Canada will reopen the border to fully vaccinated travellers

Finally, as announced at a press conference on July 19, Canada is finally ready to open the border to all fully vaccinated U.S. citizen and afterwards even to international travellers from all over the world. That definitely sounds like good news.
So for now, we have summarized the latest information for you. This is everything we know now:
As of August 9, 2021 at 12:01 a.m. EDT, fully vaccinated US citizen and permanent residents of the United States will be permitted to enter Canada for non-essential reasons (like long-awaited travel and tourism). For people with this permission there is also no need to quarantine anymore.This only applies to fully vaccinated travellers who meet all requirements. Entry to Canada will continue to not be allowed for non-vaccinated US citizen as well as for all other foreign travellers.
As of September 7, 2021 the government plans to reopen Canada’s borders to all fully vaccinated travellers from all over the world that meet special entry requirements.

What does “fully vaccinated” mean?

  • being fully vaccinated with a Government of Canada – accepted vaccine
  • must have received full vaccination protection at least 14 days prior to entering Canada
    Currently accepted vaccines:
    • Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine
    • Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
    • Astrazeneca / COVISHIELD COVID-19 vaccine
    • Johnson& Johnson COVID-19 vaccine – single dose

Every traveller must provide evidence supporting their vaccination in English or French (or a certified translation).
That sounds really promising but in addition there are still some requirements you must comply with.

Fully vaccinated travellers must also

  • use the ArriveCan app to provide COVID-19 related information (such as proof of vaccination), submit the information before board the flight
  • fulfill pre-entry testing requirements ; i.e only PCR or similar tests are approved; non-antigen tests are not accepted. Testing must be conducted within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of your last direct flight to Canada
  • do not have any symptoms upon arrival
  • have their vaccination documentation in English or French ready to show a government official on request
  • you still need to present the quarantine plan in case you do not get the exemption
  • public health measures such as wearing a mask in public and monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19 must be followed all the time

New testing and quarantine regulations

  • new border testing surveillance program
  • fully vaccinated travellers will not need a post-arrival test unless they have been randomly selected to do a Day 1 PCR test
  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents travelling to the US for less then 72 hours are allowed to do the pre-entry test in Canada
  • there are no changes for unvaccinated travellers
  • for all travellers arriving on or after August 9, there is no need for the three-night-government-authorized hotel stay anymore
  • as an fully vaccinated traveller you will no longer have to complete a 14 day quarantine
    • this also applies to unvaccinated children under the age of 12 and dependent children

These requirements are intended to keep the COVID-19 cases as low as possible and reduce pressure on the Canadian health care capacity.
We will keep you updated if there is any new information especially about international travel regulations.

take care!

– Tatjana

Find further information on:—permitting-discretionary-travel-for-citizens-and-permanent-residents-of-th.html

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How was your Weekend?

I really hope all of you had a good weekend, despite all the news around COVID-19 and the insecurity that we are all facing at the moment…I know it’s just crazy and as you will see a little further below, this will also affect our events and activities in the near future. At the moment our top priority is to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy.

For me also, it’s really sad since I just started to get know all of you and I was looking so forward to our next Pub Night. But let’s make the best out of it! And as soon as it is possible again, we will meet again for sure! 🙂

In this spirit let’s talk about our Pub Crawl on Saturday which we were still able to do. We met at Waterfront station and from there we made our way to Gastown which is known as a good spot for bars and restaurants.


Our first stop was “The Lamplighter”. I think it’s a great pub and we started our evening with some drinks and shots.
After about 2 hours we moved on without having another destination in mind. We just wanted to walk around and see which pub attracts us the most. So the “Local” it was.
We continued where we stopped at the Lamplighter – we ordered more drinks (but what else to do at a pub, right ?! :D)

All in all it was a really fun evening and we had a lot to laugh about, even in these gloomy times.
On Saturday we also made spontaneous plans for the next day:
We planned on going to Squamish and hike up the mountain and then take the Sea-to-Sky Gondola back down. We even booked our shuttle to Squamish at the pub. But unfortunately we got disappointed the next morning because the gondola was closed due to high winds. At least we could reschedule our shuttle and we will do it on another time, when it is possible again to mingle with others safely.

Since we were prepared for a longer hike a new plan had to come up. So we went to Lions Bay and did a hike there, where we had some great views. 

We also want to give you some important further information:

Due to the developing situation concerning COVID-19 and our first and foremost goal of prioritizing the safety of our candidates and staff, we will temporarily cancel all of our planned events for the coming weeks. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated as the situation changes continuously. 

Additionally we would encourage you to avoid going to any large events or venues with 50+ attendees. In general it is better to stay home, avoid transit or gathering places and if possible see if you can undertake your placement activities from home.

Please keep informing yourself about the current news in Canada and the world:, but also on symptoms and measures against the virus on the following government page:

We also encourage you to reach out to your insurance organization to ensure you are covered if you choose to remain in Canada and contract the virus. We also ask those whose original departure dates are within the next month to consider contacting your travel agent/airline to check the possibility of departing sooner.

We will stay connected with you online while we go through this challenging time, stay safe and remember: We are always here to help! J

Hope to see you soon again, take care and be safe!


-Alina & The INTERNeX Team

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