INTERNeX Halloween Party 2013 – Review Part 2


Now I will continue the review of our big Halloween party @ The Blarney Stone. Within Part 2 of the review I will answer the following questions:

Who won the costume contest?
Which team won the scavenger hunt?
Are there any crazy pictures from the Halloween Party?

First I want to announce the winner of our costume contest:

The winner of our great costume contest is:
…drum roll…..

…MARTIN! Congratulations! Look at his amazing costume on the right!

Now I want to say something about the scavenger hunt. We divided people into three teams. They had to organize pictures or videos of the followings tasks as fast as possible:

– A team member hugging a stranger
– Entire team has to do the situation “I   can’t believe we all fit in here!”
– Entire team has to jump
– Getting four strangers to spell out “YMCA” with their bodies
– A teammate has to ask a stranger if she/he wants to marry her/him

But now I want to announce the winner:
The fastest team and for that the winner of our scavenger hunt is:
Team 3 with MARTIN, JULIA, RHYS and AXEL! Each of you won a prize!
Have a look at these crazy pictures:

And now the PR-Team wants to announce the winner of our additional prize: the prize for the best picture of the party:

And the winner is: OUR LOVELY FAIRY TOBIAS!

Look at the picture on the left! HAHAHA!

But not only Tobias gets the additional prize. Of course the person who took the picture gets the prize as well: RHYS, our lovely Pope!

And this brings us to the end of our amazing Halloween party @ The Blarney Stone. Thanks to all people who joined this crazy party. It was legendary!


Take care,

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