The INTERNeX Hospitality Program

INTERNeX has a lot of great programs to offer! In the past few weeks we’ve introduced them all except for one…the Hospitality Program!

It is a great program that gives you the opportunity to work in one of Vancouver or Toronto’s many restaurants, cafés or shops. Perfect if you want to practice your English and gain some Canadian work experience while earning some extra money!

Positions and location are organized by INTERNeX and are based on your previous education, experience, English level, and what positions are available at the time of application. What kind of position you get also depends on your attitude. We are looking for people who have good communications skills, who wants to learn and experience life in Canada!



INTERNeX International Exchange Suite
200-211 Columbia Street Vancouver BC -V6A 2R5-
Phone: +1 (604) 662 8149

Join Us For A Good Time & Good Conversation

Since the Internet took the world by storm in the 1960’s, many forms of communication have become more and more popular. Twitter, Facebook, text messaging and Msn Messenger are now being used to find out everything from what your friends are doing, to the news on the street. But with all of these online and virtual forms of communication, what ever happened to real conversation? You know, the kind where you sit and chat  face-to-face with someone, where a laugh is measured by a verbal ha-ha and not an “lol” reply?

Want good conversation? Then join us for an evening of chatting at a local coffee shop! Sit and relax with other international people your age over a cup of joe. Meet and interact with people from all around the world and feel what it’s like to once again enjoy good conversation!

Intrax and INTERNeX are joining together for this event, and we want you to join! Wednesday, July 7, meet up with our group as we head to a local coffee shop around 4:15 p.m. We will be meeting outside of Intrax at 827 Pender Street West (Vancouver).

There is no cost for this event, only whatever you buy to drink! Send an e-mail to to confirm your attendance, we look forward to seeing you!

Laura & Manouk