What to do on the weekend? – When it rains and you’re broke

It’s a typical Raincouver weekend according to the weather forecast, so it’s not much fun spending time outside. And if you are like me on a budget because you spent too much over the Holidays, or because Vancouver is simply expensive, then it seems like staying home would be the best alternative. But you’re not here to spend time alone in your room, so I want to give you a few suggestions that are not too pricey and get you out of the house this weekend!

Number 1: Come join us for a round of bowling or a game of pool on Friday night at the Commodore Lanes on Granville Street. We’ll have a little competition and the winner gets a free drink. 😉 For 1 hour of bowling we only pay $12 per person, plus $4.75 for the shoe rental. If you prefer playing pool, it costs you $19 per hour and you can of course share the cost with the other players. 🙂 You are even allowed to bring your own food inside with you, that way you don’t have to spend anything on expensive restaurants, plus it’ll be loads of fun! Have you been bowling before? Are you a beginner like me, or a pro?

Number 2: If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend you go ice skating at Robson Square! It’s free and the skate rental only costs $5, plus it’s covered by a roof, so it’s rain proof. You can stay as long as you want, the music and some colourful lights make it feel like a disco on ice. A few of us went last week and we had a blast! None of us was really experienced which made it a lot of fun. 😀 One tip though, choose the time you go at wisely as it can get pretty busy on the ice! Another idea would be combining it with a nice snack from one of the food trucks at Robson Square after – I personally like the one that sells Shawarma and Falafel – or just wander along Granville Street, maybe go window shopping?

Number 3: If you like reading check out the Vancouver Public Library on West Georgia Street. Grab a coffee, pick a book and relax in one of their comfortable chairs. (I love to go to the highest floor it’s really pretty up there). They have a vast selection of books and genres, the atmosphere is quiet, but not like you could hear a pin drop, you can probably even hear the rain drops crashing against the glass. There’s some really nice coffee shops around and to be honest, what is cozier on a rainy day than sitting inside, reading a book, drinking a hot beverage and watching the rain fall down on the city?

No matter if action or relaxation, I hope you find the motivation to go out and explore a little bit this weekend, thus all the rain!

Have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you soon.


Laura 🙂

What to Do in Vancouver – the perfect fall day

It’s already the first week of october which means the trees are now shining in beautiful autumn colours and the leaves are turning red, yellow and orange – wonderful !
What could be better than enjoying a cozy autumn day with some typical fall acitivites.
So for now let me give you some inspirations for fun fall activities to try:)

1. Maybe you’ve checked our previous instagram story. It was all about the pumpkin patches which opened this week. These places are highly recommended for taking amazing pictures and enjoying your day ( maybe with new friends you met at the INTERNeX pubnight 😉 )
Great pumpkin patches are located in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey or Langley.

2. Visit a Farmer’s Market
Just strolling around, tasting nice food or drinks and maybe you’ll find the perfect pumpkin for your pumpkin pie or as i like to do, to decorate your apartement. Sounds like a plan.
There’s this fall market right in Vancouver Downtown starting on November 6th.

3. Go for a long walk
Since going for a walk is one of the easiest things to include in a stressful work day you can just take your time to relax a bit. This also has a great affect on your health and may give you new ideas about what you wanna do on the next autumn day.
Additionally, it’s a great experience to take a hike, grab your running shoes or even take a bike ride through Stanley Park. But better do not forget your rain clothes.

4. Autumn and Halloween festivals
What’s fall without Halloween and thinking of where to go and what to wear as the perfect costume already a few weeks in advance 😉 ?
There are many (maybe this year less than usually, but still some) festivals taking place in Vancouver.
In addition, FlyOver Canada has some Halloween theme days till the end of October which are definitely worth a visit.
But don’t forget to bring your vaccination document as well as wearing a face mask all the time. Unfortunately, covid still exists but that doesn’t have to keep us from doing fun activities especially the outdoor ones.

