHT on Friday. We went to The Cambie and to see how much fun we had there, you just need to take a look at Facebook on Monday. The pictures will tell you everything.

The only thing left to do for this week is to enjoy the walk through three of Vancouver’s neighborhoods this afternoon. If the weather continues to be as pleasant, it will be a very nice and relaxed way to discover parts of this beautiful city.



Hope you had a wonderful weekend and talk to you soon,



International Village
Suite 2077, 2079 – 88 West Pender Street
Vancouver, Canada -V6B 9N9-

INTERNeX Canada: PuB NiGhT Announcement!

With only couple of days left to go before March, let’s celebrate another new month by going out for a pub night! This Wednesday (which is tomorrow), we will be meeting at the Library Public Square House at 7:30 pm! Though I have been to this place only once, I remember they had a foosball table and tons of other games! It’s also really nice because the pub is just outside the Vancouver Public Library!

So come out with us to catch up with your friends and to discuss some of the hilarious things that happened last Friday night at our Pub and Club Night! As well as suggest new events or things you’d like to do and try in Vancouver! I promise you’ll have a great time, after a drink or two of course 😉

WHEN: Tomorrow (Wednesday) February 27 at 7:30 pm

WHERE: Library Square, 300 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

And remember to join us on our Facebook event page!

Well then that’s it for now, but I’ll see you all tomorrow and we can actually chat in person!

Happy Tuesday,


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