INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday ‘The East Van Cross’

Hello readers!

Today I want to share the story behind a famous sign in Vancouver.
I try to learn a lot about Vancouver when I’m here. Sometimes after work I take a bit of a detour with my bike to see some neighborhoods of this awesome city..

East-Van-CrossLast week I spotted the East Van Cross while cycling after work. I was really impressed by this massive piece of art so I looked up the story behind.

So this sign can be found at the corner of Great Northern Way and Clark Drive. As you can see on the picture it’s a big cross filled with letters.. Written vertically in massive letters is the word East.  Intersecting that horizontally is the word Van. (from Vancouver)

This iconic cross dates all the way back to the 50’s. At the time Ken Lum designed the cross. He reflected the art on the large Catholic population in East Vancouver at that time. But around the 60’s people from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ adopted the sign as a symbol for there graffiti and gang style..

East%20Van%20Collage%20copyNowadays the sign has become an important symbol of East Vancouver.  According to a lot of writers the cultural part of Vancouver has officially moved from west of Cambie Street to east of Cambie Street.  East Van is home to some of the city’s most exciting new districts like Chinatown and Main Street, with all her eateries and restaurants.

You can take a really cool picture from the sign with downtown in the background..
And maybe you know some interesting spots, art etc. in the city as well? You can always share it in leaving a comment!

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INTERNeX Canada: Casual Friday

Christmas time is gone… how did you spend this time?

I got to admit that I really miss my family because probably in Spain we are more traditional in this time of the year and we live Christmas in a different way! The most strange moment was in New Years Eve! Comparing with our bells and grapes, doing pretty much nothing special to start the year was so weird!But still it was a different Christmas and no matter when, I am sure I will remember forever!

In Spain is still Christmas time with the last celebration of the Tree Wise Men on the 6th of January!!! But I am kind of happy that we have to start again doing our normal life, because I really miss you all and I am looking forward to catch up with you guys!!

Just remind you that next week we have our pub night after Christmas and the weekend a cool event going on! So please keep and eye to our Facebook page and see you all soon!



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Vancouver Fashion Week

We all hear about the extravagant fashion weeks in New York and Paris, and we all dream of attending one of those! 

But dream no more, we have one in our very own backyard.  Only it doesn’t take place in a backyard, but in Vancouver’s prestigious Empire Landmark Hotel located in central downtown on Robson Street.


What is Vancouver Fashion Week?

The excitement as the countdown to Vancouver Fashion Week is contagious throughout Vancouver to all areas of British Columbia.  At the event, you can get a glimpse into the glamorous life of celebrities, industry professionals, and even some of your favorite designers!

In Vancouver, our “coolness” factor is significantly increased if we boast of a ticket to Vancouver Fashion Week.

Want to increase your “cool” factor?

 At one of our upcoming pub night events, we will have ONE FREE ticket to Vancouver Fashion Week!

Please note that you need to be OVER nineteen years old to be eligible for the ticket due to the fact that there will be alcohol served at the event.




Canada Day Party!

Hey guys! Moose Travel, Hosteling International and West Trek tours are getting together for their annual “Cool Aid” Canada Day bash! Last year they had over 600 people attend the event to celebrate Canada’s birthday with good food, great beer, fantastic music and sunshine!

One $10 ticket gets you:

  • Entry to the event
  • A shuttle from downtown to the beach-side location
  • Your first drink (beer or cider)
  • Access to the best music by a DJ that will be spinning beats all day!
  • Tons of chances to play games and win prizes and giveaways!

Once you get inside there is a $8 BBQ where you can fill your plate with tons of food. This is going to be an awesome day with $4.50 large beers and ciders.

To grab your tickets swing by the INTERNeX office or get in touch with myself or Manouk! $10 for an unforgettable event, you can’t beat that price!

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Summer Time is the Best Time!

I just absolutely love summertime. Fresh, cool air breezes through the city and brings with it the aroma of sizzling meat on the barbecue. In Vancouver, the groups of people clustered on Robson Street signal the latest in-store sales and product promotions. In Toronto, the  GO trains become packed with Blue Jays fans waiting to see Ricky Romero wind up on the pitcher’s mound. Ahhh, summer.

This past Saturday was a great summer day for myself and some friends. If you live in Vancouver and were anywhere near Gastown this past weekend, you know that the Vancouver International Jazz Festival was on. As we strolled down Water Street, the atmosphere surrounding us was uplifting. Magicians and jugglers lined the streets, welcoming any and all spectators. Nearby pubs were packed with jazz fans yearning for a pint. Lemonade stands and corn on the cob stations offered food to satisfy anyone’s taste buds and two different stages hosted the smooth, rhythmic beats of Jazz.

Looking around, I couldn’t help but really feel a part of something that day. People lucky enough to live in Gastown hung out their windows, watching the live performances from the comfort of their own home. The crowds watching the shows were both young and old, tourists and Vancouverites alike – all coming to enjoy the same genre of music. It was a great day!

If you didn’t get the chance to go out this past weekend – shame on you…buuuutt don’t worry. The Jazz festival will continue until July 4, 2010.  For more information on show times and locations, visit the website.