…there are many more fun acitivites but for now i would love to share my perfect fall day with you.
Imagine you’re having a day off to do all the cozy fall things you always wanted to do.
Start your day with pumpkin pancakes and a loong brunch. Definitely a good start in a great day.
After that just grab your jacket and go for a walk in Stanley Park or at the beach. Maybe you can spot some animals or find beautiful leaves and chestnuts for your apartement decoration.
Decorate your place will definitely put you in fall mood 😉
After a long walk you might get a bit cold so it’s the perfect time for a warm coffee or hot chocolate in one of the many cute cafés in Gastown. Take a closer look at the menu… many cafes are offering fall specials such as pumpkin spice latte.
Back home it’s definitely time for changing into comfortable clothes. It’s movie time.
For this season a nice scary horror movie would fit best…but not for me i prefer a love story :D. So if you’re not such a “scared rabbit” (as we say in Germany) enjoy the movie!! A cozy evening at home 🙂
Are you excited for cozy season? I really am.

Luckily, for today you already found the perfect activity… It’s wednesday which means INTERNeX pubnight!! 🙂 7:30pm at Craft Beer Market, False Creek.

Happy autumn ! 🙂

– Tatjana

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PuB NiGHT Review: Dublin Calling Rooftop

At yesterday’s PuB NiGHT we checked out one of the new places-to-be for this summer. Dublin Calling Rooftop just opened 10 days ago in the heart of downtown Vancouver on Granville Street. Now we can for sure say: approved! Great location and even better when filled with cool people like last night.

But let’s start from the beginning. When we entered the building of Dublin Calling,28457224138_b43bcdfd7d_n we first reached Dublin Calling’s Party Pub where you can enjoy a typical Irish flair and play pub sports, such as darts or billiards. During the weekends, they throw parties with a live DJ and dance floor. We had our tables reserved at the rooftop, so we went all the way up the stairs until we reached this unique spot. Wooden tables, hanging flower pots and a greenhouse roof – cozy! Our tables were taken quite fast with old and new INTERNeX people, so we could catch up with stories from the last and plans for the next weekend. The drink menu offers a good range of beer, wine, cocktails, shots and pops, Irish inspired of course. But our Swedish gang was taken care of as well, with a shot called ‘Swedish Berries’.

We were still sitting under the light chains for a while before the tables emptied and we welcomed our hard working late comers. When our table was the only one taken on the entire rooftop, it was time to call it a night. Almost at least. Somehow we ended up at our famous karaoke bar in Gastown on the way home…

I enjoyed the night and I am pretty sure that we will spend one or more summer nights at Dublin Calling Rooftop.

I am looking forward to see many of you this Sunday for our hike and picnic at the Lighthouse Park.

– Kerstin

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PuB NiGHT Review: The Black Frog

Thank you all for joining us at the Black Frog last night for our weekly PuB NiGHT. It was really nice to see so many of you there!

The Black Frog is a really cozy pub located in Gastown. They have daily food specials; daily tap specials and they show sport matches on the big screen.

22643250_1738316559543149_282336931_oWhile we were drinking our drinks we had some nice chats and it was a really low-key night. Our tables were nice decorated with some candles, which made the atmosphere even cosier.

After the Black Frog we of course went to the karaoke bar where we sang some songs and played some Ping-Pong.

Thanks for joining us last night and hope to see you all this Saturday during our Halloween Shopping event!

– Mandy

INTERNeX International Exchange
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INTERNeX Canada: HiGHLiGHTS of the Week Ep11!

This INTERNEx HiGHLIGHTS it’s a farewell at the same time… from Jelle. This was his last week as an INTERNeX intern.

The first that you could read in the last office was a poster in the wall with two different definitions of an internship. I cannot remember exactly what was written but it was something like this I guess:

1) Bring coffees, make photocopies and do the things that nobody wants.

2) Learn; improve your knowledge and skills, being part of a company.

We hope that Jelle had the last one with us. INTERNeX is one of the leader companies which provides internships in Canada, so as Tim always says, our internship has to be the best. Good philosophy, isn’t it?

An internship in Vancouver can be so many things: See one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, confuse 5 cents coins with 10 cents coins, maple syrup, problems to understand the bus schedule, rainforest, differences between ride a bike in Netherlands and in Vancouver, meet a bunch of new people, learn to say cheers in 15 different languages… have a card with your name (you feel so important)…

A lot of things that I’m sure that Jelle wanted to tell us about how was his short life in Vancouver. But we don’t have time for so many things! We only have one video per week, so he tried to explain us the real highlights as an INTERNeX PR. Our trip to the Rockies, skydiving, many many pub nights, have to record a video the day after the pub night with Simon… and say thanks to the INTERNeX people!

Farewells are sad and happy moments at the same time. Today he starts a road trip around USA with her girlfriend, so we hope that he will have fun. Don’t forget us!



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