INTERNeX Canada: Latin Dinner Night Review

On Friday the 23rd a big group of us gathered together for a delicious Latin meal at a Mexican Restaurant; La Casita, in Gastown. When the first group had arrived a waitress lead us to the downstairs area where they had reserved a big table just for us. I was very impressed with the atmosphere they have created here. Everything is very colorful (the walls, table clothes, chair covers) and we all really enjoyed the fact that they played great Latin tunes in the background. It really made you want to get up and dance!

When we were seated we ordered a round of margaritas to get us started before dinner. The strawberry margaritas are highly recommended! Once every one had arrived (a grand total of 20 INTERNeX members!!) we all placed our food orders. There was so much to choose from! To name a few; chimichangas, flautas, tortillas, tacos and meal came with rice, beans and salad. Even though we had to wait quite a while for every one’s food to arrive, I felt it was definitely worth the wait. Some of us couldn’t even finish our meals because there was so much on one plate!

All in all, it was great to have so many people come together and share a meal together. And for those who haven’t had Mexican food before; it is something I really think you should try!

For more pictures of the Latin Dinner Night please visit our flickr page.

Would you like to join our next INTERNeX event? Keep an eye out for our ‘Upcoming INTERNeX events’ blog post this afternoon. Also, we are going to the Rocky Mountains during the Easter weekend! Read about the details here and join our Facebook event.

I hope every one had a lovely weekend; if you would like to share your stories of the weekend then read our ‘How was your weekend’ blog post and leave a comment.



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Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Even the name sounds delicious. This store is amazing… but if you have a history of cavities or an upcoming dentist appointment – stay away from this place! Why? See for yourself.

This place could be your worst nightmare or your heaven on earth. If you’re like me… somedays it may be deadly to walk in here! I can be quite an impulsive shopper on an empty stomach. When I visited this store the other day, I walked out with an Apple Pie Caramel apple. It was absolutely divine! Everyone should visit this store while in Vancouver! They do have shops in other cities, but come on! Just look at all the goodies!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is an international franchisor, confectionery manufacturer and retail operator in the United States, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. The Company is based in the charming old-west town of Durango located on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Colorado. From its 53,000 square foot factory, the Company manufactures an extensive line of premium chocolate candies and other confectionery products to supply its many franchise locations, delivered fresh by its fleet of refrigerated trucks.

The factory typically produces approximately 300 chocolate candies and other confectionery products, using proprietary recipes developed primarily by its master candy maker. These products include many varieties of clusters, caramels, creams, meltaways, truffles and molded chocolates. Individual stores prepare a variety of caramel and candy apples, fudge, chocolate items and confections in full view of the customer using traditional cooking utensils such as copper kettles on gas-fired stoves and marble slab cooling tables.

Neat huh? I’ll leave you with a few more pictures. If you would like to visit their website, click here! The location I visited was at 1017 Robson Street. They even had cute little piggy candy apples. They also serve fudge, ice cream and truffles. If you’re good you’ll show up just in time for samples 😉 …

That’s all for now guys! Gotta jet, I’m hungry…

– Laura